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Can You Give Me A Movie Like Now You See Me

Is the movie Now You See Me good?

Some movies are confusing, and some movies are complicated, and some movies are silly. And then there’s Now You See Me, the magician bank heist thriller, which is also an FBI chase movie, which is also about a Dan Brown-esque secret society of Ancient Egyptian magicians who use real magic to fight crime or something. The whole thing is constructed like an Abrams/Nolan mega-mystery where everything’s a twist and everyone has secret motivations, except none of the motivations make sense, and all of the twists involve mirrors. Specifically, mirrors used in unusual ways.
This Movie is such a great movie and it is mind blowing! I would say Yes!!! Go and see it!

What are some movies like "Now You See Me"?

I am assuming that you like movies with twisted plots. Here are some movies that you might likeMagicThe Prestige (2006)The Illusionist (2006) ThrillerPsycho (1960)The Sixth Sense (1999)Primal Fear (1996)The Devil's Advocate (1997 film)Sci-FiDonnie Darko (2001)The Butterfly Effect (2004)Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)Minority Report (2002)The Machinist (2004)The following links may help youIMDb: Best 'Mind Screwing'(Sci-fi)Thrillers - a list by drvishnu44IMDb: The Best Mind-Bending Psychological Movies. - a list by FiftyFourLists

Movies like now you see me and the art of steal?

Do any of you guys know any movies like now you see me and the art of steal.
like a mystery movie where the whole plot was set up and in the end something big happens that is surprising. so fir example in now you see me the detective was the 5th horseman the whole time. and in the art of steal the whole plot was set up to trick niki and take all his money. and the ending is really surprising

Movies Like Now You See Me?

The Prestige

Anymore Movies Like Now You See Me?

Red Lights (2012)
Death Defying Acts (2007)
The Illusionist (2006)
Lord of Illusions (1995)
The Prestige (2006)
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (2013)

What are the movies similar to "Now you see me"?

The prestige

Where can I get the Tarot cards like in the movie "Now You See Me"?

Based on the three cards I found online from the movie -- -- those are from two different decks. The High Priestess is a typical standard from any Rider Waite type deck, the image has been recolored in sepia tone and roughed up. But it's not in any way unusual.

The other two shown are made for the movie, sorry. I've seen 'freakier' images, and much milder. The movie cards here play up the horror side for anyone who doesn't know what they're supposed to mean (laughable). The Hermit stands for someone searching, someone who is willing to teach if the studen makes the effort to reach out to them. It's not a bad card. The Death card image follows the normal way Hollywood cliche's the card. Death does not mean death, it means something is stopping and a new thing is starting up, that a person has to make a choice and the choice may not be easy but it does lead a person forward in life, that there's no going back. Using it to scare is a standard Hollywood theme. The tarot is not black and white, each card has a theme, and the cards generally fine tune their meaning in seven or eight different ways, depending on what the question was, what cards were next to them, etc. It's a skill to read the cards, but movies don't explain much about it.

The BACKS of the cards are all fake, made for the movie.

If you ever watch The Red Violin, the tarot reading done in the first third of the movie was excellent. The deck was used properly and it foreshadowed everything that happened in the movie.

There are over 3,000 different tarot decks on the market. You can find images of them over at or, even better since they show cards and give a review of the deck, over at aeclectic tarot (google them). If you want eerie, you can get an eerie one. If you want fluffy, or artsy, or nature based, or a gothic theme, or steampunk even, there are decks that fit that too. Deck prices generally run in the $25-$40 range. There are some gorgeous decks available with metallic inks, and there are bare bones basic ones (sometimes for $15 or less).

What are some movies like "Now You See Me" which is amazing, interesting and full of twists?

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