Cant Remember This One Music Video

Can't remember song from a music video.?

I don't remember the song at all. I remember the music video started with a few girls on a rooftop with a boombox, then a few were encouraging one of them to sing, then one starts singing opera, then a few boys show up on a rooftop across from them with another boombox and start singing something else. And it plays back and forth like that throughout the song. I'm trying to remember what the song was.

I remember seeing the music video in 2007 if that helps at all. Or somewhere around there.

Remember this MTV music video from the 90's??

I just want some one to say to me
I'll always be there when you wake
Ya know I'd like to keep my cheeks dry today
So stay with me and I'll have it made

^[some of my favorite lyrics]

definitely blind melon's no rain.

"The video for the song featuring Heather DeLoach as the "Bee Girl" is one of MTV's most popular music videos.

Most people think that the song's lyrics were written by Blind Melon's lead singer Shannon Hoon who committed suicide on October 21, 1995. In fact, the band's bass player, Brad Smith wrote the lyrics to No Rain. Smith was interviewed in the November 1993 issue of Details magazine. In the interview Smith admitted that the song was about one of his former girlfriends. According to Smith:

She had a hard time with depression. I was telling myself that I was writing it about her: how f****d up she could be, but how intelligent she was and why she was so unhappy and how much she needed me to be happy. And I realized I was writing it about myself at the same time. I needed her just as much.
This explains the song's downbeat lyrics. But where did the song's title come from? According to Smith:
[My girlfriend] would sleep even when it was sunny outside and she'd complain that there wouldn't be any rain, because that would give her an excuse to stay in.
An alternative take on this song comes from Dave Raymond, huge fan of Blind Melon, and guitarist for the funk metal band, Rubikon:
My interpretation of the lyrics to No Rain is that it's an homage to boredom, sluggishness, and general malaise. In fact, I think the character sort of revels in the boredom and lack of direction he's got. "...and I start to complain when there's no rain..." etc. Seems to enjoy escaping reality/responsibility by hiding behind a book/meandering/doing nothing."

Need help cant remember name of a song from a music video.?

Hi can anyone help me find the song that was from music video. All i can remember is that the music video took place in a dark carnival/freak show. the main singer was in one of those old fortune teller box. And there is a girl in the video and she is wearing an old gas mask and she plays one of the carnival games and wins a doll. The video looks dark and gloomy and i think it was half black and white and half dark shades of colors. Can anyone help me find this video.

I remember a video clip (not the song) from the late 80s/90s. It has a singer dressed in gold with chains draped over her face. What song is this music video for?

It’s probably not this one, and you asked this question five years ago, but could it possibly be Jane Child - Don’t Wanna Fall in Love? It is from 1990, she is wearing a lot of gold (though the video is largely in B&W), and she has a chain across her face to a nose ring.This was a huge hit and I loved it. Still do.

Country music video?

... teen girl at the planetarium with a group of friends and her boyfriend.. this same artist put out another video of like all kinds of different couples sitting on a couch.. if that helps any...
its kind of an old video, but i cant remember who sings it.

Should I make a music video of one of my hit songs or any song that I have? Does it matter at all?

To get synergy, it’s really best to release both simultaneously.But it all depends on your marketing plan.Single/Video releases are common now enough that fans expect them to be done that way. However, they don’t realize how much making a quality video costs. You can go through more money in one video than the cost it took you to record an album.If you have a hit song now, maybe encourage fans to make their own lyric videos by having a contest of some sorts.