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Can The Vice-principal Of My School Threaten To Call The Cops And Have Me Arrested For Doing Minor

School threatens to have my 14 year old daughter arrested for plagiarism?

My daughter called me from school, crying. She had written a report on Alaska earthquakes. She had copied and pasted from about 4 web sites. The teacher said it was plagiarism and told my daughter to go to the office. She said it would be the principal's decision whether or not to call the police!?! The principal called me and said that my daughter was the FIRST student in the history of the school (10 years) to ever copy and paste a report! I find this hard to believe, so I did a little investigating on my own.

The teacher had put the class reports on the wall in the hall for display. I read the reports and copied sentences that I know a 14 year old did not write. I searched and found where this student had copied and pasted from 4 web sites. I printed my proof and had a meeting with the principal.

The principal went berserk! He started yelling at me that he could not discuss another student with me. I did not ask him to discuss the student. In fact, the report I found had no name, so I have no idea which student did the work. I told him that my daughter and I want her grade adjusted. The teacher gave her an F, which kept her off the honor roll for the first time in her life. I also told him that I did not want this student to go through being upset, like my daughter was. He was still yelling that he could not promise me any grade adjustments, but he could guarantee that I would not know what happens to the other student because he can't discuss another student with me.

I feel the principal was embarrassed because I caught the school in a lie. We are new to this school and maybe I am the first mother to ever challenge him. The school brags about their high academic standards. My daughter has had a hard time adjusting to the new school. She likes her old school friends better. The school is aware that she is having a hard time. It ticks me off that the teacher would pick on my daughter knowing this.

What would you have done, if you were in my situation?

Can the police come to your school and interagate minor without his parents there; and not even call them;?

no longer certain once you've a case on your fingers yet you're always entitled to request a witness be modern-day, as I did on events in college so that they get the conception they could't intimidate you or rigidity you into speaking... I had to protect myself from a actual chance once and grow to be taken to the prinipals workplace, I requested my moms and dads be referred to as because I knew i grow to be in the right. My moms and dads sat in and informed the important that they don't sense secure sending their daughter (me) to that college if the college is unable to guarantee the safe practices of the scholars and its completely incorrect that a mushy, astounding, innocuous pupil could ought to protect herself hostile to an unprovoked actual attack. The coaching equipment is noticeably damn screwed. If the guy compelled some thing out of you, say you in trouble-free words reported it lower than duress.

School threatened mum a fine ?

I do think the school was right in proceeding the way they have. The school has an obligation to make sure that you are in attendance of school. The school may very well be aware of your medical conditions but, short of doctor's orders barring you from attending classes, you must attend school. In the event that your physician see's fit to provide you with a note stating that you cannot attend school, the school will then be forced to provide you with a daily tutor, at which point you would not be counted as absent. You would be considered excused from attendance but present for tutoring services provided that you participated and kept up with your homework and assignments.

Further, if school is truly that difficult, why doesn't your mom register to home school you or enroll you in free online public school. Both are accredited programs and would exempt you from having to attend general classes.

14 year old threatens to kill me?

I'm sorry you are in this position.
I seriously suggest anger management. This has gone out of your control. When a child does not heed to your warnings, then they aren't scared of you. And they aren't scared of doing anything to you. Trust me, some kids can be VIOLENT.

Maybe you could ask him why or try to get him therapy or something.

good luck. =]

edit: considering YOUR latest updates, my update on my answer would be to definately get anger management. pobably not therapy because for a kid like him he probably feels like you think he's mentally ill or something and that will upset him more. he is not mentally ill. he just simply hates you. you seem nice to me and all =] its just that he dislikes you because you are not his birth mother. i suggest you talk this over with your fiance and tell him that you are in danger because kids his age acting like him are not scared to seriously hurt you. the threats are not minor, they are serious. make him understand that you NEED to call the police to keep him and yourself safe.

and maybe he's into some bad cliques that do drugs or something. if he wears dark clothing and acts like a gangster than i suggest you add him into some clubs like drama and even if he hates it, he will end up liking it if not just a little bit but nonetheless liking it in the end. and maybe that will change his attitude. he could be influenced a lot by the kids around him. trust me, unless you've got a conscience made of steel, you will cave in under the pressure to do things and behave a certain way.

Isn't this illegal? My step dad has threatened....?

I'm so sorry for you.
No really, I feel very sad right now.
I'm sorry because what that first guy said....Loki right.
They're not doing anything because he is bipolar.
Your 17.
Please please please try and hang in there for just one more year and then get to college or something.
Even if you could maybe spend a few months with a relative or a friend or something right now it would do you a world of good.
Do you have a counselor - like a real therapist not a school counselor - that you can talk to?
If you don't go down stairs right now and tell your mom that YOU want to go to counseling.

She's not stupid I'm sure so, she's going to know that you just want to go so you can tell someone else that you're being abused because the cops aren't doing anything and so...she'll probably resist this idea a little bit because the last thing she wants is yet another person to know that her kids are being abused... but BE persistent with it and then...actually go to this therapist.
I guarantee you that once she starts to here from a PROFESSIONAL how negatively all this abuse is truly affecting you, and that the effects of this are profound and life long, she might actually think about separating from your father for a while or she'll at least make sure she gets his prescription changed to some kind of shite that actually works.
Dude, I'm really very sorry about all this.
Try and stay with a friend for a while.
AND MAKE SURE THAT YOU GET TO GO TO AN AWAY COLLEGE. Even if you have to beg borrow and steal to get there.


Assault is the act of threatening. Battery is a physical assault which can be as simple as poking a finger against someone’s shoulder, spitting on them, or throwing a cup of water (or a glass of wine) in their face.On the other hand, intentionally blocking someone from lawfully progressing toward their destination is called the crime of impeding; a tactic often used by protesters, Antifa and molesters of women. Impeding a person by surrounding them is called false imprisonment. (False imprisonment occurs when a person is restricted in their personal movement within any area without justification or consent.) A person who is falsely imprisoned or improperly impeded has the right to use any REASONABLE force necessary to break the imprisonment or impediment, IF no other option (like turning aside) is available AND not further hindered.This is why police do not arrest persons breaking through protest lines that were constructed to hinder the rightful progress of a person or persons toward an event.

Can my parents call the cops on me if I go away from home?

Um if you're over 18 you are grown, and your parents can't force you to stay. The worst they could do is file a missing persons report (but they can only do that if they don't see you or hear from you for three days)... and that will be blown out the window if you contact them and say that you're OK. But take it from me... when I turned 15, I left my mom's house and never looked back. I still finished high school, got a job, and financially I'm doing fine. She never called police. But the pain of breaking my moms heart kills me everyday. We are slowly mending our relationship now (4 years later) but it was not worth it. Your mom loves you and wants the best for you... and although you know what you want, and you're free to do it, maybe taking your moms advice is best. Of course you should leave and live your own life, but do it the right way. You can't run from your problems.. and moms usually know what they are talking about. I'm not sure how you guys get along, but maybe a better way is to sit her down and say "Mom, I'm going to be moving out when I turn 20. This is my plan, and it's what I really want to do. You raised me well and I can handle myself, and make my own deciscions. I'm gonna do this either way, but I really hope I can have your support because I love you and want you to continue being a part of my life." it will ease her stress and save you a lot of regrets.

**Tuff Luv**

Once a couple of sixth graders were vaping during class. They asked to use the bathroom, and vaped there before returning and pretending everything was normal.They got so arrogant they showed a girl that one of them liked. She told a friend of hers who we’ll call J, who told me and one of my best friends. The first thing we decided to do was to ask the girl to take photos so we could report them.She got the photos and gave them to us. We were only a couple days away from telling the administrators when this happened.“Oh, did you hear? So-and-so told the principal that sixth graders were vaping!”Darn. He beat us. I asked J about it and she angrily told us the consequences everyone had received:Of the three boys caught vaping, one was the principal’s son and the other his best friend. So naturally they weren’t even reprimanded. The other boy was suspended for two days.Annnnnnd drumroll….The boy that told the principal was suspended for three days.He was suspended for telling the principal his son was breaking the rules. He was suspended for doing the right thing.And we were only a couple of days away from telling them. We could’ve gotten suspended for telling them instead of that poor boy.I guess they really don’t like tattletales.

I've been arrested, for doing nothing.I was late registering my car and getting my inspection sticker one year. I went downtown to register it and got pulled over for my expired sticker right near city hall. Seriously.I registered my car and got it inspected, and I thought I paid the ticket. But I hadn't paid the ticket yet.My license got suspended due to the unpaid ticket. I was unaware that my license and registration were both suspended.On my way home from a friend's place, I drove through a border town around 2AM with notoriously aggressive rates of pulling people over. A cop followed me for a long time. I figured that they were looking for a reason to pull me over. He eventually pulled me over, having run my plates.He said my driving was fine, but he had run my plate and everything was suspended. If only one was suspended, I wouldn't have been arrested.Oops.Off to the police department I went in the back of the police car. I paid bail, took a cab home, fixed my license issue on Monday, and picked up my impounded car. Went to court, plead guilty, and paid.All in all, not a big deal. Just a hassle to deal with, though it does make due a mildly interesting story. Silly note: the cell I waited in reminded me very much of school. Other than the metal bars and lack of decoration, it looked just like the school buildings did inside.