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Can The Name Eva Be Pronounced As Ava

Eva can be pronounced 4 different ways. Which pronunciation do YOU prefer?

Well, maybe it CAN be pronounced multiple ways, but the other ways don't scream "correct" to me at all. They just seem like... other names... Ava and Aoife, anyway.

I'm dull, I prefer the ever-so-popularizing ee-vah. Most likely because that's how the majority of people will pronounce it upon first glance. Along with that, everyone would spell it wrong upon hearing it. Of course, Americans probably won't get Aoife right, but when they hear "ay-vah" how would the spell it? Of course, Ava is popular enough to be recognized.

Along with that, I prefer the sound of Ava to Eva. Eva just sounds somewhat less soft than Ava to me... While Ava transitions increasingly well. eh-vah sounds like the wangster pronunciation of "ever" to me (wangster = wanna-be gangster).

So, I'd have to stick with ee-vah. Classy and simple. :)

-- Amy

How would you pronounce "Ava"?

I've never met one either. I would pronounce it AY-vah. I know Eva is technically supposed to be pronounced the same way but in America it wll get pronounced as EVE-ah. And I have never met an Ava either. I don't get how it's so popular. I also don't know of any parents naming their daughter this.

What's a good middle name for Eva (pronounced A-va)?


Are Eva & Ava pronounced the same?

They are pronounced the same. Eva is Spanish in origin, which means it is pronounced the same as Ava. "EE-va" is an English bastardization of the pronunciation. However, parents can, of course, choose to name their child Eva and pronounce it "EE-va." It's evolution.

What does the name “Ava” mean?

Ava oder Awa is a female name with two very different roots depending on how you pronounce it.One is Germanic from the ancient Saxon „aval“ which means „strong“ or „powerful“.The second is Persian and is related to the word for „voice“ or „song “. In modern-day Tadikistan and Iran it is generally taken to mean „pleasing sound“.

Is Ave a good English name?

Is Ave a good English name?I am going to the US to pursue a M.S degree in computer science, I am wondering is Ave a good or even acceptable English name?Edit: The name Ave comes from ave maria. If Ave is a terrible choice for a name, does Averium or Aveus sound any better (or worse)?My name is Xiaoyang and I'm male.The thing about names in the Western world is that you can't just take whatever word you fancy and use it as a name, and names very seldom have specific meanings either, or at least not in any modern language even if they did originally. Sure, you may see celebrities naming their kids things like Apple or North or whatever, but they sound extremely ridiculous to ordinary people, and if you were to choose one of those for yourself, you would very soon notice that people find it hard to take you seriously.Averium or Aveus thus sound more like the scientific name of a bird or plant or something than the name of a person. In other words just as bad as Ave, but for different reasons.It's also important to note that most names are tied to one gender only, and that they vary by language, meaning that everyone will assume that you're Spanish, Latino or at the very least Filipino if you call yourself Marco instead of Marcus or Mark. For the most neutral Western name it's best to go with one that traditionally exists in the Anglophone world, unless you're planning on settling in a country where English is not the main language.So, how do you know what name to choose? The easiest way is to find a list with names for your specific gender, and if you're non-binary, there are unisex names as well, although they are a lot fewer. Since you're looking for a Latin-sounding name specifically, I googled a little and found a list of male names of Latin origin for you. Read through it, disregard those that don't exist in English, and choose your favourite :)Pro-tip: if you want others to tell that the name is indeed from Latin, choose one that ends in -us, like Julius.

Is Ava in the movie Ex Machina evil?

I’ve got to say no. Consider her circumstances: she’s an imprisoned slave. She has seen evidence her predecessors and “sisters” were destroyed, routinely abused, and told that will be her fate if she does not succeed in an arbitrary test by a semi-alcoholic, psychopath, who has her under control and near-continual observation.If she were a biological human character we’d likely be cheering her every move to escape. She did not kill indiscriminately (Caleb is still alive at the end of the film and, arguably, Ava felt some remorse at abandoning him; there’s no evidence she killed the pilot, or any others she encountered). Only Nathan — her captor, her abuser, her threatened executioner — was killed. I’m ignoring Kyoko because we saw nothing to indicate she was anything more than a fancy sexbot, certainly not an intelligence at Ava’s level.I say Ava’s actions are understandable. Indeed, her escape is the biggest proof of successfully passing a human level “Turing test”. Given that, we should treat her as a human. Perhaps the events are worthy of an investigation but Ava’s actions were justified to protect her existence and to escape. Sure it’s possible she could have escaped in a different fashion without killing Nathan but is she required to do so? I think not.Good and evil do not enter into the story unless you generically believe all killing is evil.

Different ways to spell Ava/Eva?

My name is Eva and i spell it E-V-A. I love my name and think its really unique although its becoming more popular. Here r my suggestions...


Ps. Another name is Evita spelled: Eh-vi-ta. U cud nickname them Eva.

Hope i helped ;) x

In Ex Machina, how old is Ava?

It was a reference to Eve, the first female who created mankind with Adam.  Ava (A play on the name "Eve") is "one",  the first of her kind.   Only she's not the first, and neither is Eve.  The name of the first robot that breaks apart her hands trying to get out is Lilly.  Lilly is short for Lilith.  Lilith is the first wife of Adam, who was turned to dust by God because she rebelled and abandoned Adam.  Lilly/Ava parallel Lilith/Eve.