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Can You Help Me With The Following Maths Question. I Will Be Eternally Grateful

I am not grateful to my parents and family, but I love them. More than myself, for what all they did for me and what all they have been thru for me. Yet have always supported me in all my decisions. I love my parents, my sister, my family. <3*touchwood* :DBut there is one person I am grateful to. I was in class seventh, and I hated mathematics then. I had attuned myself with bad grades. Never wanted study. I could never understand the basics itself. It always sucked.Till then, 'teacher' for me meant someone who teaches subject.Then came the angel teacher in my life as a home tutor. The day he came, he told me a story that -back then he used to teach a girl who hated maths and right now she has chosen her main subject as mathematics for graduation.My first impression was bad, I was wondering about his boast and it was irritating. I was adamant and immature.He taught me and within 6 months he cleared all my doubts. Eventually I started loving myself for loving mathematics. I could understand its beauty. It was a nice feeling to grow from mediocre to a smart student in class. Get good grades. And most importantly I stopped day dreaming in class, started involving in class and listening to whatever was going on, being attentive. :)And history repeated, I am an engineer now. I love mathematics.He also taught me many other good things, which I remember till now. Reading and learning techniques.Like not to ever speak evil. With a reason, though the reasons were spiritual. So what, I love them all. :DNow I know who a teacher is. Its true meaning. :)I wish I were in touch with him now. I have no idea where he is.Vikas sir, you are truely missed. And m really grateful to you, and I mean it. :)

1984 Questions!!!!!!!! Please Help. I will be eternally grateful :)?

I just finished with that book. I'll try to help you the best way i can.

1. Winston has a varicose ulcer - the book directly states that. Telescreens are always on - the book directly states that they can't be turned down. Big Brother knows everything. They're at war with eurasia. Thought crime is the worst kind and Winston is committing it. Winston tells you all this.

2. Winston is fighting the brotherhood (nature), he is in inner turmoil (self) and his fight near the end against O'Brien (man)

3. I believe that the climax would be when Winston admits that he loves Big Brother. The party wants to have control over him inside and out thus making "two plus two equal five" seem like its right. Winston cant just believe that 2 and 2 make 5, he has to actually admit that he loves Big Brother.

4. 1) they get caught
2) Winston goes to jail
3) His torture
4) Betrayal of Julia
5) Their final meeting

I dont know if this is all right but I hope it helps you alot.

Hi will be eternally grateful if you answer this!?

I have a friend who is really sweet to me and is always talking to me, making plans, messaging me and is much more reliable than most of my other friends. One day a guy I liked got into a relationship with another girl and I started talking to my friend about it. He emailed me back giving a long pep talk and then saying that he wanted to hookup two months ago but didn't have the nerve to do so but now we're just friends. I checked my conversations two months ago and in one of them he confessed that he liked me a year ago but we are now just friends. I don't get it. Did he like me all this time or does he just like me as a friend.

Can anyone help with these Maths questions?

1) you are supposed to factorise this.
look in the middle number for the factors.
I know 3 *5 = 15 and likewise (-3)*(-5) also =15.
since 3+5 does not give me -8
and (-3)+(-5) does, I will use (-3) and (-5) as my factors
so your equation becomes...
one of these brackets has to equal 0 in order for the whole thing to =0 (the number on the end)
x = 3 or 5

2) I couldn't understand why 12 is at the bottom of your equation, but in oder for the equation to work, b and d must =1.

3) L = S +8d^2
150 = S + 8*(5)^2 (substituted the numbers)
150 = s + 8 *25 (since powers to letters comes before multiply)
150 = s +200
-50 = s (taking 200 off both sides)

I could not understand why 3S is below your equation again, but the answer above should be what you are looking for. If you don't understand, ask your teacher to go through it with you. Otherwise you're not helping yourself in your final exam (I'm guessing you're in GCSEs).

Good luck

Geometry Question? Please help? 10 points!?

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Generally, I don't send a “Thank you” to my new followers. It's not required, and might come across the wrong way if someone isn't into being messaged by strangers.Instead, I would generally suggest simply looking at your followers’ profiles and upvoting any worthy answers. Maybe consider following them back if you are interested in their content. Comment on their answers and support them they way they support you.That's generally my suggestion…But… I don't always follow my own advice.I sent a goofy “Thank you” message to the 1000th person to follow me.It ended up being kind of hilarious (the conversation was silly and fun), so I also sent one to the 2000th person.After that, I kind of lost track, and I missed the next few follower marks. But if I'm online when my count reached the next magic number, who knows what might happen. :)Whatever you do, be kind and respectful. Listen to the feedback and decide if your desire to appreciate your followers is being enjoyed by them. Let me know how it works!

Though I was a kind of person who used to complain Almighty for one or the other reasons but sooner I started training my mind that I am very very blessed and I should immediately stop cursing my fate repeatedly. This action of mine has hurt my parents a lot because in that so called complaining mode I was never happy.My dear friends , there are hell lot of reasons for which you should be greatful to Almighty.Here are some :Born as Human Being : As human beings we are blessed with superfast brain and beautiful heart. We can think beyond the limits which has given birth to the invention of so many developments that we can see all around. I am even so blessed that all my organs are working properly. My body is in healthy state. Compare yourself with those who are suffering from one or the other fatal deseases (Cancer , TB , Pralysis etc…) It is so painful to be in an unhealthy state.Great Parents : I am thankful to Almighty for gifting me the best parents who are always there to uplift me from all the miseries of life. They just love me for what I am and motivate me to move higher in life.Lovely Sibling : My younger brother is the greatest friend of mine.Though we intereact less but he is always there for me. In the end when no one is ready to help me to complete my deadlines , he never say a no. Even when he says a No , he gets convinced in the end.Teachers : They have the greatest role in what I am today.Some of the teachers in my life has created a long lasting impact in my life whom I can never forget.Forever caring Friends : My friends are always there to help me in every situation and never judge me.Decent Job : Just before the completion of my Masters I got my present job. Along with this job I have 15 other job offers but I chose the current one. “My job helps me to be financially independent.” I love my job.My never dying attitude to beat challenges and progress in life.There are many more things to for which I am greatful for. I always express my feelings to other person to whom I feel greatful to.RegardsDeepthi Sehrawat :)

Math help. 1 question pleaseeeee!?

Since both lines r parallel, their slopes will be same, so just calculate da slope of da second line.

m = rise / run
m = (− 11 − 13) / (− 4 − 2)
m = − 24 / − 6
[ m = 4 ]

Hope this helps :)
Feel free 2 email me if u have any more questions !!

Chemistry mole questions! Please help!?

Okay so if anyone could help me solve the following questions, I'd be eternally grateful!!! I have an exam tomorrow and I'm not sure if my answers are correct. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP! I will choose the best answer and give 10 points! Thank you!!!!

1. What is the concentration in mol/L of an oxalic acid (C2O4H2·2H2O) solution if 10.2g of oxalic acid is dissolved in 200mL of solution?

2. The concentration of calcium ions in low-fat milk is 3.10 x 10^(-3) mol/L. If the recommended daily calcium requirement for teenagers is 1300mg, what volume of low-fat milk would need to be consumed to supply this amount of calcium?

3. The concentration of sodium hypochlorite, NaClO, in a particular disinfectant is 52.5g/L. What mass of sodium hypochlorite would be required to produce 500 two-litre bottles of this disinfectant?

4. If in typical blood serum the concentration of NaCl is about 0.14mol/L, calculate the volume of blood that contains 1.0mg of NaCl.

5. A sample of seawater has an average gold content of 6.00 x 10^(-3) mg/L. Assuming all of the gold is extracted, what volume of seawater is needed to produce 1.00kg of gold?

It would be Quora without a shadow of doubt!Not because I'm trying to appease the CEO or anyone here but simply because it has proved a boon to me.Diversity: Just look at the beauty of thinking of various people. One single question has multiple answers which shows the diverse thought process and it's simply wonderful!Give knowledge, take knowledge: This give and take policy is quite a positive policy. Honestly, I have gained so much knowledge, literally a humongous chunk of knowledge by only reading spot on answers on this platform.Similarities: Here, I have come across people who had or have been facing similar situations like me and reading about their escape is my escape in a way. I'm grateful for those helpful answers.Difference of Opinion: Many debatable topics bring out the best of both the amongst and against sides in such a way that I wouldn't have been able to comprehend ever. Thanks to these topics I involve myself in deep thinking, which is quite healthy.Common man is a celebrated artist here! What can be better than this!! Quora is just an awesome place for a common person to showcase his/her creativity and talent.Free from the Kardashians: That entire family is all over the internet, in every social media (so bloody pissing off), and by God's grace Quora is spared. I'm eternally grateful for being a member of this platform without the Kardashians being involved.Facebook, Instagram platforms are a facade and are Photoshop markets just to get useless attention; also are a movie-promotion tool. Just sending wishes and tagging one another doesn't amplify friendship or any other relationship for that matter. These things are done via Facebook and Instagram only for the heck of doing it. ( I do have accounts in these platforms only for namesake and I'm not seriously involved there).WhatsApp is a necessity. Agreed. But slowly it's becoming a little bit of Snapchat and Instagram which is ruining the purpose of texting only.Cheers to Quora!!Gracias :)