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Can Someone Help Me With Lebanese Dialect In Arabic

Can anyone help me learn Arabic (Lebanese dialect)?

A lot of my friends are Lebanese, and speak Arabic to each other in school, and this may sound weird, but I want to learn it, too. I'm not Lebanese, but I just think the language is so cool and beautiful. I am prepared to buy some books on the language, but I want a way to learn it as quick as possible. A user on here is going to teach me, but I want some ideas on how to get the best out of learning, and how you learned it (whether you have spoke it since birth, or if you learned it, like me).

What is the Arabic name for the Lebanese dialect of Arabic?

اللهجة اللبنانية هي إحدى اللهجات العربية المستخدمة في لبنان، وتتبع اللهجات الشامية. تشترك اللهجة اللبنانية بالعديد من الكلمات مع بقية اللهجات العربية، ولكنها في نفس الوقت تنفرد بكلماتها الخاصة. كما ينطق حرف القاف همزة في العديد من المناطق. وتستعير اللهجة العديد من الكلمات من اللغة الأرامية واليونانية والفرنسية والتركية. ويعتبرها البعض، مثل الحركة الفينيقية، لغة منفصلة.امثله على النطق يمكن ان نسوق مثلا قال {ئال} هنا مثل بلاد الشام بالعموم حقيقة {حئيئة}هنا لايلتقوا مع اهل بلاد الشام دمشق حلب حمص الذين يلفظونها مثل الفصحى يقولون حقيقة رغم تكلمهم بالئاف,بالعموم اللهجه اللبنانية لديها تشابه كبير مع اللهجة السورية.

Could someone tell me what form of Arabic the Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram sings in? Is it Levantine, MSA?

She sings in distinctive dialects. i'd say the final public of her songs are sang interior the Levantine (Lebanese dialect). as an occasion: Ehsas Jdeed, Ana Yalli, regulation Dallalouni. lots of her songs are additionally sang in Egyptian; because it somewhat is the main extensive-unfold dialect for Arab pop artists to sing in. as an occasion: Enta Aih, Elli Kan, Ah W Nos She's additionally sang songs interior the Khaleeji (Gulf) dialect. the sole track i recognize that she's sang in that dialect is 'Meshtaga Leek'. by applying the way: MSA is barely used in connection with writing - once you're concerning the dialect say 'Gulf' or 'Khaleeji'.

There are various ways:Youtube:500 Lebanese Phrases for Beginners : Parts 1-20 - YouTubeSmartphone application called “Keefak” :The Lebanese Arabic Language Mobile ApplicationSpeak Lebanese - Hki Lebnani (Audio book)Get a Lebanese girlfriend.Yallah! Learn some Lebanese Arabic!

Best way to learn Lebanese Arabic???

These days you can learn how to speak Arabic over the internet. Check out this online course, it's voted as the best Arabic online course of all time: The course is very easy to follow, I was able to learn Arabic in just 3 months.

I live in New York City, I wanted to go to a Arabic language teacher but that would have cost me over $800 per month. Good thing thing with this internet, $800 it's a lot of money for me.

You have Egyptian Arabic (spoken in Egypt, but it is also present throughout the ME mostly because of soap operas/tv shows) - 55 milion native speakersLevantine Arabic (spoken mostly in Liban, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Cyprus*) - 20 milion native speakersN.African Arabic or Maghrebi Arabic - (spoken in Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, heavy influence from French) - 54 milion native speakers (3 milion L2 speakers in Algeria)Gulf Arabic (Saudi Arabia*, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Iraq) - 5 milion native speakersSudanese Arabic (spoken in Sudan) - 17 milion native speakersOmani Arabic (spoken in Oman) - 1+ milion native speakersYemeni Arabic (spoken in Yemen) - 15,1 milion native speakersChadian Arabic (spoken in Chad) - 1,1 milion native speakers*Cyprus - not sure is this relevant, but there are still speakers of Cypriot Maronite Arabic mostly around Nicosia*Saudi Arabia - although Gulf Arabic is present there, most Saudis speak dialects that vary from the Gulf one. Hejazi Arabic (6 milion)Najdi Arabic (10 milion)Bareqi Arabic (60.000)

Lebanese Arabic speakers?

I'm Lebanese I don't even understand the Egyption accent well:S
I think you should just stick with Lebanese accent, it sounds much more sxcier than the rest of the Arabic accents. The gulf Arabic sounds too aggressive and manly, the north African sounds like they're talking jibberish and I hate the way they pronounce the words..Lebanese sounds softer than the Syrian/Jordanian so go for the Lebanese accent, it's more feminine.

It also doesn't sound bad at all with English accents, I have a British accent so when I talk Lebanese ppl can tell I come from abroad and they find my accent attractive, trust me I've seen all those girls try and put on an American accent and it doesn't sound good coz they try soo hard. You naturally have it and ppl will envy you !

Lebanese Arabic speakers?

Assuming you're all Lebanese Arabic speaking people .. I need help! Is learning Lebanese Arabic hard for an English speaker? American English is my Native tongue. I know some standard Arabic but I want Lebanese dialect. I already speak fluent French by the way (years abroad) .. will that help? I heard Lebanese Arabic has a French influence. I have been told that Egyptian Arabic is the way to go, only because it's understood in most Middle Eastern countries. Is that true? What about Lebanese?

Lastly , I'm just curious. When someone speaks understandable Arabic (specifically Lebanese dialect) with an American accent does it sound ugly? harsh? attractive? stupid? what do you think? I don't mean a horrible accent where you can't make any of the sounds but a significant one that's easy to comprehend.

okay .. that's it. Thanks in advance. :D