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Can You Guys Find Me Some Really Generic Pop Emocore

How too not hate the whole entire freaking pop culter twilight wannabe emo posers at my school?

k so like my whole life my mom taught me to treat other people nice and that even if some people act retarded you should still be nice but im getting really annoyed and pissed off with the kids of my generation, like the beiber and twilight fans or the kids that think there emo or a rocker or whatever its just annoying, im not trying to say im supperior over them because im not i just happen to have not grown as fast as them because i went to a alternitive school that had like no kids like the kids in my middle school.

they all text and fb eachother and **** plus the girls like too gossip about how i like to hang out with guys only cause iv notised most guys arnt as annoying even though some think there emo or punk rock when they like bands like blink-182 and greenday, i like those bands but THERE NOT PUNK punk is like dk or the clash or the sex pistols or the dammed! i meen christ they think they know everything but apperently its just some weird trend going on, idk mabey im just being a prat and think im better then everyone else idk just can you help me channel my anger problems with these kids ( i happen to have some anger issues as well)

it seems like the whole usa has bad tast now, well the popular stuff like lady gaga and like it seems like most of the music before 200 was listenable like devo or led zepplin OR even nynsnc cause at least there old skool pop not retard electric singing with chicks who wear not enough clothing

sorry for such a long whater story

Gangsta rap.I can’t believe that it’s popular to listen to this sh*t.Honestly. How is this even considered music?I just went into ‘Rap Caviar’ on Spotify and selected a random song. The first one I listened to was a perfect example.Gucci Gang by Lil PumpHow is this even considered music!?Seriously. The ‘rapper’ is literally just speaking a bunch of words, mainly “Gucci Gang”, and adding a couple of random sounds in.No words are actually sung. There is no skill required in speaking. The only thing partly musical in any way is the backing track and the beat.I do sort of see how people like to listen to other forms of Rap. But this?I honestly cannot understand how one of the 76,533,077 people who watched the ‘song’ can find it entertaining. This type of rap is so over-hyped. It seems like the only reason why people listen to it is because other people do, and because it’s ‘cool’.I DON’T UNDERSTAND.

Can you please explain the different subgenres of metal and stuff? thanks,?

This is going to be VEY generalised. Over-generalised, even.

Black metal: Simple-ish riffs, FAST (but a little repetetive) drummming, low production and literal SCREAMING. Can't explain the riffs to your, you have to hear them. Solos short or non-existent

Heavy Metal; oldschool style metal: Iron Maiden, some of the higher pitched thrash bands

post hardcore: Glassjaw/saosin. Imagine the precursor to pop-punk.

progressive death metal: Keyboards, jazz riffs. Changes in tempo and style several times throughout the song. technical drumming, bass playing, guitar playing, etc.

Brutal death: Drumming, growling, riffs and bass to produce the most BRUTAL experience, without being dissonant and non-catchy crap.

tech Death: Increased level of technicality of instrumentals. More brutal singing than 'prog metal' bands. Less use of keyboards, usually
Ex. Suffocation, Psycroptic, Brain Drill

Modern (popular) metalcore: Use of the easier and catchier Gothenburg, or melodeath riffs and mixed in with chugging breakdown riffs. Ex: Fear My Thoughts, Destroy the Runner, Dying Breed, Light this City, All That Remains, Bullet for My Valentine

Melodeath: heavy, but melodic riffing. Nice solos.
Example: At The Gates, Dark Tranquility, Dethklok

Thrash is harder to define, but easy to recognize. Over time, thrash had three or four different subgenres.
Speed metal: Exciter, Artillery, Darkness
Brutal/teutonic: Kreator, Deathchain, Sodom, Protector. Possesed
Crossover thrash/hardcore: Sacred Reich

What song lyrics mean the most to you?

Sugarland Stay Lyrics

I been sittin' here starin'
At the clock on the wall
And I been layin' here prayin'
Prayin' she won't call
It's just another call from home
And you'll get it and be gone
And I'll be cryin'

And I'll be beggin' you, baby
Beg you not to leave
But I'll be left here waitin'
With my heart on my sleeve
Oh, for the next time we'll be here
Seems like a million years
And I think I'm dyin'

What do I have to do to make you see
She can't love you like me

Why don't you stay
I'm down on my knees
I'm so tired of bein' lonely
Don't I give you what you need
When she calls you to go
There is one thing you should know
We don't have to live this way
Baby, why don't you stay (yeah)

You keep tellin' me, baby
There will come a time
When you will leave her arms
And forever be in mine
But I don't think that's the truth
And I don't like bein' used
And I'm tired 'a waitin'

It's too much pain to have to bear
To love a man you have to share

Why don't you stay
I'm down on my knees
I'm so tired of bein' lonely
Don't I give you what you need
When she calls you to go
There is one thing you should know
We don't have to live this way
Baby, why don't you stay (yeah)

I can't take it any longer
But my will is gettin' stronger
And I think I know just what I have to do
I can't waste another minute
After all that I put in it
I've given you my best
Why does she get the best of you
So next time you'll find
You wanna leave her bed for mine

Why don't you stay
I'm up off my knees
I'm so tired of bein' lonely
You can't give me what I need
When she begs you not to go
There is one thing you should know
I don't have to live this way
Baby, why don't you stay, yeah

I love this song because when my ex went for another woman. Its a great song

2 member band possible?

no, especially if you're going for metalcore

you'll need to scream and growl a lot, you'll need 2 singers that are not playing any instruments ...except if they are really talanted me screams are not easy, you'll need a long breath, you won't be able to switch from an instrument to the other if you scream in the song

second, metalcore should be heavier than thrash or speed metal, it'll be harder to play guitar and sing in the same time

third you should mix it up, you'll need a bass and a guitar and drums playing in the same time, why ? ..i tell you

the bassist is the one who actually leads the band, he's the base of the whole band
the drummer listens to the bassist to know his parts, the rhythm guitar listens to the drummer to know his parts, and the lead guitar listens to the rhythm to know his parts, so if the bassist is not good, the whole timing will be thrown off

Would you consider me a metalhead?

Metalcore, Emo, Deathcore, Nu Metal and Post-Hardcore don't count as metal. Metallica (Thrash Metal), Iron Maiden (Power Metal), Avenged Sevenfold (Alternative Metal, Hard Rock) are the only real metal on that list. The rest are commercially friendly marketing ventures... You're more of a scene kid than a metalhead. Look up these groups:
Cradle of Filth
Arch Enemy
Cannibal Corpse
Dog Fashion Disco
Mr. Bungle
Marilyn Manson
Carnival In Coal
Diablo Swing Orchestra
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
Stolen Babies
Bolt Thrower
Amon Amarth
Bella Morte
Lacuna Coil
Machine Head
Lamb of God
White Zombie
Rob Zombie
Black Sabbath
The Dillinger Escape Plan
Children of Bodom
The Ocean
Sonata Arctica
Between the Buried and Me
Dream Theater
Echoes of Eternity
Corrosion of Conformity
Judas Priest
Mercyful Fate
Monster Magnet
Amberian Dawn
Edge of Sanity

The reason I don't find BVB, Asking Alexandria, The Devil Wears Prada, Attack Attack, BFMV, Escape the Fate (worst group of all time), Slipknot or Whitechapel metal is for this reason... True metal is more than just fast-paced, pumped-up distorted noise. Also, the four genres you have mostly represented up there have more similarities to mainstream punk than metal. Metalcore and Deathcore and mainly influenced by Post-Hardcore (which is what set off emo music). I see mose of those groups as more of a commercial venture trying to milk all the money out of a select group of teenagers for as long as they can by appearing "angsty" and "deep," rather than being musically-oriented groups that want to make something that is unique, original and can appeal to those outside of the target demographic. If you like them, more power to you... but I am not a fan and I hope you can respect my opinion (as many others do not).

Like what you want. I personally have a love-hate relationship with pop. To me, music is music. I feel especially satisfied when I have spent all day browsing YouTube for a cool new song and find a “hidden gem”. Even though less than half of a million people have watched the video, I feel like the song is my little secret. I spend at least 2 weeks researching the artist and drooling over their latest album.But then the Top 40 radio stations come in. Apparently that “hidden gem” is well liked by many others. It gets played…and played…and played. So to address the first part of your question, not all pop music is bad (unless you hear it 1,000,000 times and resent that one radio station that made you hate that song). I like a lot of songs way before they get airtime. Furthermore, who cares what other people think? Again, if you like it, go enjoy it.