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Can Someone Summarize This For Me

Can someone summarize this for me?

It would be spoonfeeding if I will do that. But I can help you how to summarize it in 7 sentences.
First: Know what is it all about, aside from the title, but the context itself. Use this as your primary sentence.
Second: Get the supporting and contrasting or argumentative ideas, just the general or the summary of them. The supporting ideas might be long, so I guess it would be your second and third sentence. Then follow it with the general contrasting/argumentative ideas which is your fourth and fifth sentence.
Third: Go directly to the point. Do not expand the supporting/opposing ideas. Construct your understanding about the topic not in a form of an opinion but a plain statement. Do not use 'I' or 'We'. That would be your sixth and seventh sentence. Also, I prefer the seventh sentence to be "persuading".

Can someone summarize Gossip Girl?

Ok here goes! Blair is going out with Nate, Nate slept with Serena, Serena and Blair are best friends, Serena is with Dan now. Nate and Chuck are best friends, Chuck took Blairs virginity in the back of a limo. Nate was in love with Serena, now it seems he truely loves Blair. Dan and Jenny's parents, Rufus and (forgot moms name) have been separated, tried to work it out for the kids, Rufus is in love with Serenas mom, they used to be together, she chose money over love! Serena's mom is engaged to Chucks dad, even though she wants to be with Rufus, she wont, for her daughters sake, that would make Serena and Dan step brother/sister...ewww!!! Oh, and Vanessa, not sure if I trust her yet, she is Dan's ex and still seems to want him! Lets see what else? Serena's bro, Erik, tried to commit suicide (he's ok now), Nates dad is arrested for embezzling...I think. Blairs dad is gay and lives in France with his boy toy! Blair faked her virginity for Nate! Serena and Dan finally did the dirty deed! Anything else? Just ask!!!

Can someone summarize this paragraph for me?

It is written by John Dewey, I have to write an essay relating this quote to 3 other educational refrences, but I am not sure what this paragraph means, can someone summarize it for me so I have an easier time writing my essay?

Democratic society is peculiarly dependent for its maintenance upon the use in forming a course of study of criteria which are broadly human. Democracy cannot flourish where the chief influences in selecting subject matter of instruction are utilitarian ends narrowly conceived for the masses, and, for the higher education of the few, the traditions of a specialized cultivated class. The notion that the "essentials" of elementary education are the three R's mechanically treated, is based upon ignorance of the essentials needed for realization of democratic ideals. Unconsciously it assumes that these ideals are unrealizable; it assumes that in the future, as in the past, getting a livelihood, "making a living," must signify for most men and women doing things which are not significant, freely chosen, and ennobling to those who do them; doing things which serve ends unrecognized by those engaged in them, carried on under the direction of others for the sake of pecuniary reward. For preparation of large numbers for a life of this sort, and only for this purpose, are mechanical efficiency in reading, writing, spelling and figuring, together with attainment of a certain amount of muscular dexterity, "essentials." Such conditions also infect the education called liberal, with illiberality. They imply a somewhat parasitic cultivation bought at the expense of not having the enlightenment and discipline which come from concern with the deepest problems of common humanity. A curriculum which acknowledges the social responsibilities of education must present situations where problems are relevant to the problems of living together, and where observation and information are calculated to develop social insight and interest.

Thanks ahead of time

Can someone summarize Brexit for me and how it impacts on the global economy?

It will impact in many ways and all very negative from a UK. standpoint. What we seem to have with the Brexiteer’s mindset is the resurgence of populist “Heroic Failure” attitudes. ie. The Charge of the Light Brigade, the doomed Franklin expedition to find a Northwest Passage, “Scott of the Antarctic”, The Last Stand against the Zulus at Islandlwana, Gordon of Khartoum, The Awful Somme casualty list, etc. all defining a conscious sense of celebrating of goals that in all reality was never achieved. So how will it impact on not just the UK. But poorer Countries that have a reliance on UK. Financial support. To understand this we need to look at what the World class rating agency’s have to say. Fitch for instance sees a growing risk of a bitter and economically damaging Brexit leading to a further downgrading of the UK’s sovereign credit rating. Bank of England governor Mark Carney said that a no deal Brexit would be cost- wise uncomfortably high. The Brexit wishful thinkers refuse to see any adverse scenario that will slow UK. economic growth? that will further push up Britain's budget deficit towards 2: 5% of gross domestic income meaning that the debt-to GDP. ratio would decline by less then expected over the years 2019, / 2020. It now stands at 86% of the UK’s GDP? approx £1:7 Trilling. Worsening UK. public finances will lead to a rising Government dept ratio and could lead to another downgrading of of the UK’s financial status World wide, and thus impacting on everyone by rising food prices but not wages to compensate.

Can someone summarize the lyrics to this song for me please?

First off, Epik High is amazing. Love them. but what i think its means is that there's many decisions and possibilities in life and it all depends on what you want out of it. "Life is like a maze" sums it all up. its just about everything that goes on in life like all the bad stuff and like there's helpless people and there's people who haven't got clue to what they really need to do. that just what i think it means.

With Terminator 6 out this year can someone summarize the franchise after T2 for me?

[I’ll begin with agreeing with the bashers. Later Terminator films ain’t great.]T3 — an even-more-modified (female) Terminator time-travels to hunt + kill now-young-adult John Connor, and his will-be-future-wife (medical doctor) Kate Brewster; another Arnie-Terminator is sent back to help/protect John + Kate; the female Terminator is destroyed, and John discovers his life is a closed causal loop (his being hunted by female-Terminator drives him to hide in a nuclear bunker, which is why he survives SkyNet’s nuclear purge and becomes leader).T4 — explores the early years of the post-apocalyptic human resistance; a now-adult John Connor, rising through the anti-machine rebellion’s ranks, faces off against SkyNet; a death-row inmate volunteers (is used) for cybernetic research pre-apocalypse, and becomes one of the human champions despite being more machine than man himself; the first Arnie-model prototype is revealed, and fatally wounds John Connor, whose life is then saved by death-row cyber guy volunteering himself as a transplant. Was hastily re-shot after the original ending (Connor dies, cyborg volunteers to undergo plastic surgery to continue the rebellion wearing Connor’s ‘face’) was leaked to Internet, causing fan outrage.T5 — tangled bit of fan-service wherein the timelines are now very muddled and confused due to over-meddling; Kyle Reese comes back in time to save Sarah Connor, but this time finds her already-well-trained with an Arnie-model Terminator helping/protecting her; John Connor emerges from an alternate timeline where SkyNet has ‘won’ and assimilated him into the machine army, thus he serves as the film’s villain; several in-jokes to past film events, and a now-temporally-aware SkyNet which has won/traveled through other alternate timelines, learning and growing as it wins each one; setup for a potential series of we’re-mucking-with-timelines-now films, concept died after weak box office.T6 — discards intermediary material and returns to T2 Linda-Hamilton storyline, presumably featuring a new evil Terminator, another Arnie appearance, and a younger paramilitary generation; seems heavily T2-flavored.