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Can You Get An Instacause Product From Past Weeks

Why won’t Instagram let me change my profile?

Everyone provides good information. Are you able to find the “edit profile” button and get into that section? If that’s not working it could be that your account was somehow suspended. You will want to reach out to Instagram for further details or go to Instagram Help[1].Footnotes[1] Instagram Help Center

Why do some personal Instagram accounts go back and forth between being public and private?

The reasons differ.The first reason is that they are ‘able to’ change it easily without any effort. Just go to settings and flip the switch to publick or private. If it took more effort, I am sure people would change it less.One of the reasons is insecurity. When I was younger 11/12 I started posting selfies. My page was supposed to be public. But in the days that I felt less secure, I would put it on private.Another reason is because of accidentally liking or following someone. It happened to me before, that I accidentally liked someones picture after scrolling through their Instagram photo’s for minutes. I didn’t want them to find out it was me or see my pictures, and immediatly put my account on private.Last reason I can think off: Eventhough they don’t ask for followers, they might have been using hashtags thus put their profile on public. They might have posted a photograpy post or meme (etc) and wanted some recognision and more likes by using comments by using hashtags. (hashtags only work when your profile is set on public).If you can think of more reasons why people change their profile settings from public to private and from public to private from time to time. I’ll add it!

What is the psychology behind never liking someones Instagram pictures?

Not an expert on instagram pictures, but this sounds like something about your relationship with this man that has not been resolved, and is still lingering in the air, and expresses itself with the sharing of pictures. If you don’t want to be annoyed, do not continue to post things he can see, and avoid the same on your end. If this seems too difficult to do, then you may not be done with him, and you might think of talking to someone about what is still bothering you.Our relationship with others can be complex when we have not had an opportunity to really understand what they re-present and mean to us. There are different levels of understanding, and sometimes we are caught of guard wondering why we are still thinking of them, caring what they think, wondering what they are doing, etc. When we are preoccupied by others, and more effected than we want to be, it’s a good tip off there is something to learn, not necessarily about them anymore, but what they may have meant to us in the past, and what they still may mean, but more importantly, understanding more about ourselves. Sometimes focusing on others can lead to a type of knowledge, but self exploration and understanding one’s own feelings and processes can’t be beat.Dr. K.