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Can You Trust This Taobao Shop

Can I sell on Taobao if I am from Australia? Where can I get more information?

Taobao is mainly focus the C2C and B2C market in China thus the foreigners can only open a taobao store with a joint venture company registered in China or find a Chinese partner who can be trusted and qualified to register a taobao store.Now taobao isnt a golden mine anymore along with more and more stores and competition. As a foreigner you will face the the following challenges if you want to open a taobao store.Qualification. As I said above, you need to set up a company in China or find a Chinese friend you can trust to open a store on Taobao, else you won’t able to start your taobao journey;Export and Import issue. You will need to export the goods from Australia and import in China for sell. Which you need to hire import export agent to help you or register a company and apply for the import export license;Warehousing issue. Unlike people overseas, the Chinese people get used to fast delivery service which means you cannot ship directly from Australia and you need to rent a warehouse to stock the goods for sell and hire people to ship taobao orders;Marketing. It is the most difficult part for foreigners who open a taobao store. Taobao marketing is more and more difficult to attract traffics and sales, if you do not know how to market your goods on taobao, it is basically a failure project.

Do you know taobao agent?

If you need to use TaoBao I strongly advise you a combination of Google Toolbar (good Chinese-English machine translation), Nciku (tooltip dictionary), and an Alipay account (the equivalent of PayPal for Chinese).

Making payments on Alipay is quite easy. I have found a very useful guide, please refer to the attached source link. It explains pretty much everything you need to know about making payments online in China without having to go through an agent (which is always expensive).

Why is Taobao so cheap?

Well actually it’s not just Taobao that’s cheap. Buying goods from China is cheap. That’s because 80% of the goods in the world are produced in China. Hence when you buy from China, you’re buying from ‘source’ and cutting off the middlemen and re-sellers. By going straight to source, your price becomes much lower. Go to 1688 ( and the prices are even lower!Add to this the fact that Taobao and 1688 stores don’t have to pay shopfront rental costs yet enjoy immense traffic due to the popularity of these platforms, you often find the prices on Taobao and 1688 are even lower than those in physical stores in China. Ecommerce helps lower capital expenditure and hence helps to lower consumer prices.This is why businesses all over the world use a service like ours ( to buy from suppliers on websites like Taobao and 1688, have their purchases consolidated at our China warehouse, and then shipped internationally to more than 200 countries worldwide.What is Chinaebuys?Chinaebuys is a leading China-based Freight Forwarder and Taobao Agent, enabling you to buy any product from China and have it shipped internationally to more than 200 countries worldwide. Shipping can be done via air or sea freight.At Chinaebuys ( ) we help international buyers like you from all over the world buy from Chinese websites (such as Taobao, Tmall,,Kongfz,, Meilishuo, Dangdang, M18, Vancl, and others), merchandisers and suppliers and have your purchases shipped internationally to your doorstep.We accept payment from international buyers via PayPal and international credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, while we will pay the Chinese merchants for you with our Chinese payment methods, simplifying the entire purchasing and shipping process for you. Before international shipping, we will first get the merchant to send your purchases to our China warehouse where you can store and consolidate your purchases before choosing to ship.We enjoy special discounted international shipping rates from DHL, FedEx, UPS and others due to our high shipping volumes. For shipments of higher volumes, we also offer ocean shipping to any port around the world at highly competitive rates ideal for business importers.Visit to find out more!For more details do contact us at

How can someone living in Australia sell on Taobao?

you have the International version of Taobao, 淘宝网 全球站 for all daigou (personal buyers) They buy products in their country and sell to their friends or contacts.It is super popular in China, and Chinese trust themIf you want to sell on Taobao, you have a Guide hereIf you want to optimise your Taobao/tmall Sales , you can read this article.1- DO SOME OPTIMISATION ON TAOBAOYou may think that having an SEO strategy only stands for a search engine such as Baidu, but it is not the same. Just like on Baidu or even Weibo, people looking for a certain product will enter a couple of words in Tmall search bar. That is where having specific keywords displayed2- ADVERTISE YOUR TMALL STORE VIA BANNERSAnother advertising tool offered by Tmall is called Zuan Zhan.3- COLLABORATE WITH KEY OPINION LEADERS (KOL)

Why don't sellers on taobao ship items to Europe?

Actually if you can register an Alipay account with your credit card you can order and ship on taobao now with its official consolidate shipping service.For example, you are living in the UK, you can login Taobao with your alipay account then buy different goods from different sellers on taobao, then the seller will ship the goods to Taobao official shipping agent, they will pack the goods for you, after you paid the shipping fee they will ship from China to UK.Although it seems pretty easy procedure, it is hard for people overseas if they dont know Chinese well. Firstly, they need to register Alipay account with their credit card, lots of people may failed to register; Secondly, You should fill your overseas receiving address and use the Taobao agent warehouse address as the default address receiving goods; Thirdly, submit all your orders to consolidate in one package to save shipping fee.There are also something you need to know before shopping on Taobao:Dont buy sensitive goods if you use Taobao official shipping agent, for example, drugs, foods, cosmetics, liquids, powders, battery goods etc.Check the Taobao official agent warehousing and shipping terms in case you pay extra money.As beginner if you do not know chinese well I do not suggest you order directly from Taobao, instead you can find a Chinese Taobao agent or friends or Chinese students to help you buy and ship a few times, after you have a brief idea how to shopping on Taobao you can go ahead to buy whatever you want.Trust Chinese people, Taobao is a treasure where everything available beyond your imagination. At last, good luck when shopping on Taobao.

Do Americans shop online at auction Web sites such as Taobao (similar to eBay) , paying for products?

I do all my shopping online with GILT, bit expensive but u get a nice deal if your an IPhone user in the USA. You can use this link until the end of this year for a 40% discount code for you're first shipment, dont worry the link isnt fake, it will redirect you to the AppStore where you can download it for free. :) Sadly the link only works with IPhone users

Problems in buying from

I did not need a credit card for registering.

Only sellers there opening a seller account do need that.

What I gave them are email address, name , postal address, phone number... etc
Same as what eBay required.

I use my Visa/Matercard to pay Alipay.

Ebay = TaoBao = marketplace
PayPal = Alipay = payment company ( both accept Visa and Mastercard )

Guess you are actually asking about Alipay, not TaoBao ? You better check more clearly.

Any friends have used taobao agent charmbuy?

Yes taobao agent are very helpful and they can help you buy products from there. you can consult jane . she is my good friend. For more information you can ask her online. Msn-