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Can You Guys Help Me With My Apush Hw

Can you help me on my 1983 APUSH DBQ Essay?

Not without seeing the question. If you want help with your homework, you need to include the question and relevent materials (in this case, the primary source material that goes with the question). There are many people on Yahoo! Answers who could help you with a US History DBQ, but no one here can read your mind, nor can we see your homework paper.

I need help with APUSH homework?

Disclaimer: I'm a very good student. I have great grades and I do plenty of extracurriculars and I have a part-time job. But it's late and I'm so exhausted and I don't know how to answer these questions for APUSH.

1) Explain how different group identities, including racial, ethnic, class, and regional identities, have emerged and changed over time. This should be at least one solid paragraph.

2) To what extent did economic factors, national identity, and the federal government maintain continuity and foster change in the lives of
African Americans from 1789-1877?

These should be about a paragraph each. Anything would help. Thank you so much!

Can you guys help me to promote my video?

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Can you guys please help me with my hw and answer some multiple choice Q's?

1.b question
4.Statement not a question
6.I guess the answer is D but that is not machine language. It is actually called binary.
10.a question
12.not sure question question question
17.a (stupid question. My dad worked with networks in the 70’s)
20.a,b, and c has no moving parts. Bogus question.
23.don’t know dumb question
24.computers do all of these
27.not there
28.not there
29.not there
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Can you guys help me with this question on my brothers hw..?

let x = Andy's age
let y = Sister's age

x = 2y - 3

Help me with my history hw?

The same "tensions" that are surrounding the issue of immigration today. But, I would double check with your teacher first, to make sure you understand the "tension" issue. Immigrants took jobs away from Americans, some thought. They did not learn our language until second or third generations. They had their own customs that were "different" and therefor unAmerican.
In 1921, Congress enacted a law limiting annual immigration to the US to 350,000 people per year. Each year, European nations could send to the US a number equal to 3 percent of its nationals who were in the US in the year 1910. In 1924, Congress amended the immigration law and reduced the number of immigrants to 150,000, and the quota to 2 percent, and the base year to 1890. This law favored immigration from nations like Great Britain, but discriminated against central and eastern European nations like Poland, Russia and Syria.

Can you guys help me with my bitsat preparation?

Practice online tests and solve as many questions as possible to increase your speed and accuracy. These two are only factors that matter in BITSAT. I had my BITSAT a week before JEE Advanced and I know I was gonna screw JEE, so I studied hard for BITSAT. I started my preparation one week prior to BITSAT . I solved questions (Only from Physics , Chemistry , mental ability and English. I didn't do much questions from Mathematics as I was pretty good in it than other subjects)  from book BITSAT Explorer by MTG publication. It comes with a CD with 5 model tests. I solved each of them.With this much preparation I fetched score of 304. Only thing I did in that one week was to increase my speed and accuracy.You have pretty much time in your hand so study well and all the best!

What did you guys get on your 2017 AP tests?

I was in the middle of walking to the lab when I checked my phone. The dream was to get all 5’s but I didn't think it would actually happen.Calculus AB and Biology are my best subjects by far but surprisingly I found English Language and Composition to be my easiest AP test. The multiple choice passages were interesting reads and I wrote 11 pages total for all three essays. Definitely overkill but I found the topics straightforward and had a lot to say.I didn't take the class for Psychology but I knew going in that it was one of the easier AP tests. I read a prep book a month prior and did nothing but past multiple choice questions for the last two weeks. I spent the least time but felt extremely prepared.Now, although these are my best subjects I definitely felt that they were my hardest tests.Multiple choice for bio was very easy save for the grid-ins. Most people said left the grid-ins blank but luckily math is one of my strong suits. I definitely struggled on the free-response questions however. By the time I had finished question number 3 out of 8, the proctor had announced that can hour had passed and only 30 minutes were left. I regretted not doing a full length practice exam so much. Lack of time management definitely costed me a couple of easy point on the rest of the questions. Safe to say I was definitely elated when I saw the 5 for AP Biology.Calculus AB is my best subject. However…SO MUCH ANXIETY FROM ONE POTATOThe rest of the test I was sure I did well on. Everyone who took AB or BC will know about the infamous potato. I had forgotten the constant of integration and didn't realize until the final three minutes. I tried desperately to fix the entire problem but ran out of time, rushing all my calculations. I ended the test having written down that the 90 degree potato had COOLED to 9000 DEGREES. I was worried for a straight two months that I had gotten a four just because of that one problem. Luckily it all worked out in the end. Definitely extremely happy with my scores.My tips for anyone taking AP exams is to pay attention in class to save yourself an immense amount of reviewing. This way, instead of spending your time relearning whole topics, it'll just be a quick refresher.

How should I study for the APUSH AP test?

Wow, someone is a little late to the party. For most of the country, the APUSH test is this Friday. Given it covers the entirety of American history, if you waited this long without studying I don’t know how much my tips are going to help you.The multiple choice section is all about reading and interpreting primary source documents. A 40/55 is good enough to pass. Do a few practice tests to get the hang of it.The short answer questions are the easiest to bullshit- you can easily pass those with a base knowledge of American history. Be prepared and make sure you answer all parts of the question whether or not you actually know the answer.The long essay question relies entirely on your own knowledge. This is the one you want to study the most for. Time yourself and write as many as you can before the test. Hint: you need a clear thesis, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion that includes synthesis to a different location or period of time.The DBQ is a bit easier (but still hard!) because you actually have documents to base your essay off of. Do not quote the documents- just paraphrase them and add a small (doc. 1) at the end. When referencing the content of a document, be sure to bring in one Critical Thinking skill (context, purpose, audience, etc.) when analyzing the document. Also be sure to use every single document in case you mess one or two up. Again, synthesis is critical.Practice, practice, practice, practice.Feel free to message me for any clarifying questions, but no guarantees I will reply since I am also currently slaving away for AP tests :(Edit: I got a 5! I credit it entirely to my APUSH teacher and the fact that I was able to use the Philadelphia Tea Party in one of my essays.

Can you guys help me with my math homework please?

Divide each element by the smallest element

>> For instance, if two corresponding sides are 4 and 5, their ratio is 4/5 or 4 to 5, also written 4:5. Sometimes you need to reduce the ratio so, just divide each element by the smallest element. In the above example, divide by 4 to get a ratio of 1:1.2500

The same method is applicable for decimal also.