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Can U Get A Disease From Touching A Dead Alligator

CAN u get diseases from touching a cockroach?

Despite their filthy reputation, cockroaches are not proven carriers of disease the way houseflies are.
Understand, I can't stand cockroaches. Nevertheless, they do more in the way of messing things up, not spreading disease germs. Also, some people are allergic to them.
So, don't worry about it. You had hardly any contact.

Bacterial diseasesSeveral bacterial diseases can be spread in this manner. Anthrax is one of these diseases. Other bacterial diseases include plague, tularaemia, leptospirosis,Viral diseasesDiseases such as Ebola,lassa fever, Hantan virus pulmonary syndrome through contact with dead animals.Thanks.1.http://cdc bacterial diseases sp...2.

If a wild bird gets close enough to you, or stays stationary enough that you can touch it, I would be suspicious that it I should sick (or injured). Most wild animals have either parasites or diseases that can be transmitted. However, most diseases - including parasites, are ‘species specific’ - Meaning they only infect infect one particular species (birds, felines, canines, equines, etc.). However there are some diseases that can infect more than one species - e,g, parasites that infect two or more species to complete their life cycle. Also, viruses and bacteria can also cross species barriers. If the pathogen goes from an infected animal to people, it’s called ‘zoonotic’ - think bird flu, swine flu, etc. ). Some zoonotic pathogens you can pick up from wild birds are: Bird flu, West Nile Virus, Lyme disease, salmonella, anand more. Here is an article on over 60 pathogens you can get from birds and their droppings:

Theoretically yes. I’m curious to why you don’t call it Leprosy, which is the more common name than Hansen’s disease, I actually had to look that up. So yes, it is possible, however unlikely. Leprosy is unbelievably rare, in 2015 only 63 cases of the illness were reported, and it is probably going down every year. Just like Yesernia pestis related infections, they do happen in the US, however they are very rare. If you happen to live in Texas, where there are presumably quite a number of armadillo (aka tactical assault possum) corpses, I would avoid going up to them and poking them with your fingers. Not even specifically because of leprosy, just in general, corpses cause illness. That is why we do not keep corpses laying around at home in civilized countries. I guess they might do that in other countries that do not have as advanced of a healthcare system, like rural India or Bangladesh.Do you have Virginia opossums down there in Texas? We have those all over the place here in Maryland, they are our common roadkill, much like your armadillos. If everything is in fact bigger in Texas, how big are your armadillos?Important questions we face.

Can you get sick touching dead animals?

"can you get sick touching dead animals? like when you go hunting and touch the animal with your bare hands" -- Yes you can. It's common knowledge that hunters wear gloves when handling dead game. Game animals may carry and transmit communicable disease without dying from them first. They are also sometimes intermediate hosts for parasites.

Could I get rabies from touching a dead bat?

After possible exposure to the rabies virus, proper wound care and vaccinations are the most effective methods to stop the spread of infection.

Wound care
If you are bitten or scratched by an animal, clean the wound immediately with plenty of soap and water to reduce the chance of infection. Call a doctor to find out whether further wound care is needed.

Postexposure prophylaxis (PEP)
If you think you have been exposed to rabies, you may be given a series of shots (injections) known as postexposure prophylaxis (PEP). The shots help the body's immune system destroy the disease in its early stages. Getting PEP before symptoms appear usually prevents infection, and you are likely to recover. After symptoms of rabies are present, PEP is thought to not be effective.

PEP is given depending upon your risk of exposure to rabies. Your local health department or a doctor can help determine your risk and whether you need PEP. Factors involved in determining this risk include:

Type of exposure. Exposure to the rabies virus may be through either a bite or a nonbite. Nonbite exposures (which occur when an open cut in the skin or mucous membrane is exposed to the rabies virus) rarely lead to rabies but will need treatment.
Type of animal involved. Some animals are more likely to carry rabies than others. Bats, skunks, raccoons, foxes, and coyotes are common carriers of the rabies virus in the United States. People in Asia, Latin America, Africa and many other countries are most likely to get rabies from dog bites.23

No. While rabies wouldn’t get transmitted through the tuft of fur, other creepy-crawlies may, so stay clear just to be safe.

Yes,we have body pores and some bacteria can penetrate the skin

West nile virus ...touching dead birds??

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Will you get a disease from kissing a frog...?

A disease? Most likely not. Few amphbian diseases can cross the species barrier. However, what you'd likely be picking up would be bacteria and germs from the frogs environment, not the frog itself. Although the warts fairytale is just that, its still not a good idea to go around kissing frogs.