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Can You Help Me Understand Something On This Webpage

Sometimes when I visit a webpage I hear keyboard typing and talking?

You either have a standard ad popping up which causes it or you have a browser infection which is doing the same thing but in a sneaky way, sometimes the adds are audio only. When you close the browser down, the ad closes and that's why you don't hear anything. I deal with this kind of thing all the time being a tech.

There are a couple of things you can do about it which I will list below:

1. Look for rogue extensions in your browser.

In your browsers (Chrome, IE and Firefox) look for any extensions or addons that appear suspicious. If you see any or some you don't recognize then disable or better yet remove them (these sometimes come in the form of toolbars). The links below will show you how to do this:


2. Use control panel to remove suspicious programs

Remove/Uninstall suspicious programs via the control panel. These could be in the form of toolbars like delta etc... basically go through all the programs there and un-uninstall any you don't recognise or use. The video below will show you how to do this:

3. Run cleanup tools.

There are 2 great cleanup tools for this kind of infection at the moment, avast browser cleanup tool and adwcleaner, run these to help get rid of the infection:

avast browser cleanup tool:

4. Run anit-malware and your anti-virus..

Run malwarebytes and your anti-virus programs, do a complete scan of your PC for any possible infection:


5. Clean your hosts file...

I have seen some of these ad's come through an infected windows hosts file. You will need to make sure this file is clean. You can reset your windows hosts file via this program:

learn more about the windows hosts file here:

-hope this helps!!

Where can i get a free tutorial file for html webpage making?

There are many HTML tutorials online. If you're going to make a web page, you should also learn how to do an Internet search. Try searching for "HTML Tutorial" -- I found this:

Getting into photography?

Hey I wanna get into photography. Its a bit overwhelming but my goal is to become a pro in a month or 2. I already have a camera so that should help.
What websites or videos could help me understand editing software like light room/photoshop?
Also a guide to taking amazing photos, setting up studios and understanding the equiptments necessary.

Thank you so much!

How to learn German language?

Rosetta stone is expensive but definitely the best.
Go to your local bookstore as they often have book and audio courses. Heres some websites I found for you - try them out.
Also search youtube for videos, maybe even plan out your own German lessons. Also, remember to keep pracisting with other german speakers. When you learn a little try answering some questions in German on this Or try this German version of the chat room Habbo to practise your speaking