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Can You Apply For Student Loan On A He Diploma

Can I have a student loan removed from my credit?

Unfortunately, student loans are as much a part of a person's credit as any other debt. You won't be able to just take it off.

As for leaving school, did he leave in the middle of a semester? Schools provide a time period in which you can drop classes and receive a refund. Unfortunately, the longer one waits, the lower the refund will be. If he didn't formally withdraw within this timeframe, he gave up any claim to a refund.
Likewise, if he didn't finish paying for the semester, he will still be held accountable for whatever tuition and fees he agreed to pay when the semester started. With schools, you really have to make sure you're aware of their policies and deadlines, even for situations you don't anticipate (like having to leave).

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Can 10th pass students apply education loan for diploma courses?

Well, that’s a difficult question to answer. You can definitely try. I would suggest you to apply for an education loan from a public bank such as Bank of Baroda (BOB), State Bank of India (SBI), Punjab National Bank (PNB) etc. since they provide low interest rates.I am not very sure if you will be lent an education loan that’s why I suggest you to contact WeMakeScholars. They provide secured and unsecured education loans. It is a BITS Pilani startup, funded and supported by Govt. of India that works with 28 banks,both private and public banks,NBFC. Their financial counseling team will be able to guide you better.Hope this helps! All the best.

Can I apply for a loan for a diploma course in Canada? I am Indian?

You can apply for education loan in India itself where the bank will transfer the funds directly to the college in which you are getting into.P.S:Check out my channel pertaining to higher education in canada.An Indian Engineer

Can a student apply both for an education loan and a scholarship simultaneously?

Yes, you can apply for them simultaneously.Preferably, you can apply for scholarships first and then apply for an education loan. If you aren’t eligible for a scholarship or don not qualify for one, then the next best option is an education loan.You can approach WeMakeScholars. They will help you understand your financial options and provide solutions to you without charging a fee for their services. The BITS Pilani start-up is focused on helping students find the right financial aid suited for them so that they don’t have to give up on their dream of pursuing education.The founders of WeMakeScholars, Arjun R. Krishna and Damini Mahajan started a scholarship page on Facebook which was a huge hit amongst Facebook users. They decided to extend help by providing a bigger and better platform. WMS is supported by Govt. of India. [1] [2] [3]Hope this helps! All the best :)Footnotes[1] Scholarship comes in a package[2] Govt. recognition for startup[3] 150k Facebook users cried out for scholarships. This edtech startup delivered

Why is it that you can’t file bankruptcy on a student loan?

The reason why I don’t want to go to college is because I wont be able to file bankruptcy on it. I don’t at all have any money for college and I’m not qualifying or winning any scholarships. What I mean by winning is, when I apply for a scholarship I never successfully earn it. My essay or something wasn’t good enough to get the scholarship. My whole thing is if I can’t pay something out of pocket I won’t ever be able to afford it whether I was to just pay it in payments. It’s impossible for me to pay something off if it has an interest rate attached to it. I would never take out a loan or use a credit card if I couldn’t file bankruptcy. There’s going to come times in my life where I’m not able to make a payment or able to financially handle something.

Can you get a student loan for TEFL courses?

As for Federal Stafford Loans, you have to be in a degree seeking program in order to receive additional loans AND in order to have your current loans put into in school deferment. Is TEFL a degree seeking program or are you working towards a certificate?

If it is a degree seeking program, then you are fine. Apply for financial aid at the school in NY, and get a deferment form from your current lender and have the registrar at the school in NY complete.

It it is not a degree seeking program, then you will need to check with private student loan lenders to see what types of loans they offer. Many offer a continuing Education Loan or loans for certificate programs.

How Can international student get Education loan in Singapore?

Answer Source: International Student Loans in Singapore

How do I get an education loan for a 1-year diploma in New Zealand?

Hi, there are many online companies from where you can get online loans. You can have a look on The Lending Room - A Peer-to-Peer Loan Lending Company

Is it unwise to use student loans for housing/rent? (2 years estimated)?

my father has helped me with school thus far at a community college and has also been helping me with rent. I will be graduating with an associates in science about 2 semesters earlier. I also work part time. my father has told me he would like for me to take out student loans and use parts of it as rent (typically around 500 per month not including utilities). I totally understand him trying to slowly push me from the nest but I would like some advise on whether of not I should take out this much money and have to pay it back down the road.