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Can This Be A Heart Attack

Can bees have heart attacks?

Nope. No blood vessels.A heart attack is when fatty deposits, clots, etc. block the coronary artery that leads to the heart muscle. Blood flow to the heart muscle itself (as opposed to the pumping chambers) stops, so the muscle dies and the heart stops beating. So to have a heart attack, you need a heart and arteries.Insects have a heart, sometimes, but no arteries or veins. They have an open circulatory system: all their organs just float in a goo called "hemolymph" that is a combination of lymph and blood. Some insects, bees included, have a heart and an aorta (the vessel leading out of the heart) that pumps the blood and gives it some semblance of direction (from the back of the insect to the front), but beyond that there is no circulatory system. The heart floats in the hemolymph along with everything else. No way to stop it from receiving blood flow, because it's surrounded by it.Furthermore, unlike human blood, insect blood doesn't carry oxygen. They have a special network of tubes called trachea that provide oxygen: think of it having air vessels go from your lungs all throughout your body instead of blood vessels. Conceivably the trachea leading to an insect heart could all get blocked by something from the outside, which would be the closest thing to a "heart attack" in an insect, but there's no record of that happening and its unlikely anyway. So, nope, no insect can have a heart attack. Scare them to your heart's content.For more info:

Can a 15 year old have a Heart Attack?

I know this might be a really ridiculous question, but I recently had some sort of anxiety/panic attack (chest pain, dizziness, shortness of breath, etc.) and ever since that I had some sort of fear of having a heart attack.

Again I know it's pretty ridiculous. Anways, I'm 15 years old, I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs (of course). I am overweight, but I play lots of sports. I occasionally eat fast food when I need to eat a quick dinner or something, but not often. I usually eat homemade meals mostly healthy.

I know I can't get a heart attack, but my family has a record of Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and I think Heart Problems. All I was wondering was if it was possible for me to get a heart attack at my age. I was also wondering if you guys have any advice for those anxiety/panic attacks.

Thanks! :D

How can a heart attack last all day?

In an experimental situation, when a coronary artery is blocked (ligated), it causes a heart attack, and the attack is generally complete in 6 hours. In other words, the damage to the heart muscle occurs over 6 hours, and the process is complete by then. Beyond this period no further damage occurs, but whatever damage is done is usually permanent. Heart muscle cells do not regenerate, so the damage is permanent. The greater the extent of muscle damage, the weaker the heart becomes.However, in real life, it often does not happen that way. The blockage may not always occur suddenly and abruptly (although it does so in many individuals). Blockage may be intermittent before finally occluding (if it does so). Also the presence of collateral blood vessels might limit the damage to the heart. In such cases the heart attack can last longer, even more than a day. In general, if pain persists, the heart attack (and damage) is ongoing. However, pain may also be due to other reasons (like pericarditis, acid peptic disease, musculo-skeletal causes and so on) which might confuse the picture.The risk of dying from a heart attack is greatest in the first hour, so the most important thing to do is to rush to a hospital with adequate facilities, as soon as possible.

Could my rat have had a stroke or heart attack?

Sudden death in rats, without previous symptoms, is usually a heart attack. In otherwords they don't survive a heart attack. Classic signs of progressive heart disease is the need to lay in a high place with their head hanging low over the edge. This helps them breath. Since your boy was still with you for awhile it was not a heart attack.

Stroke is quite common in old rats, but the classic sign of stroke is a paralysis usually seen on one side of the body after the stroke. There are no warning signs to a stroke, it happens suddenly. Depending on severity and on what part of the brain was damaged a rat can linger in an almost vegetative state for hours or days after a stroke.

I have, and so have others, experienced a quiet and sutle myco, which progresses slowly with a sudden collapse in the end. Rats with Myco have a tendancy to sleep in a position where their heads are held higher then the rest of their body. This helps them to breath.

"my life has gone to the Rats"

What does a heart attack feel like?

I had a major heart attack in 2014, and here is my story:I woke up not feeling well - I couldn’t explain it… I just didn’t feel well.Around 9am, my mother and father stopped by; they had gone to the stations of the cross at the church right down the road. I began feeling a pain in my right arm, but I tried to ignore it. My mother looked at me and said that I didn’t look well, but I told her I was fine, so her and my father left.So, it was just me and my 23 year old son. He saw me rubbing my arm and asked me what was wrong. I told him I wasn’t sure - that it was like a pressure pain that was moving up my arm. He said it sounded like a heart attack, and I laughed because I thought that I was too young for a heart attack. In 2014 I was going to be 43, I believe.Anyhow, I told him that I was going to take a hot shower and put the water on my arm but that I was going to leave the door open in case I needed him to call someone. I got in the shower. At that point, the pain was in my upper arm and neck. I stood under the hot water and aimed on my neck, but it did not help. I was uncomfortable, but I managed to get out and get dressed.I then told my son that maybe a nap would make me feel better, but after just two minutes of lying down, I was too uncomfortable to bear it. I thought that I would do a breathing treatment to make myself feel better. To this day, I still wonder why in the world I thought that a breathing treatment would be effective even though I was breathing just fine and the pain was in my arm and neck.Anyway, I took out my nebulizer and albuterol and started the machine. I took one deep breath and the pain shot up from about a 5 to past a 10. I cried for my son to call 911.I made it to the local hospital, and they performed many tests and gave by nitro glycerin four times. They then stabilized me so that I could fly in the Flight for Life helicopter into the city for emergency surgery. In the city, I had a stent put in. That night, the nurse accidentally opened up my surgical site and blood splattered everywhere, making me lose so much blood that I needed two transfusions.I was told that I was lucky to be alive, and that I should have come in to the hospital when I first felt the pain in my arm and neck, and that that would have saved me a lot of trouble. I also suffered a mild brain injury because I didn’t have enough oxygen going to my head.

Can a heart attack cause a coma?

Sure thing. Any cardiovascular insult can reduce blood flow to the brain, and the longer that occurs, the more damage is possible, which can create all sorts of problems for the brain and lead to coma.I’m sure there are some cardiologists/neurologists on here who can speak more to the question. We don’t see a lot of that in pediatrics (even though it can happen). Usually it’s respiratory failure that precipitates things in peds.

How young can you suffer from a heart attack?

It depends on what you mean by "heart attack." If you mean "myocardial infarction," in which the blood supply to the heart is blocked, then it is rare for young people, because it is generally caused by a thickening of artery walls, with plaque, which takes time to develop. Cholesterol and fat block the artery walls, building up, basically. It's more common in older people, or much heavier young people, unless the young person has a heart condition. It would be rare for a kid to have atheroslerosis or arteriosclerosis (plaque in their arteries, or thickened arteries) at such a young age, without time for it to develop.

Sometimes people say "heart attack" when they mean "cardiac arrest." People of any age can have a cardiac arrest - when the heart just suddenly stops beating. That can happen because of electrical problems in the heart, like arrhythmias or problems with the heart's conduction system. It happens to infants, toddlers, kids, teens. People with undiagnosed conditions and people with known conditions. The difference is merely in the term "heart attack" vs "cardiac arrest."

Can the heart recover fully after a heart attack?

Currently no.  A heart attack is death of heart-muscle tissue.  Suprisingly enough, it doesn't regrow.  Stem-cell research is underway, and there is very encouraging progress, but nothing ready to go yet.A VERY important thing you should be doing is taking steps to prevent another heart attack!  Check out Caldwell Esselstyn's website  He is a world-renowned physician at the Cleveland Clinic.  If you eat a plant-based diet with no oil, you can make yourself heart-attack-proof in three weeks, the amount of time it takes for the endothelium to regrow.This is an area of great interest to me since I suffered a heart attack in March of 2008.