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Can You Defend Yourself Against A Grizzly Bear With A Melee Weapon

Hypothetical Scenarios: Would a chainsaw be a good weapon to defend yourself against a fully grown alligator?

Probably not.  I don't know how you could get the alligator to stay in one place long enough to get the chainsaw to do any real damage.  Sure you'd cut wherever you got lucky enough to get close enough to but that fully grown alligator isn't going to just sit there while you try to cut through his head or cut off a leg.  The tail alone would whip the crap out of you and knock that chainsaw right out of your hand while breaking your arm or whatever body part it hits.  If you are near it's mouth and you somehow are still holding the running chainsaw the only chance you have is possibly to get the alligator to let go of you long enough to run away (if you're on land.  If you're in the water you can just forget about escaping if it really wants you dead).  I'm going with no it's not a good weapon against a fully grown alligator that on average will be over 11 feet in length, some up to 14 feet and almost 1,000 lbs.  Just think about a 1,000 pound log that doesn't move.  Now think about a dinosaur with hundreds of teeth, full body armor, the strongest bite force, a death roll and made up of basically muscle and armor you have yourself a killing machine/apex predator that probably wouldn't be affected by a chainsaw unless you had the thing tied up and it couldn't move.

Could a man with a melee weapon kill a bear?

When I when I was working in the operating room in California we did a rather extensive shoulder repair on a bow hunter. He had been hunting bear. When he took his shot, it turned out his aim was off quite a bit. As a result, the bear made the two decisions. First, if decided it was not interested in dying anytime soon and second it decided it was pissed off - thus the damage to the man's shoulder. Anyway, during the course of their apparently rather intense discussion, the man stabbed the bear to death with his belt knife. Allow me to repeat that. He. Stabbed. The. Bear. To. Death. With. His. Belt. Knife.So, can it be done? Of course. That said, there is a reason I hunt bears with a rifle.As for the as for the hunter, his surgery went fine. During the pre-op process we did ask him if he wanted anesthesia or if he would prefer to simply bite on a stick. We also decided that in all likelihood the biggest challenge he faced as a hunter was that wild animals were probably disturbed by the sound of those giant steel balls clanking together every time he took a step.

How should you defend yourself from an alligator attack?

Do your best to stay calm.Don’t wildly flail around.Try to eye gouge the alligator. Many people who have survived crocodile attacks claim that eye gouging was their salvation.Use a weapon or your hand to hit the alligator’s head. Repeatedly bash the animal’s head with a stick or your fist, if you put it through enough pain, it will let you go. Any bystanders to the attack should assist in hitting the alligator with a long weapon like a stick.Open up the alligator’s palatal valve. A large valve exists at the back of a crocodiles mouth. The valve closes up when the alligator opens its mouth underwater, it keeps water from flooding the alligator’s body. Try to put your hand in the gator’s mouth and open this valve, if you succeed the alligator will fill with water and the crocodillian will be forced to let you go. This technique will not work outside of water.Run! If you manage to break away, run for your life. Unless you are severely overweight you should be able to outrun an alligator on land.Get medical help for obvious reasons.

What armour and weapon (not guns nor chemical) exists or could be built, to help you kill an attacking grizzly bear?

It is foolish to even consider combat with a grizzly.If you want to do as much damage to the grizzly before DYING, I recommend jumping straight into its jaws. This will give you a tremendous vantage point of its neck and face. Then commence stabbing of it's vitals until you bleed out.If you, like most people, would like to live instead of going to your grave in a blaze of glory, it seems your best tactic would be to slow it down then get yourself and everything/one you value more than your life the hell away. Humans are not hunters. Anyone can see that.How to survive: LEAVE. Avoid all contact with the bear at all costs. But do not try escaping unless the bear is very nearly crippled.P.S. This answer is completely hypothetical but since there are no perfect methods of surviving a bear attack, resourcefulness, knowledge, quick thinking, and plenty of caution do wonders in any pinch.

Is it really possible for a man to defend himself or kill a bear without a gun?

There are a few stories in recent history where this has happened.Just look at these top news stories in this Google search. to mention that there is lots of history both in physical evidence and just from hunters recalling tales of killing large animals and bears without firearms. Be it with rocks, sticks, spears, arrows, poison, traps etc.Man is the most dangerous animal on earth. I would suggest that even if it is highly improbable and damn near impossible a bare handed human could figure out a way to kill a bear in a very unique way and carry it through.

If you are attacked by a bear, which weapon is better: shotgun or pepper spray?

Depends on the bear, and the shotgun, and the spray.When in Grizzly or brown bear country, I strongly suggest bear spray as a must have and the ideal defense against one. Note to get bear spray, don’t use the self defense sprays designed for use against human aggressors, which tend to be much less effective.Against black bear? Either are really fine.Here’s why:Brown bear kills are almost always defensive in nature. You surprise one, or come between one and its cubs, and it attacks. Most firearms just don’t have the assured one stop shot, especially when fired under stress to know that you will land a hit that will stop the bear. And an unstopped bear that’s defending itself isn’t going to stop because you injured it. Bear spray deploys a wall of spray that might as well be a wall of bricks to a bear. It’s extremely effective.On the other hand, black bear kills are almost always predatory in nature. And predators don’t attack if they don’t calculate a strong chance of success. Indeed, I’m not aware of ANY armed person being killed by a black bear. Ever. Most black bear kills are against smaller people… Children and small women. But just firing a shot into the air is enough to dissuade a hungry black bear, who doesn’t want to mess with someone who can make thunder.

Is there such a thing as melee hunting?

Maybe you should go hunting with a rifle first before you dismiss it as being 'two overpowerful'