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Can U Give Me A List Of Animals I Should Get

If you could have any animal as your pet, what would you choose?

I have to cheat here, because I have two - more actually, but these two are top of the list. Dog and donkey. I always say that if God wants companionship and loyalty, He should just reverse His title and settle for a dog: you cannot do better for a pet.Most people think that donkeys are lazy and stubborn, but then they don’t know donkeys as I do: Ended July 1980 in Nelspruit.pdf . Donkeys are intelligent and can be trained almost as well as a dog can and they will work for you, all day long with one lunch break - but there’s a catch here: donkey works at its own speed, which is a sedate four kilometres (about two and a half miles) per hour. You won’t get there in a hurry, but you will get there after a leisurely, soul-calming stroll.This is all you need for companionship: a good woman if you’re a man or a good man if you are a woman, dogs and donkeys. If you intend to be self-sufficient, the field opens up, but the other animals won’t fall into the category of “pets”: they will either be, or supply you with, your food.

What animals do they sell at petco?

uhhhh.... lets see. some small dogs, very rare the big ones. feeder rats, and mice. some snakes, lizards, and turtles. turantulas, and some scorpions..... small birds, though i have seen a parrot at some.... kittens and fat cats that people donate. rabbits, hamsters, chinchillas. and...... fish, but i don't know all the types. they have little sharks and starfish and some clowns and fighters and gold fish and those ones that cling to the glass. also shrimps, crickets and stuff like that. also frogs

What animal names end in og?

So i have a book, with characters Mog, her baby, Tog, her sister, Pog, and the adopted sister Zog. Oh and the mom Sog. So they want a pet.... so yeah give me as many animal names as u can!

whoever has the name i choose gets best answer if more than 1 person has it, person with most animal names wins

Can you give me the complete list of animals inside the Noah's ark?

Farm animals! You know....horses, cows, sheep, goats, etc. Adam was a farmer. Adam did not need a hippo to farm with! The flood of Noah was most likely localized to what is now modern Turkey. Remember that God made His races on the 6th hunters and fishers. Each race had their own Adam & Eve. God looked and saw that it was very good. God rested on the 7th day. On the 8th day God saw that He did NOT have a man to till the farmer! Therefore, in the Hebrew language, using words #119 & #120, with both the article and particle, God created Adam..."Ruddy complected, liable to blush, to show blood in the face." How many unmixed races do you know that blush? Answer: One...Caucasians. The twelve tribes of Israel and Christ would come through Adam! God is NOT a respecter of persons. God loves all His children. However, God has specific duties for each race to lead their peoples to Christ under His leadership! For good bible teaching I recommend Good day!

Is it true that animal shelters can blacklist you from adopting EVER?

It is very ridiculous. When i puchased my kitten the lady at the shelter gave me the dirtiest look because i had a motorhead shirt on (rock band).
She said i would have to sit in a room with the cat .. make sure i like that cat and that cat likes me.
THEN she said i would have to come back for a 2nd visit to purchase the cat .. making sure i was 100% satisfied with my cat. I said "no .. we've had a bond since i walked in the door, i have my own place and a full time job, give me" .. layed a $100 bill on the tabel and said "here take this, you can keep it, just let me rescue this lovely creature" .. she gave me my change back and didnt say a word.

I just dont understand these people at the animal shelters around here in ohio .. they treat you like crap .. and i'm the good person rescueing the animal.

its sad.

good luck with everything

What if animals could talk? What do you think would happen?

As per a quote by Mark Twain,“If animals could speak, the dog would be a blundering outspoken fellow; but the cat would have the rare grace of never saying a word too much."Imagine what a chaotic world it would be! They will speak in a whole new language, lets call it is "animian". The pets would soon adapt the language which their masters conversate in. People would not keep a cat for its cunning nature. We would have to be extra conscious while talking about something private. Imagine you have to tip your dog to keep its mouth shut about a secret he knows about you. The cow would be the silent spectator and would not still revolt against their meaningless mass slaughter, except when you take away their food, because then, they’d get really mad.  The horses would be like the party goons who run around without any care in the world and have fun by bullying.1. Bitching about human beings.    Since Humans absolutely adore bitching about other human beings, it’d be fun to get an out-species’ perspective on that. I’m so sure one animal that’d really be over-enthusiastic about this thing would be those snobby cats! They always seem to be judging their surroundings and having a hidden smirk on them. 2. Ask about evolution and discuss about science, philosophy and meaning    of life.3. There would be probably another film industry purely dedicated to animals. A lion would be a superstar and a lioness would be awarded the best actress award. :D4. They would ask all the house pests, especially mosquitos, that what exactly their problem is !5. Find out whether animals have racial biases too.   There must be ways that the white cat somehow thinks that he has a life more than the black cat. May be black cats are out-casted for crossing roads because that might bring downfall to the entire feline clan!6. Animals would go to owls for advice. Owls would be referred as  'babaji'!     image source :google

What animals will respond to their names?

All sorts of animals can learn to respond to their names. Pigs are very good at this, as are rats, dolphins, elephants, birds, cats, horses, donkeys, deer, … … … I know goldfish can be trained to respond to the ringing of a bell, so I’m guessing they could learn to recognize their names as well.

Animals that are legal in Pennsylvania?

What animals other that cats and dogs....and other stuff like that are legal to have in Pennsylvania? I always wanted a chupcin (i think that's how its spelled) monkey. are they illegal in pa? I want some kind of exotic animal like a fennec fox or can someone give me a list of all of the animals that are legal in pa.

If possible include your source(s) of where u got ur information!!!

10Pts for most animals that are right,easy to understand, and best answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!