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Can You Describe How Someone

How would you describe someone who is weird?

Or perhaps someone who is not normal? What is normal?

I think I might be a little off topic... What I don't understand is how some people would describe someone as "weird" when everyone has their own sense of personality and opinions on what's right and wrong.

Is it the way someone would talk to you? Or how random they may be? Perhaps the way they dress?

How would you describe someone who is weird?
And, please, exemplify.

How would you describe to someone what hollandaise sauce is and ranch dressing ?

Hollandaise is a very rich sauce made from egg yolks and butter.

Ranch is a rich, creamy dressing.

Also, both ranch and hollandaise have a very tangy flavor, as they both contain vinegar and or lemon juice.


Why can't you use the word "Americano" to describe someone from the United States?

You can, but just remember that anyone from the Americas --North, Central, and South-- is also considered an americano. Even "norteamerricano" isn't specific enough, because it would include Canadians and Mexicans as well. If you want to specify the United States, you should say "estadounidense".

Can you describe the feeling of missing someone deeply?

it is one of the most painful thing in life to miss someone…Everytime you miss someone,theres a silent ache in your heart which is definitely unbearable…And the saddest part of missing comes when you know the person is somewhere on this earth but still you can not meet him you can not look into His eyes and explain how badly you want him at that point of time…Even though we have so many ways to connect with someone but the thirst of meeting in Person will never be vanished via messaging or calls or even video calls ..Believe or not those video calls somewhere make you more weak inside knowing the fact that you can not touch him you can not hold his hands you have to see his face in 5inch screen thats it.. thats the small gift you have received from technology ..But merely texting will not help all you wish is for closing your eyes and then wheb you open it you want them to be in front of you and thats what will kill you inside ..Whats it feels like (uffff) is not easy to describe in wordsRecalling something about the person,you happen tolaugh and in no time ,sometimes even as you laugh, you taste your own tears..The more you want to avoid the thoughts of that person at that time the more thoughts pop up in your mind .. sometimes you want to cry out loud and sometimes you will feel like sitting quite and just recall those moments when you spend some beautiful moments with him..Nothing will excite you not even your favourite things .. you will search for and consume everything that can erase thay thoughtsAnd belive me your life will appear worse than anything..Everything that brought a smile to your face will now torture you.. every little thing will make you scare ,insecure .. you will do everything to calm your frustration but nothing will help you…And sometimes even when you will talk with that person you will be frustrated with a fact that you can not meet and have a normal converstaion …Missing someone is the sweetest yet the most heart breaking pain …P.s being in a long distance relationship has taught me all this about missing my partner.

How would you describe someone with a warm personality?

A person with a warm personality is like hot chocolate and marshmallows on a cold day. S/he is a person who is sincerely interested in what you are doing and what you have to say, a person who makes time for friends, who puts others first, at least some of the time. A person with a warm personality is kind, and cares about other people. You can feel their warmth when you are with them or around them. They always make people feel welcome and wanted.

What does it mean to describe someone as being ethereal?

Ethereal (adj.) Airy, delicate, light, tenuous, fragile. Heavenly, celestial, empyreal. Also means insubtantiality.

How do you describe a healthy person?

A healthy individual is a person who is physically mentally and socially well balanced .Physical fitness is very important for a healthy life. Someone who is regular with his diet , exercise and follows a regular routine is a healthy individual.Emotional stability is very important for good health . The person who is emotionally intellectual and can keep a good balance with his emotions will always stay healthy.Human beings are social animal. Social health means the ability of an average person to adapt himself under different social structure of the society and to be able to adjust himself under different situations and circumstances.

How would you describe yourself as a person?

1. I am a kind-hearted caring person.2. Always ready to help my friends and family at any time.3. I’m quiet and shy person.4. Sometime Mischievous and Sometime Innocent.5. I’m very motivated and love doing what I do.6. Forgive the people easily.7. Easily get angry but when I lose my temper it shows a dark side of me which I am increasingly aware of. It’s obvious to me that after I lose my temper, I feel guilty and sad.8. I am humble and compassionate person. I enjoy sharing things and talking to people about a variety of things. I have a quick wit and love to laugh about everything under the sun. I can be quiet at first, but once you get to know me, I don’t shut up. I am fun loving, but serious when necessary.

What if someone ask you to describe yourself in five sentences?

This is pretty good answer to describe about you !!People says I am unable to understand which kind of person you are ?Let me explain something about myself in just 5 sentence.I am impulsive and Extroverted, people can't cheat me easily.Whatever I speak, always add example to understand.Having Pushy nature, always motivate to team members of Near and Dear.Self motivated and i don't like Haughty and obstinate person.Taking feedback from past, doing changes in present and planning for better future.