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Can You Help Me With My Indian Caste System Project

Please help me .Im trying to finish my project can you answer some questions for me please .You can chose any?

1. Collect information on the conditions of the peasantry, city dwellers, kings and nobility before the revolution and the kinds of inhuman practices that were followed in France, Germany, Russia and USA.

2. Type of democratic governments .examples of their main goals in their constitutions.

3. The meaning and objectives of the preamble of the Indian constitution.

4. Philosophers and their views on the freedom of man-Voltaire, Rousseau, James Stuart mill, John Locke, Karl Marx, Abraham Lincoln, Raja ram Mohan Roy, Subramanian bharati, Swami Vivekananda.

5. The meaning of the terms revolution, rights of man and citizen, bill of rights, parliament, democracy, socialism, social contract, liberty
and human rights.


Does America have a Caste System?

It's actually poor vs non-poor, and more POC are poor than white people. I assure you that Condoleeza Rice is living quite well, while the projects where I live are filled with white people. Regardless, YOUR life is what YOU make of it. You want an excuse for being poor--its easy to find. You have to decide that is NOT your life.

I grew up showering at public parks because we had no running water at home, and you should see where I live now...I just decided I wasn't going to live that life, and I surely want going to let some statistic rob me of all the good things I knew I wanted.

Help on a history project I have on Ancient Civilizations!?!?!?

I need to list 10 major facts on Ancent Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient China, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, and Ancient India. In total I will have 60 facts. But I repeat, I need 10 facts for each civilization. Thank u so much! ^_^