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Canadian Linux Based Open Source Projects

What are some C-based open source projects where a beginner can contribute and grow professionally, assuming the person is good in C, data structures, and Linux, and has not worked on large projects?

I recently came around an open-source project on github It is a chess program incorporated with AI written in C programming language, so maybe you can have a look into it. It has an ascii interface which works on linux terminal and uses trees for constructing possible moves , so you can put your data structure skills to test.

How does an open source project earn money (example: Linux Ubuntu)?

See:How do Canonical Ltd make a profit out of Ubuntu if they are providing it for free?How does Red Hat make money?Why do developers spend so many time developing free opensource products while they could sell it and make a lot of money?

If the Canadian government financed the project, could a version of Linux like Ubuntu (and Corel desktop products) be developed to where it is a suitable (and free) replacement for Microsoft?

Thank you.I indeed knew some stories about trying to replace Microsoft software with open-source solution, and all of them were failed.One story is about one of my friends’ company which was preparing for IPO, you know, his boss wanted to cut down the costs of the stuff’s equipment, so all his colleagues replaced their Windows operating system with Ubuntu, which is free, besides, Microsoft office were abandoned as well, turning to OpenOffice/LibreOffice(Chinese WPS had not been distributed then). In the end, their productivity was seriously effected after previous policy, and the replacement policy had to be abolished.Another story is about Germany, they tried to use Linux primarily for government, you could find some information by google it.And in my opinion, you may spend more on another platform like Ubuntu if all of your users have been familiar with Microsoft. Because the ecosystem built by commercial companies like Microsoft is much better than the one built by open source community, and the products and services are standard, which could ensure the efficiency of your work.

Why do Canadian high schools generally not support open source software?

I don’t work in Canada but it is the same virtually everywhere.I assume you mean the two major projects:Windows vs LinuxMicrosoft Office vs Libre OfficeFor most schools Windows and Microsoft Office is almost free. The cost is very low and the staff are easier to find and hire compared to Linux staff which are harder to find and often cost more. Google has changed this with Chrome Books and Google Classroom but it is still not considered open source even though it runs on Linux.Most people have Office or Google Docs at home so these are the easiest tool to use at school.The most common open source tool that I see at virtually every school is Audacity. GeoGebra is also fairly common. If your school teaches Computer Science they often have Python installed as well.There are two reasons why more open source software is not used:Parents/Students often want industry standard software. This makes Adobe Photoshop a better option than Gimp or http://Paint.NETOften to get software installed you need to prove that you have the rights to install it. This means a lot of paperwork. An invoice is often easier than just saying it is free unless the staff have see it before.

Choosing a network protocol? case project?

Nishida Kitchens is a medium-sized company that makes packaged Japanese foods, including noodles and sauce combinations. Its foods are distributed to grocery stores and specialty food stores throughout Canada, Europe, and the United States. The company is moving in to a new building and has hired Network Design Consultants to help them create a new network. Before the move, their head network administrator accepted a job with another company and his inexperienced assistant has been promoted as the head network administrator.

The Nishida Kitchens business and sales unit has 42 computer users. The plant in which the foods are produced, packaged, and shipped has 45 computer users. The company has Windows Server 2003 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers. The business and sales unit used Windows XP Professional workstations. The plant users have a combination of Windows XP Professional and Red Hat Enterprise Linux computers on users' desktops. The company plans to have Internet connectivity available to all network users. Nishida Kitchens has an outlet store across town which provides the public with direct sales of their products. The outlet store also has Internet connectivity on a small network of 12 computers that are running Windows XP Professional.

What protocol do you recommend for this network, and what are its advantages?

Because you have to travel to the location of the new newtwork, you want the option to remotely access the Windows Server 2003 and Linux servers from your office at Network Design Consultants, and from your laptop computer at home. What options are available for you to accomplish this?

Nishida Kitchens wants the ability to monitor its networks to keep the network stable and to troubleshoot problems. What should they implement to accomplish network monitoring at the main location and the outlet store? How can network monitoring be made secure?

Nishida Kitchens is considering the implementation of their own e-mail server so that employees can exchange email with one another and with others over the internet. What element is important to implement in the e-mail server so that messages can be transported over the Internet? How does this element work?

For WAN communications, such as over the Internet connection, what protocol should be used by the Windows XP Professional and Red Hat Enterprise Linux workstations? What are the advantages of this protocol?

How do I find a job as a software developer in the US or Canada?

I don't want to discourage you, but international hiring only has two possible scenarios for success.a) You have a specialized skill set in a narrow domain within Software development. General skill does not count since there are plenty of good devs in Canada or US. Essentially such a skill is built with several years of professional experience. Then second dependency is that you have an employer looking for such a skill and be able to find you. This is one situation in which people do get hired internationally.It's tough to plan that long term and develop skill. So the only way is to follow your interest and work at good companies in home country OR participate in good well known open source projects and become good at those e.g. Linux kernel, VLC media player, open source frameworks, apache foundation stuff and what not.b) You become better and get hired at a top tech company (Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Twitter et al). Because these companies have a fixed hiring pattern and they recruit internationally, you can be hired with general skills. They would basically hire all people who pass the hiring interview bars.For software engineering roles, that means become really good at problem solving, data structures and algorithms and testing your code, ideally on a white board. The other important part is getting interview. This part is also hard because tech giants receive tons of applications. So you have to find ways to stand out. Again programming competition achievements, like codejam, topcoder, ACM ICPC, codechef etc. might be one way to get noticed. Significant contributions to major open source projects might be other. But once out of university working every day job at a decent software company is equally important.Without following any of above two routes, it is next to impossible to get hired from another country in Canada / US with a generic software engineering background.

Will contributing to the Linux Kernel project help me get an internship?

Please do not contribute to Linux Kernel or in any open source project for the sake of getting an internship. If your ultimate goal is getting an internship, then you can get it anyway. You can learn lot of stuff, work on your projects, gather an understanding of the related topics etc. If you want to contribute to Linux Kernel then do it only if you are interested in understanding amazing things happening there and want to work on them. Contribute to it if you will do it anyway even if you don't get any internship because of your contributions.Good Luck!

Which has a better scope in the future in Canada, Hadoop or Selenium?

I think Selenium has a better scope in Canada.Selenium is an open source testing framework for Web UI automation testing across various browsers and platform like Mac, Linux and Windows. This tool is indeed the base for most of the other software testing tools in general.Testers use this tool to write test cases in several programming languages C#, Python, Java, Perl and Ruby. It provides record and playback features to write tests without learning Selenium IDE.The Selenium components include:Selenium IDESelenium Client APISelenium RCSelenium WebDriverSelenium GridYOu can read more here:

Have PRPROJ file but no adobe premier pro, how can I open it?

It's an Adobe Premier Pro Project file - it's not an actual video file itself, so you would also need the media files to open the PRPROJ file.

You need Adobe Premier Pro to open it. No other software can open it. It's a file format specific to Premier Pro.

Ask your friend to render the video project, and send you the video file as an AVI or something. Then you can edit it in any video editor.