Can Something Happen To Me Internally If I Carried Something Tooo Heavy

What could happen if I lift heavy things too soon after a laparoscopic appendectomy?

Unlike classical surgery, during keyhole surgery they only make very small incisions, thus the risk they fear, that is developing an incisional hernia, is quite small. According to the risk for an incisional hernia following a classical appendectomy already is extremely rare jus 0,12%, let alone a laparoscopic one.You won’t bleed, either internally nor externally.You could by wearing an elastic belly binder (support) lower this risk, especially since it involves lifting for short episodes, not as if you were weight lifting in the gym exercising doing it for longer pe.

Is the Walther PPK/S a good choice for concealed carry?

Thank you to everyone that has replied, and I think I have decided that this gun sounds very nice, but it is not the best for concealed carry, especially compared to other concealed carry firearms. I am also wondering about the Walther PPS, because I have heard that it combines the size of the PPK and the calibers, sights, slide, polymer material, etc. from the P99. Thanks again to everyone that has replied, your answers were all helpful, and I hope you have a very nice day.

Can my ovaries become damage due to heavy lifting?

I often hear people say that women should not pick up or pull anything heavy; they risk damaging their ovaries and may not be able to have children in the future. I am asking this b/c I had to lift someone today (she was very heavy) and my adominal area hurts really bad. Should I be concern?

Will lifting heavy objects while menstruating cause me to hemorrhage or bleed heavily?

Your answer is NO. The blood in a normal menstruation comes from the most internal layer of the uterus (Endometrium). At this step of the cycle, the Endometrium is very thick and because the lack of hormones (Estrogen's and Progesterone) it starts to break down and causes the bleeding. Most of the menstrual material are composed of cells from the endometrium and blood from very small blood vessels. You have to keep in mind that heavily exercise causes a decrease in the release of Estrogen's and that could cause amenorreic cycles.

Of course there could be some factors contributing on a Menorrhagia like low platelet count, low serum iron or calcium, or even because of some drugs such as NSAID of Anticoagulants amoung others.

But in a healty woman with normal platelet count, no bleeding disorders and free of drugs, there is no relation between lifting heavy objects and menstrual hemorrage. But there could be a relation with a Transvaginal bleeding (Not Menstrual bleeding) because of the increase in abdominal presure, blood presure, etc.

No heavy lifting, or stringiness activity while pregnant or soon after delivery! why?

i'm 24 weeks pregnant and have an 8 yr. old son who is sevearly handicap i need to carry him to feed him dress him change diapers, well everything! I also move furniture around to clean because he crawls on the floor and i'm afraid he will put things in his mouth and eat them(it's happened before!) I don't have the money to hire somebody,or to have a friend or family member help out!(single mom,again) what are the dangers of my daily routines? I try to do as little heavy lifting as possible but theres the issue of sanitation, and not giving my soon the attention he deserves and has come to expect(daily baths,floor play,school,and constant re-positioning him trough out the day) I can't just ignore him in his bed. i do feel a lot of pain high up on my stomach,not to mention my back ! I just want to know the reason for that specific piece of advice

Someone please help with a math/engineering problem, please?!?

A water truck's tank has internal dimensions of 11 meters in length and 1.5 meters in diameter. If the truck's load of pure water is 60 percent of full capacity, how heavy is the load in pounds? Water's density is 62.4 lb/ft3.

In kilograms, what is the weight of the load if the truck carries liquid nitrogen instead of water? The liquid nitrogen's density is 0.808 g/ml.

If you can at least give me the set up of how to solve these questions, I will solve them myself. I have tried multiple ways and nothing has given me the correct answer. Please help! Thank you!!

Why do I bleed after lifting or moving heavy things?

Sometimes when I lift or move heavy things, I bleed like on my period. It doesn't last long and I have no cramps. I am not pregnant. In fact, I had my tubes tied 3 years ago. Does anyone know what this is or means?

What does "lower placental margin is EXTENDING up to the internal os" mean?

i am 13 weeks pregnant today and had my ultrasound test 2 days ago. the report says "lower placental margin is extending up to the internal os". what does it mean? is it dangerous? my doctor told me to avoid walking, carrying heavy things, and having intercourse (which me and my hubby don't do anymore). doctor also advised me to take a leave for 1 week as i told her i am so stressed at my work.

what are the risks for me and my baby? I'm so afraid!