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Can You Still Get Arrested For Stealing If You Made It Back To Your Residence You Got Away From

Almost got caught stealing at target?

me and my friend was at target today and yes, we were planning to shoplift some stuff there. we went to a aisle that we thought was safe and proceeded to conceal the items. as i was holding my first item on my hand (still in the package) a guy passed my and saw me holding it. a few minutes later he passed by again and saw me holding the item still (without the package). i knew right away that he was an undercover and warned my friends about him. we hadn't conceal anything at that point and i put the item back into it's packaging and left everything in a basket then left. we were wondering around the store for a while just to make sure he's following us and sure enough he was. i wasn't really panicking before we didn't do anything illegal yet so i knew i was on the safe side. so long story short the LP followed me the whooole entire time. as i was walking out of the store, passing all the counters i saw him speeding up and walking right next to me but i made a turn and walked into the restroom. a worker with uniform came in with us and check the stalls after we left ( i over heard someone telling her to do so on the walkie talkie). we left right away and no one ever came to us or said anything.

my question is, am i on their suspect list now since they were basically all up my *** even thought i abandon items earlier? well they follow me the next time i go there or other targets? what would happen to me if the LP actually stopped me (with no items concealed)?all i did was taking the item out of it's package i never concealed it. i've taken some stuff from there before but it was a month ago.

yes i am ashamed of what i have done, and am glad i got away without damaging my record.

Have you ever been caught stealing?

I’m still a bit too ashamed to admit it, so I’ll go anonymous.I was 22, and I had plenty of money. But, since we grew up poor, I felt like I couldn’t pay for stuff. I also liked the thrill of stealing. So, I shoplifted almost daily. For the most part I took things I felt were overpriced, and I wouldn’t want to pay for it.Things I stole:socks and silk ties (small, easy to fold and put in your pockets). I must have had a rack with at least 30 silk ties at home.batteries (small and expensive).books. One time I came in with a suitcase, loaded it up with the books I wanted to read, and walked out again.I got careless. So, one time I was just putting stuff in my pockets without even thinking. As I approached the doors to exit, a large man looked me in the eye and made a hand gesture to wait. I didn’t. I ran outside, my pockets flinging from all the stolen stuff (batteries, and some other small stuff).He came after me, running. I was very fit at the time, and I could have easily outran him. However, my long coat and my heavy pockets kept me from gaining speed. I was thinking what to do: lose the stuff and outrun him, or let myself get caught.Then I thought: well, how bad can it be, I give the stuff back and go on my way, just tell him you’re sorry or something (I was naive). I let him catch me. He told me to empty my pockets. If I were a bit smarter about the law, I’d simply have refused it, and ask him why he was following me, accusing him. But I wasn’t. He called the police, and I got arrested for shoplifting.Once at the station, they asked me to empty my pockets. Out came $20 of stolen merchandise, and my wallet, showing about $400. I was shocked myself, and thought why didn’t I just pay for this stuff?Ultimately, I did learn my lesson: if it’s overpriced, don’t buy it. Find something cheaper. Oh yeah, and don’t steal.

I stole makeup testers and i got away with it. can they still arrest me?

no of course not. i use to do that too but dont anymore. theres cameras all over the place but nothing will happen to u cos if they didnt catch u rite then & the store doesnt get held up , for them to look at the camera dont worry about that at all, promise ! just dont do that again cos the next time u may get stopped by security ! i just looked at the answers u got & ignore them they dont know what there talking about but i feel u honey so dont worry !

Can Walmart come after you later for shoplifting at the self checkout if you get away?

They absolutely can. They won’t physically go after you. Instead they will make copies of the security camera recordings and file a report with the police. The police will then be the ones to go after you. If the amount stolen isn’t enough to warrant the trouble of filing a police report, they will still retain copies of the security camera recordings. Then everyone who works in Asset Protection will become familiarized with your face and you may very well end up banned from the store. If they have recordings of you shoplifting on multiple occasions, we can end up banned for life, which will add on a trespassing charge should you go into that Walmart. Sometimes they ban people for life from ALL Walmarts. In such an instance, should you be caught shoplifting in any store, they will prosecute for both stealing and trespassing. And as evidence each and every record they have will be provided to the authorities as evidence.

Stealing at target and not getting caught?

i stole from target today and walked out freely. However, when i got to my car i realized that i left my sunglasses in the fitting room. Not thinkings logically, i decide to leave my stolen goods in the car, and quickly run back in to get my sunglasses (i didnt want to leave them there, they were expensive..)
anyway, so i go back in, and the same lady i had been talking to earlier was still working at the fitting rooms (i always make sure to be friendly and innocent-looking to avoid suspision if i'm shoplifting). I explain to her that i left my sunglasses in one of the fitting rooms while i was trying items on, she said no one had put anything in the "fitting room lost & found" but i could check the fitting rooms myself if i wanted to. So i quickly glanced around the fitting room i had been in, but i didnt see them. The lady told me to go to the guest services desk and see if they had found my glasses. So i did, even though this was getting to be too much of a hassle for a pair of shades. I went up and asked the guy if someone had handed in sunglasses. He opened a drawer and pulled out about 5 or 6 pairs of sunglasses- none of them were mine. He said he would keep an eye out for them and let me know if they find them. He then took my first name and my cell phone number. About 3 or 4 hours later, my cell phone rings. It's a target employee, and they wanted to let me know they think they found my glasses.
I really want to go back to target and pick up my sunglasses, but i'm unbelievably paranoid that they know i stole that day. Like what if they checked out the cameras to see if i set my sunglasses down or something, and they accidently found footage of me shoving a necklace and lipgloss into my pocket??
what if the "finding the sunglasses" phone call is just a trick to lure me back into the store so they can arrest me? i'm really worried to go back. They know my first name, they probably have me on camera, and they have my cell phone number. **** i'm so dumb. someone please respond to this, i needed to vent about it and i'd love to hear someone's feedback on the situation. Hopefully i'm just being paranoid and the target staff was just calling to let me know they found my sunglasses.

What is it like to get caught shoplifting at Walmart?

The loss prevention person will stop you as you try to leave and escort you into the security room. If you try to flee or resist you will have aditional charges added when the police arrive and they are usually already on the way. If you have fled the scene the officers will be given your description and they will hunt for you.Wal Mart's policy is to prosecute. If they choose not to prosecute it will be an exception to the rule. While you are sitting in the security room the loss prevention person will be sorting and photographing the property, preparing their police report and copying the video for the police. They will take your picture, issue you a trespass warning for all Wal Marts, meaning that you will be arrested if you return to that store or any Wal Mart.In many states you will be issued a legal notice that you owe the store 2 or 3 hundred dollars in a civil penalty to cover their cost.Then you will be turned over to the custody of the police officer. The police offficer determines if you are eligible for being issued a court date and a notice to appear or if you get the full ride to jail.If you are a juvenile the police will either have you call your parents to come pick you up (imagine having to explain yourself on the phone) or they will transport you to the juvenile processing center.The arrrest becomes a permanent part of your history.Wal Mart is vigorous about catching and prosecuting.

If someone steals an item from me, can I get in trouble for attacking the thief trying to get it back?

In the USA.Yes, no, maybe.Time is an essential element. A counter-attack contiguous to the theft is permissible. Any lapse of time between the events is not allowed and viewed as a separate event.Yes, during the original theft you may defend yourself and property.No, after the theft you may not hunt down the thief and use violence to retrieve your property.Maybe, the critical element is whether or not the intervening time lapse could have been used to call police. Local laws vary.Examples:Circa 1970. I witnessed a strong arm robbery and chased the thief around the corner. When I rounded the corner, he was standing there inspecting the goods along with his cronies. Nothing to do but hit him. His head bounced off the wall and hit my fist again. He hit the ground. I retrieved the property. The thief pressed charges and I was arrested. The court ruled that because I did not politely request the return of the property before striking the thief, I was guilty of assault. The judge gave me a suspended sentence.Circa 2003. “Clyde” used to own a business. An employee stole $4000. “Clyde” got his shotgun off the wall and went to the thief’s house. Waved the shotgun, yelled and screamed until he got his money back. “Clyde” was arrested. The judge sentenced “Clyde” to 10 years for robbery with a firearm.

What if I got caught shoplifting, and got away?

So i was caught shoplifting some shoes for my friend at Kohl's the other day. Shoes cost about $52, but since they were on sale it would have been below the $50 mark.The guy stopped me in the parking lot and made me walk back into some room, a lady held the door while he asked me question such as name, address and cell number. I know giving false information could make matters worse, so i answered the questions politely. But he was never shown an actually state I.D.
He said the cops were on the way, and that i was going to jail. I got really scared and ran out the door, through the store and took off in my car. They tried running me down, but couldn't catch me.
After about 2 1/2 days, i was running errands with a friend in wal-mart, we stopped to grab some food in the mc'ds and someone tapped on my shoulder. I turn around to see the SAME guy that stopped me in kohls! He told me running was a bad idea, and that there was a warrant out for me, and then proceeded to take a picture of me and my friend on his personal cell phone. Then he chased me through the parking lot, but once again i got away.

Okay, yess crazy story.
Questions are:
-even though i gave the merchandise back, and they never
actually saw an i.d. can they still put a warrant out?
-what charges will be pressed against me?
-can that security guy even talk to me and mention about
the previous day off the clock?
-can he take pictures of me and chase me around off the clock?
-will the authorities even do anything?

I need all information and details. As much as I can get!