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Can You Name This Animated Short It Appeared On Pbs Kids In Between Shows A Few Times.

Why do older adults think animated shows & movies are only for kids?

I ASSUME real question is: Why older NORTH AMERICAN adults think…?So, here are some reasons…They grew old watching too much Disney, Hanna Barbera, and many more child-oriented cartoons.They never care to watch anime, and all of them just think because is ‘somehow’ similar to cartoons, is exactly the same they knew when young.Maybe have seen just a glimpse of any anime once.. (Pokemon for example) …and because of that, everything else is the same as pokemon.Most anime successful outside Japan is ‘For all ages’. USA companies owning copyright in this territory (Funimation for example), prefer ‘All ages’ anime, ’cause are easier to sell on tv. So, those are the ones shown on air and of course, most people know.Older adults don’t have the ‘culture’ to try new things. Most of them just stand on what each one know, even if someone else proof them wrong. So, to ask for and older adult to sit and watch anime, may sound to him/her, like going to a wedding in swim suit.They are stubborn. No matter if you show them the best award anime of all times: Oscar, Ceasar, Grammy, Venecia, Golden Globe, Goya, Cannes, Bafta, toronto, Berlin, Moscu, etc…They’ll say its boring!The ‘gentle’ ones may say it was ‘nice’… but never want to watch another in his/her live.

Why did the creators of Sesame St. pick that name for the show? Is it a real street somewhere?

Like many new shows, they had a long list of possible names for it, including "The Video Classroom" and "The Nitty Gritty Itty Bitty Kiddy Show". They then sat a bunch of children in front of a test show and asked them which name they thought was best. The kids chose "Sesame Street" (a name based on the magic phrase 'open sesame' from Arabian Nights), even though most of the adults weren't that keen on that particular name. For a while there was a sort of desperate open call for anyone with a better name for it to PLEASE submit it, but nobody came up with one. So the name stuck.

Teenagers watching kids shows?

I noticed that a lot of people my age (16) watch cartoon network and Disney etc.
Have you noticed this, is it rising in popularity and become more common or will it be short lived.
Or could it be that channels like disney now aim for 13-14 year olds making the shows more relating for all teenagers. Thhis is just something that crossed my mind. I do myself watch the occasional kids show, Lizzie McGuire, or something else from my childhood. What do you think about it??

Which PBS Kid’s show did you like the most as a preschooler, “Clifford: the Big Red Dog” or “Sagwa: the Chinese Siamese Cat”?

Thunder Cats

Who unvented the television show sesame street?

If you mean invented it was Joan Ganz Cooney and Jim Henson.

Agree or Disagree: Today's kids shows and cartoon SUCK compared to the old school ones from the 80's and 90's?

I watched about half those shows on that list growing up and yes I agree, kids shows these days are just terrible. I have a younger cousin and I could barely sit through one of the shows she was watching one day. it made me feel dumber by the minute. When my brother and I were kids we wanted to be on that PBS show Zoom and countless other shows like that so we would pretend we were or make up our own show. If a show makes kids imagine something or create something then its a good show.

Do you remember this cartoon short?

There was this cartoon/short that (if I remember correctly) played during commercial breaks. I can't remember if it was Nickelodeon or possibly Disney but I think it was Nickelodeon. There was a little sketch of this tiny small man (cartoon) who had different scenarios, one was of him planting seeds. He had something that resembled an egg carton and he dropped seeds into it. Another one I remember is him using a pencil and drawing another person and painting.
Something else I'll add is he was small while everything else was normal sized, so the egg carton he dropped seeds into was larger than him and the paintbrush/pencil he used to draw were also larger than he was.
If anyone can remember what this cartoon sketch was, through my somewhat of a description, I'd greatly appreciate it!

What are the best cartoons for 2-3 year old kids?

At this age I wanted shows that had high educational content and didn’t include sarcasm, cutting humor, characters making fun of each other, ect. PBS is the best go-to. It’s just so trustworthy and high quality. Below are a few of my son’s favorites when he was 2 and 3.Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood- Because sometimes you just need a jingle. This show is great about teaching life skills and social skills. It covers potty training, washing your hands before eating, sharing with your friends, what to do when you are scared at the Dr, ect. We incorporated a lot of the short jingles into our daily lives when my son was 2 and 3- it was very helpful.Curious George- George solves problems using trial and error, demonstrating the scientific method. The Man with the Yellow Hat is a scientist, so they spend a lot of time in museums/on a dig/exploring, ect. Because George doesn’t talk, it’s less verbal than the other shows, which can be nice for your kid when he’s still in his early 2’sSuper Why- Teaches the names of the letters and phonics. My son started sounding out words because of this show. And they learn about a lot of classic fairy tales too.Dinosaur Train- Watching your child try to pronounce brontosaurus is reliably entertaining. If you have a dinosaur fan, this is the best.Little Einsteins- I really wanted to hate this one because of it’s ridiculous claims (no, it won’t make your kid smarter), but I LOVE how it ties classical music into it’s shows. My son knows who Beethoven, Mozart, ect are, and can identify some of their more famous works. It has some interactive elements (ex-telling your kid to jump up and down to the music), which I think it weird, but my son liked doing it, so what do I know.Yo Gabba Gabba- This one is less directly educational, but I liked the high quality music, and the consistent artistic voice (avant garde/new wave). It has a lesson of the week that is pretty solid, some helpful songs like “Don’t bite your friends”, and it has a lot of celebrity guests, so it was certainly one of the best shows for adults to watch too.Shows I didn’t care for- Barney, Team Umi Zumi, Aquabots, Cailu, Bubbleguppies, Secreat Agent Ozo, Dora the Explorer. Generally because I find the shows annoying, low quality, and they don’t really have a lot of good educational content.