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Can You Help Me Improve My Appearance

How to improve my appearance?

Youre very beautiful in my opinion, you hair is perfect, the only thing i would change is your skin just use a face scrub and then right away wash it with a dee cleansing face wash and also you know whats amazing? these pills you just get them at the pharmacy theyre really cheap, just anything you can find it on google just type cleansing skin pills or something or you can just ask in a pharmacy i used to have spots on my forhead and i started taking them and then after a short period of time they were gone! i swer and they never came back since (it was like 3 years ago). honestly try it.
I wouldnt bother with a piercing dont ruin that beautiful face you have

How can a 14yo like me improve his physical appearance?

I looked at your pic. You're a good looking guy! I'm gonna second that unibrow suggestion another answer mentioned. Otherwise you're good to go as far as your face and hair goes. Great smile/teeth you got, man!Don't know what your body looks like, or what kind of clothes you wear, though, because I can't see them.But as far as clothing goes, without knowing more about you personally, I'd suggest going with a casual, simple, understated classic sort of look. Avoid faddy stuff. Always try to wear a clean shirt and pants.Body-wise, I get the impression you're on the lean side. If so, you're off to a good start. If not, exercise and a good healthy diet will help you lose weight. Even if you're already lean, exercise and a good diet are only going to help you improve your appearance, confidence, and gracefullness. You don't need to be a muscle bound gym rat, but a little muscle definition/development and tone won't hurt. Work on having good posture - sit and stand straight with your shoulders back, rather than slouching.Hygiene is important, of course. Keep your nails clean and short. Keep the hair on the back of your neck trimmed/shaved. Get a haircut once a month.Only other thing I can think of is being a body in motion. The guy who's tapping his foot or shaking his shoulders in time to the music, using his hands in a somewhat animated manner when he talks, etc., stands out from the other fellas that sit around like bumps on a log, with their hands in their pockets. Laugh. Be the first guy on his feet. Don't hesitate to stick your paw out for a handshake. Strive to convey that you're a happy and energetic guy. This will draw people's attention to you.I don't mean to suggest that you be a showoff or a phony in any way. Be you. You look like a real nice, friendly guy, with a sense of humor.Good luck, big man!

What could I do to overall improve my facial appearance?

Facial appearance and skin glow always comes from inside first meaning you must eat healthy diet , vegetables and fruit juices for inner glow. Exercise and yoga also helps in overall appearance. Wear those things which suits you the best .Do comb hair properly and make a hair style as per your face cut. For facial appearance , you must add these great skin whitening & lightening soaps in your skin care routine . They are so amazing and will give you a good results.Check here :-Top 5 Skin Whitening Soaps That Actually WorksAfter using these soaps , you must apply these best skin lightening serums that will enhance your facial appearance.Serums works well and good.See here :- Top 5 Skin Whitening Serums That Are Just AmazingApply aloe vera gel daily at night as a night cream . Aloe vera gel has many skin benefits . it will combat your sevveral skin infections and at the same time , will make your skin glowing and healthy.Exfoliate your skin twice a week to remove dead skin cells, hidden impurities and blackheads & whiteheads. If you have sensitive skin then use apricot scrubs as they are mild in nature and if you have normal or oily skin then use walnut scrub.Cucumber - A wonderful beauty aidIf you want a happy skin, then cucumber is the answer. You may improve your complexion by applying a paste of cucumber mixed with raw milk. It will take 15 minutes for cucumber juice to seep into your skin then wash off with fresh water. It also helps in soothing and softening your skin.Treat oily skin with tomatoesTomatoes are great for the skin as they have cooling and astringent properties. Its naturally acidic, so it helps balance the skin and get rid of excessive oil. Evenly apply tomato pulp on your face. Let it dry for 15 minutes and wash your face with warm water for naturally glowing face.

I feel so "plain jane"? How to improve my appearance? 10 points! pic included!?

OMG your super pretty the way you are, i so wish i looked like you, i wouldn't change your hair i think it looks great, maybe wear some hats, headbands or jewelry, but i don't suggest the whole lip piercing thing, call me whatever you want but i think thats gross!

What simple tips do you have that can greatly improve appearance?

Wear clothes that fit and compliment your body type. A sense of style is something that can be learned, and getting fitted clothes is something you can do right away. There is a lot of good information out there (Pinterest, fashion magazines, Google, Quora…), but still rely on your best judgement because there is no one size fits all solution. Even if you are the same size as the solution. Besides, you want to be comfortable and confident in your clothes, so it should represent you - the best you.Women, wear less makeup. Makeup should enhance certain features on your face, not be it.Men, get your hair professionally cut. Your hair is something you can style, but it is something that you will have to make fit with the most important piece of your daily appearance - your face. Unless you are Sia or Daft Punk, your hair will dictate how your entire package looks as someone checks you out from head-to-toe. And cut the facial hairs too. Especially the ones hanging out of your nose.Smile naturally. When I walk into a room for the first time, I start out by focusing on one person to say hello to and enter with a big smile. It doesn’t look like I’m a smiling idiot because I am smiling to one person and with a purpose. The rest of the room notices the bright face walking in. Would you rather talk to someone who is frowning or smiling? Yea, unless you are a psychologist or a counselor, your answer should be the latter.Smell good. Brush your teeth and gargle. Shower. Wear clean clothes. Wear deodorant. Lightly spray some perfume or cologne. Let me emphasize “lightly.” Would you like to drive home a brand new Porsche 911 that smells like dog pooped inside the A/C unit? You get the point.

Feel awkward about my appearance?

Your boyfriend is a jerk for saying that! If I were you I'd break it off with him. If he doesn't see how lucky he is to date the woman he is with and disrespects you like that he's not a man, just a stupid boy who has low self esteem. He's trying to make you feel bad about yourself so you think you can't do better then him and won't leave him. (A guy has done this to me so I know first hand)

Personally brown eyes are my favorite and freckles are super cute! Plus brown/blonde hair is beautiful. There's nothing wrong with your appearance but there's something wrong with how you see yourself. Hun, you got to learn to love yourself before you love someone else because if you don't you will settle for men like your boyfriend who don't treat you right. One day you will meet a guy who's worth it, don't waste time with trash because they will try to bring you down to their level.

Also everyone even including Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have had moments where they feel they are not attractive, it's just a human emotion to feel that way especially in the society we live in. Everyone is beautiful in their own way including you, the more you learn to love yourself the more you will realize that. <3 Good luck!

Please tell me how to improve my general appearance!?

Whaaaaat, dude no! I am a chick, and I will be frank you're BEAUTIFUL. You have that woodsy look, very natural. Do not change.