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Can This Person Call The Police On Me For This

Should I call the police?

This person keeps calling me, when he calls it says "Unknown Caller" I picked up the phone, he told me "You better have a good lawyer, and then he gave me a phone number and told me to call it, he told me "if you ignore me I will find you and kill you" is there any way he can find me? I don't know how he got my number!!! Should I call the police? Is there anything they can do? I'm so scared!! The man had a scary voice. And last night, a car parked by window, I looked out, it was a man watching my house. He was there for about 30 minutes.

When to call the police?

I live in a second floor apartment of a three-story building and the people above me are constantly making noise. This wouldn't bother me so much if the noises weren't sometimes terrifying. Just a couple of minutes ago I heard loud screams of someone clearly in pain or distress. Along with loud, heavy walking. This is the first time there's been screaming, but I hear arguing a lot of the time, sounding a lot like a man and woman arguing. I don't know them nor have I ever seen them. Should I be calling 911 or the local police? Should I stay out of it in case they're a psycho who might try hurting me?

Someone called a police on me and lied to the police officer. Is that person responsible for something?

I was at home with my 11 years old sister and my aunt called a police on me. My little sister is a very manipulative and disrespectful. Yesterday she asked me about something (which is not essential, but totally related to having fun) and I refused her. Because of her bad behavior I ignored her just like she does to me all the time. So she went on Facebook and started complain to her aunt, who hates me and humiliated me in front other people multiple times. I don't know what exactly she told her, but our aunt called the police and claimed that she "couldn't get in touch with her niece for a very long time and got worried". Which is a lie, because she just recently called and also they are on facebook all the time, which is easy to prove.
I consider it as a harassment and emotional abuse and I don't want a police car in front of my house without any reason!
My little sister was telling that she "got depressed" when the officer was asking what is going on.
I do not really need any opinions on our family situation and etc...
My only question is: can police make the aunt responsible for false call/providing false information and attempts to harass me? (she knows that it'll make me very upset and nervous).
Can police, based on the evidence (that she was in touch with her little niece just a few minutes ago, but lied to the police officer) not to respond to any calls from her in the future?
What should I do to protect myself from her harassment?

Can I call the police if someone keeps talking to me after I told that person to stay away from me?

You can always call the police. The question is: can the police do anything about it?The answer is yes, sort of…First, you need to tell the woman very clearly that she is harassing you and that she needs to stay away or you will call the police. That last part is important. If she continues to bother you after that warning, then you call the police and say the woman is harassing you and will not stop after repeatedly telling her to leave you alone.The police will arrive and they will take a statement. They will talk to you and if she’s still around they will talk to her. Likely the police will suggest to her that she should just stay away from you and if she takes their suggestion, problem solved. Meanwhile, the police will likely tell you there’s really nothing they can do about it (what they mean by this is they can’t press charges and they can’t stand guard around you 24/7 to make sure she stays away from you) unless she’s threatening you, but that if she continues to bother you to call again and you can get a restraining order.Restraining orders are court orders that mandate a person stay away from another person. This usually includes a specific number of feet they have to stay away.If the woman sees you’re serious once you call the police and finally leaves you alone, great. If not, now you have a police report and grounds to go get a restraining order.It differs from place to place, so you’ll likely want to ask the police how to go about getting a restraining order in your area. You may have to go to the police department, the courthouse or both to get it. Either way, you’ll want to ask for a copy of the police report as it will be necessary for you to get the restraining order.Note that if she does keep bothering you even after the police come it may take an additional follow-up call to them to really secure the restraining order. That will show it is a serious problem. At that point the police may even help you take the steps to secure it as they don’t want to keep being called out to a situation they can do nothing about. They know that if you issue a restraining order and she violates it by coming near you they have grounds to arrest her.The police can’t just hand it out, by the way. It has to come from the court order (in other words, a Judge has to issue it). She doesn't have to come to court for it to be handed out either. You can get it on your own.Goodluck!

If someone spits in your face, would you call the police and have them arrested?

Certainly - there is no other choice.

I would not stoop to their level and reciprocate with a similar act or with violence, but I would not condone such behavior or let the offender think that such behavior is consequence-free.

I would contact the police and if it were an arrestable offence, I would pursue legal action to the fullest extent.

Will police call me on restricted?

The department I work for has about 25 phone numbers assigned to the officers. Only the number to dispatch is public. The rest come up restricted. We do not give out the numbers for specific officers, all calls must go through dispatch.