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Can You Help Me Figure Out What My Forearm Injury Might Be

Pain in My Forearm When Working Out?

In the location you described, it's probably a muscular strain. It will need time to heal so lay off the weights for a few weeks. If you can't stop lifting try Creatine. If you notice swelling, use ice. If not, a warm compress can speed up healing as well. It is possible to continue to damage the muscle to the point of needing invasive treatment, so it may be best to just do aerobic stuff for a few weeks while using warm compresses.

Can you help me figure out why I have this pain when I walk?

Alrighty, so, when I walk, I get this pain right next to my right hip; sort of in between my belly button and hip bone. It feels like I have a bruise and someone is pushing it from the inside. When I sit, or I'm not walking, I don't feel the pain at all. The pain comes when I'm walking and I'm on my heel, not towards my toes. Did I pull a muscle?

I'm 16 years old and I don't have any recent injuries and I'm not really athletic.

Please, it would be very helpful if someone could help me figure this out because even though it doesn't effect what I do, it is quite annoying and it does hurt.

Also, I don't know if this helps, but sometimes I get pains in my right arch of my foot. I do have kind of high arches. I don't know if that can lead to some pains where I'm having them. I also wear converse and skater shoes all the time. (I know the type of shoes you wear can lead to problems.)

Thanks for your help.

Can I sue someone for an arm wrestling injury?

Unless the guy you arm wrestled did something that outside of the sport's scope to break your arm then you have no case. In any sport some risk of injury is assumed by the players who play that sport when the injury happens on the field of play and inside the scope of the sport.

My dreams are becoming weirder can someone help me figure out what they might mean?


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What does my left arm pain mean?

i'm no longer A Doctror (tm). discomfort like this would not constantly must be concerning to a heart condition, so once you ask this of your self you no longer basically evaluate different indicators, yet your probability aspects. additionally, does it worsen in case you upward thrust up and circulate around, and get extra powerful returned (or much less worse) in case you end? Does a undeniable flow or action of your arm, returned, or physique reason the discomfort to cut back or worsen? the way your muscle mass, bones and tendons are under pressure out it might desire to be a nerve discomfort or a referred discomfort from someplace interior of sight interior the physique. considering which you're already seeing a chiropractor, i could carry it to him first or on your loved ones surgeon. Do any discomfort drugs make the discomfort extra tolerable, or do no longer they help in any respect? extra to contemplate. Sorry, it is not lots answering your question as becoming extra questions, yet with a bit of luck it enables somewhat.... Edit: additionally, in case you arfe certainly lady, evaluate that the indicators of heart worry are generally thoroughly no longer consistent with the "at present-primary tenets of medern scientific prepare" -- this is, chest discomfort radiating to left arm of left jaw; sweating, shortness of breath, etc. In women people, each so often all you get is somewhat discomfort in an arm, each so often even the terrific arm. to no longer alarm you, yet your probability aspects ought to weigh heavily on your determination to seek for scientific suggestion (which, as a nurse, i'm hoping you will regardless of having asked this question right here). Take care....

Pain in wrist and forearm from weightlifting?

There's no reason you should be isolating any one muscle group more than once a week unless you are on steroids, which is also a terrible idea. What makes it even worse is that the biceps are a relatively insignificant muscle group. What makes it worse still is that all the lifts you mentioned focus on only one of the two biceps heads, leaving the other one, which happens to be more useful in every-day living, without any meaningful stimulation at all. What you need to do is find a decent lifting routine from someone who knows what they're doing. Talk to one of the staff members at your gym. Novice weightlifters, especially teenagers often want to focus on "show-off muscles" such as the biceps. What they don't realize - what you apparently don't realize is that this will create a strength imbalance that will encourage injuries! And it makes you look weird; not that this is of any importance compared to making you prone to injury.


I might have a rotator cuff tear. Should I keep my arm in a sling until I can go to the doctor?

I originally hurt it while working out - I did the P90X chest and back routine, and felt something pop in my shoulder. It was quite painful, but started to get a little better after about 10 days.

Then, about a week and a half later, I had to break up a dog fight between two very large breed dogs, and I felt a whole series of pops, followed by instant and searing pain. I have had an x-ray, and nothing is broken. I have to find another doctor (it's a long story that I won't go into) in order to find out what the problem is. So for now, I need to keep it as healthy as I can to avoid further injury.

Symptoms: Pain in Supraspinatus (see link); Pain down the side of shoulder at the socket; nerve pain (feels like banging my "funny bone" constantly); limited range of motion (can't reach straight up, straight back, or to the side higher than a 45 degree angle). All symptoms are constant, about an 8 on a 1-10 scale, with sporadic spikes up to 9 on the scale.

Should I keep it in a sling? Or leave it out, and just not lift anything? I have it in a sling now, and when I take it out, the pain increases quite a bit, within just a few minutes.

What is the easiest way to break your arm with the least amount of pain?


1. run over quickley by car
2. have it slammed in between a car door or regular house door
3. fall down in such a way that your forearm is under your hip when you land
4. pay off a karate master to do it for you

either way listed above is still gonna hurt a lot, so you may want to down several painkillers or some brandy before you start

highly "not reccommended" you try any of the above however, just answering your question--having broke my arm before(in accident) in can tell you it will never be the same--a tramatic injury like this takes a long time to heal.