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Can Someone Translate She Is Fearless

Can someone translate this for me?

The first word should be dass
That's really almost like inbreeding.
So funny.
I couldn't find bessa, but besa in Spanish
means he/she/it kisses.
(From besar = to kiss)

Can someone please translate " fearless" in arabic ?

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Can someone translate "i am fearless" into chinese?

我是初生牛犊不怕虎, Not 100% sure though. I hope this isn't going to be your next tattoo.

Can someone translate "assess" for me pls?

yea.. it's already english but can someone elaborate the other meanings? (i should stop drinking too much my damn brain cells are dying) our professor gave us an assignment it says "how would you ASSESS the tax system of the philippine govenment (local and international)

is she saying that i should describe and compare? is she asking if how can i help as an outstanding citizen that i am? or what?

Can someone translate Japanese for me?

Long story short is this: My aunt told her Japanese friend about my love for her culture. This AMAZING woman then sent a few things over for me from her home country. She even wrote me a letter, and this is the problem. I can't read it. It's written entirely in Japanese script and I've got no clue what it says.

No one I know understands Japanese, let alone the script. I would be BEYOND grateful if someone could get in contact with me so I could send them a picture and FINALLY have this mystery solved. Thanks!

Can someone translate this to me. (Korean)?

huh~ sin gueng ggeo ju se yo plz~ mi chi get ne!!

So just wanna know what it says. -_- had a fight with someone in the internet who says she's Korean but obviously she doesn't look like one, can't even talk to me in Korean just blabbers me with trash talks.
She did typed one thing and yeah it wasn't in Korean writing. I don't know if it's even a Korean phrase.
So can someone translate it to me.

Can someone translate to english,,Please!!?

Aunt I already talk to grandma, she said she loves you too, she loves the kids as well, that she always have you of her mind, and she sends you her best wishes. I also ask her about Uncle Omar, and she said she is going to talk to him tonight and that she is going to ask him for his new address, because he moved. She gave me his phone number
Uncle Omar's number is (001)7815932043
Good Bye, post a message on my wall if you need anything
Love you

Pls can someone translate this 4 me?

this is my second attempt at your language.i just wanted to say thanks for the profile comment and if there was a hi5 for being amazingly beautiful i would give 1 to you everyday of the week! =

Este es mi segundo intento de practicar tu idioma. Sólo quería darte las gracias por tu comentario en el perfil y si hubiera un "high-five" por hermosura asombrosa, te daría uno cada día de la semana. (There is no equivalent to "high-five" that I know of.)

Me dijeron q salgo fresa!!! me cortare las venas en asterisco con una galleta de animalitos!!! =

They told me I look preppy! I'll cut my veins in the shape of an asterisk with an animal cracker! (The reason this doesn't make sense is because it's supposed to be silly. The person writing this doesn't like being called preppy-looking, so he/she is going to commit "suicide" with an animal cracker. Much like in English when we say, "twenty lashes with a wet noodle!" It's just a way of pretending we're upset.)

(Oh, and the language is Spanish)

Can someone translate this language?

My little sister posted this up on facebook. I don't know if she's just talking nonsense or if she's actually made a code only her and her friend can understand.

she posted: "Zicd palyica cusaputo dumt oui un oui fedhaccat cusadrehk tuach'd sayh ed'c ouin cduno du damm."
her friend responded: Drec ec fro oui tuh'd damm yhouha yhodrehk ajan.
she replied back: E tu so pacd hud du. Cusa yna zicd huco.

and that was the conversation. like I said, I don't know if she's just talking nonsense or if she actually made some language. Any help?

If you think you know what it says, a key would be nice also.

first of all this text is not in a standard Arabic and it'd written in a creative local way using the English alphapets (because some mobile phones don't have Arabic Language) it says: I felt upset when I thought she is talking to himbut I felt fine when I thought she is asleep!not complete ..I feel like silly things could upset her I know we are talking about anything, but not 100% yet (meaning every single thing)while it's standard in Arabic is :تضايقت عندما فكرتُ أنها تُكلمهتغير شعوري عندما علمتُ أنها نائمةغير كاملأُحسُ أن بعض الأشياء البسيطة قد تُضايقهاأعلم أننا نتكلم في كل شيء , لكن ليس كل شيء بالتفصيل%