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Can You Help Me My Son Is Becoming Is Pro-hitler

What were the promises made by Hitler to people of Germany?

Adolf Hitler joined the Nazi party when the party was just formed. He was one of the many who were angry on the allies for meting out a harsh treaty like the Versailles treaty. He wanted to seize power after the Government by Scleicher and Papen failed to get the desired effect. During this time the Communists won many seats in the German Reichstag, lower house. Hitler like many germans feared that a communist 2/3rd majority win would makethe Germans slave of the Russian masters. He made several promises to the people during his speeches. Some of them are-Destruction of the Communist supremacy in Germany and to prevent Germany from becoming a Communist state like Soviet RussiaRegaining of the German prestige which they lost after WW1.Regaining of the German territories lost due to the Versailles treaty(Sudentland, Rhineland, Saarland from the League of Nations, Danzig corridor from Poland).Union of all German speaking areas to make a greater German State.Making of Germany into a global power capable of competing with the US and Britain.German flagHitler with President Paul von Hindenburg who at his deathbes gave Hitler the post of the President. Hitler emerged the posts of the President and Chancellor to become the dictator .

Is Recep Tayyip Erdogan the next Hitler?

I had no idea that he was supposed to be. The main reason why he won’t be is that Erdogan does not have an expansionist policy, which is a major difference with Hitler. He is concerned with keeping power at home. If a comparison would be appropriate, Erdogan would remind more of Romania’s late Ceausescu.When Germany and the Netherlands banned pro-Erdogan meetings last spring, he replied by stating that Germany was using “Nazi methods”, and called the Netherland “a banana republic”. Such public statements are gross violations of diplomatic etiquette. OK, so far, let’s be honest, Trump is hardly better in that respect.What gives Turkey’s president a distinctly “banana republic” flavor is this :I mean, come on! You just don’t make campaign songs in modern democracies. This is grotesque, I feel ashamed for Turkish people. And this is not all. Erdogan commissioned a biopic movie about himself, called “Reis” (the Chief), recalling his youth as a child in a poor neighborhood until he became the mayor of Istanbul. The reviews on Imdb were, ahem, rather uncompromising : Reis (2017). As far as image goes, only petty dictators commission movies about their life while they’re in power! This is something Saddam Hussein or Gaddafi might have done, and actually has a name : personality cult.It’s easy to laugh at such heavy handed propaganda when you’re abroad. I don’t know how bad the repression actually is, since Turkish Quorans seem to express themselves rather freely, but social media have been attacked repeatedly under Erdogan, even before 2016. But I know from personal sources that it’s not recommended to talk about politics in Turkey on the telephone. Like in the former Soviet Union, people rather “go out and have a walk” when they want to speak up their minds.If there was to be a “next Hitler”, I think comparisons would be more relevant for Vladimir Putin. But this is another topic, and if he actually was, we’d be at war already.

If the Reichstag had said no to Hitler's demands would he still have come into power???

if you mean when he forced them to sign him his own article 48, then yes as they would have been killed had they not co-operated. but if you mean his refusal of vice chancelorship, then who knows..........

Should people who wish to stop others from buying euthanasia or assisted suicide, take responsibilty for them?

Assisted suicide is the highest form of greedy there is,

Suicide is already legal don t be so disguisting wrong to ask a person you love and who loves you to murder you. That is all it is assisted murder. I oppose Euthanasia, I suffer a potentially fatal uncurable excruiatingly painful disease Rheumatoid Arthritis. However, I favor different methods such as allowing patients who areon verge of death to use any drug on Earth legal or illegal to help make their last days less painful, I dont bgelieve they should be targetted or punished if they choose to use or cultivate illegal drugs to help them.

I am pro life, lastOctober my first born son died he was less than 1 year old, 2 months ago I got diagnosed with my potentially fatal disease, which is as the Dr's say an evil extremely painful degenerative disease.

I believe in God and his sanctity of life, I oppose suicide and assisted suicide. If England allows Euthanasia will take my entire family an leave here I will remove my entire families finances from England and stage a boycott of EVERYTHING BRITISH. I oppose this evil murderous law. It has been used by people who are wheeldchaired bound cos they cant handle not being able to walk on their own no more, such as 23year old paralyzed rugby player last year (to me that sickening the kid wasn't even terminal just greedy), it is open for people who suffer Depression especially Bi-Polar to abuse the system and kill themselves instead of using drugs tohelp stabalize their condition. How on Earth can we make murder a legal business that generates money and revenue? How on Earth can we force Doctors to breach their charter and obligations to keep people alive at any cost? Dr's are here to cure, help and keep people out of pain and alive until God decides its our time to go. We have NO right to play God and say who lives and who dies. Disguisting.

Euthanasia was a program created by the most evil man in modern time Adolf Hitler, it was used in his Concentration Camps to kill Jews and 400,000 Disabled people. Plus God told us a man who takes his own life will never enter the Heavens. Only God decides when we die no1 or nothing else. Kill yourself = hell fire, Ask someone to assist in your death in other words ask someone to help murder you = hell fire for them both. Double standard laws are a joke the Government has no right to decide who lives and who dies.