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Can You Name Just 100 Things The President Has Lied About

What was President Franklin Roosevelt's middle name?

I'm having an arguement with my brother right now.
It was President Franklin DELANO Roosevelt, not DELENORE!
I looked it up and 500 different things and they said Delano was his middle name. THE online Wikipedia doesn't lie, either.
Please list the answer here, no links inless they are Wikipedia ( - only).

Did he change his middle name!?

Thanks all =]
Robinstar <3

What song is "I wish the President would stop lying, I wish black babies would stop crying" from?

This song is named Wishing. It's on My Own Worst Enemy by Ed O.G featuring Pete Rock. This track features Masta Ace

Lyrics here:

Listen to a clip here:

What is your personal approval (0-100%) rating of President Barack Obama and why?

I disagree with President Obama on many issues. Some of this is a bit subjective but much is not. Here's my rating:*Bin Laden is dead. + 20*Stabilizing American economy. + 8*Not revitalizing American economy. -3*Most rabidly culturally left-wing President, including on the right to life and abortion which I care about a lot. -8 points.*Taking action to defend the people of Libya. +14*Poor handling of Libya afterwards. -5*Waging war against perceived media enemies. -3*Realizing the serious problem that is international pollution and encouraging Americans to act to counter it. +6.*Failing to propose reasonable efforts to eliminate said pollution that can clean up the Earth without destroying American business and energy independence. -1 (I only subtract one point because it's difficult for anyone in power to come up with reasonable solutions to this particular problem)*Proposed massive infrastructure reform at his last State of the Union (I am a strong supporter of infrastructure reform) +4*Fanning racial flames during difficult moments like Ferguson -5*Continuing the battle against extremist terrorism (especially that done in the name of a hatred that pretends to be Islam) in the world. +6*Terrible handling of withdrawal from Iraq. -9*Failure to acknowledge extremist terrorism as an evil to be confronted and not a problem to be fixed. -2*Trying to pursue pragmatic solutions to America's challenges. +6*Attempting to infringe on conscience clauses of religious groups. -4*Not working together with House Republicans. -2 (this is House Republicans' fault as much as his)*Ideology: -8*Energy level and devotion to America: +18 (for all his problems, President Obama's devotion to his job and to America is something I'll always admire).TOTAL: 32/100. Not very good, is it?Because President Obama has faced unprecedented challenges in office, it might not be fare to need to pass judgment on his Presidency in such a way, especially with many of its consequences yet to play out (same with President Bush before him). As an American, I am loyal to our leadership and want and hope for only the best from all of them. But as an American, I have not been satisfied with the Administration of President Obama.Thanks for A2A!

Clinton lied about sex. Bush lied about war. Which is worse?

As you know, war is noble and glorious, while sex is the work of Satan, so of course Clinton's lies are far worse.

Actually, I was very angry at President Clinton. For a president, the act of lying under oath in a federal court proceeding is like spitting on the Constitution.

That being said, any comparison with President Bush's actions is ludicrous. There is arguably no more far-reaching decision a government can make than the choice to go to war, and for the president to sell his war with baldfaced lies is unconscionable.

Is it illegal to call the President of the USA a traitor?

This is protected speech under the constitution. You cannot threaten him or anyone, but you can call them whatever you want.

Spreading lies about a person not in the "public eye" can fall under slander charges, and can make you subject to a lawsuit, but since the president is a public figure he does not get this protection either.

As long as you do not threaten anyone, you can say whatever you want about Bush, true or not. It is a free country- that is one thing that makes it great.

Why did Obama say that president Trump is "lying" and making stuff up today?

I dont know what day you posted this and this comment was made but statistically speaking Obama was likely correct in stating that Trump was lying. His track record of lies vs truths is unbelievable. Most presidents lie or intentionally leave out some information to prevent panic or revealing something they are working to solve. The rate of their lies though is comparable to an average person though. Trump on the otherhand statistically lies almost as often as he tells the truth, meaning its almost a coin flip on if hes telling the truth and his lies are often about dumb things that no one really cares about.Now i should say simply saying something incorrect isnt technically a lie as we dont know 100% of the time if Trump knows whether hes telling the truth. What does matter however is that he acts confident in all of his statements no matter how stupid and obviously incorrect they are. While not calcuable this false confidence is a form of lying. Hes insinuating he actually knows with confidence but the reality is that he either doesnt or he knows hes wrong.The times and a few other organizations had been keeping a running tally of his truths vs lies for a very long time, not sure if they still maintain those but it didnt look good.So tldr version he claimed that because Trump probablistically did lie, or he was claiming it as a general statement about the man which well would not have been an innacurate statement about his character.Edit im guessing because it was one of the more recent lies, obama was likely referring to the fact Trump lied about who was in the refugee caravan, lied claiming we had open borders(we don't), lied that he sent a military force to prevent the caravan coming in(he sent a rediculous number of soldiers but litterally they have no authority in this matter they answer to the border patrol which has a process thats been in place for a long time for handling refugees.

Sick of Liberal Lies and the Liberal controlled media?

I really wish people would make points instead of just screaming about how bad the Republicans are. Every liberal that answered this question just ranted and raved.
It seems like all liberals have become so extremist that they talk about the Democratic Party the same way Bin Laden talks about Islam.
How come Republicans might still be pro-choice, pro-stem cell research, pro-marijuana legalization, pro-gov't healthcare but Democrats are never pro-gun, or pro-longer prison terms, or pro-war, or anti-welfare, or pro-death penalty?
How come it seems like all the Democrats follow their party like a religion instead of thinking about the issues individually?
Can you liberals really believe that the Democratic Party is right 100% of the time?
Can you really think that Matt Damon and Robert Redford know better how to run the country than George Bush?
Do you really idolize Pearl Jam and Eminem more than you idolize people like Martin Luther King (who was a republican)?
Do you actually think that Jessie Jackson has any clue of what he is talking about?
Do African Americans realize that the first Republican President was the one who ended slavery?
How come the liberals are supposed to be the reformers but they are constantly preventing reform?
How come Democrats think it is a good idea to raise minimum wage and increase taxes? Don't they know that will RUIN the value of the dollar? Don't people see that it will hurt the poor the most, and eliminate small business?
How come it seems like Democrats are never willing to admit that they don't have everything 100% correct?

Well, I'm sick of the know it all, "liberalism is my religion" Democrats.
I can admit that Republicans don't have it all figured out! I vote for the best candidate, and not the party he or she represents! How come there are so many brainwashed liberals who would NEVER vote for a Republican, even if he was the best candidate?
Every Republican I know votes for the best candidate, and not the party they belong to. How come Democrats are such angry extremists?

Why wasn't Obama impeached for lying about the healthcare act?

Impeachement is reserved for the most serious offenses.While the Constitution does not explicitly list impeacheable offences, it says they must be “high crimes and misdemeanors”. Ultimately, the the final arbiter of what is impeachable or not is Congress.They seem, in general, extremely reluctant to impeach a president. What seems to be the concensus is that to be impeacheable, an act must be crime. But not any crime: a sufficiently grave crime.In general, lying is not a crime. However, lying under oath is perjury. Lying can also be obstruction of justice when you lie to affect the outcome of some investigation.This is because of these kind of lies, that Bill Clinton and Nixon had had impeachment procedure against them.Whatever lie was said by Obama regarding healthcare, it was not said under oath. It did not affect the outcome of an investigation. Therefore, it is not criminal, and, as such, is not impeachable.It is, simply, political rhetoric, as all politicians do. Some politicians lie more than other, but all politicians have lied at least once. It might be distasteful, but it’s not impeachable.