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Car Lovers Give Me Advice

Advice for a beginning female car salesperson?

Here's a great Article for you.

Confessions of a Car Salesman.

Even better. Confessions of a Auto Finance Manager

Here's the deal. If you want to go into selling cars, start with New Car Sales. The used car market is crazy and you MUST keep your morals outside the dealership lot.

Even with new car Sales, with imports, there's very cut throat competition. Sure the money's not bad. But until you find your feet, you need to take it easy. Try a domestic label. Those are "No Hassle" dealerships. Most of them bring their Morals inside the dealership with them.

Now once you get the hang of the things, you can get into the highly competitive higher paying Imports.

For Pomeranian lovers out there, can anyone give me some advice being a first time owner?

Hi All-I'm back once again in need of some advice :) I've been doing alot of research the past couple weeks trying to pick out a breed that would possibly best fit me and my lifestyle. Many of you have given me great ideas and they are much appreciated! I've narrowed my search, and I"m really leaning twards a pom.
Here is what I'm looking for in a dog - again, I'm un experienced so please don't hate if I don't know what I'm talkinga bout :)
-A dog well suited for an apartment
- A dog that can travel with me to and from work
- A cuddle dog that I can snuggle with on the couch
- A small dog yet one that isn't to small that I can't walk it
Can any of you out there advise me on the good or bad of this breed? Also I keep reading the size of poms are 3-7 pounds? The ones that I know are no means this this just a general characteristic? If it's over 7 pounds does it mean it's unhealthy?

Thanks agian, look forward to hearing from you!

How did you meet your lovers?

I'll make this as short as possible.

I met him online through an online friend of mine. He lived 2 states away from me (US.) We talked a bunch, became best friends. Liked each other too, so we got together. Still online so far. I tell my parents and friends about him. He met my mom on Skype. Mom liked him. A lot. She convinced dad to bring me to go see him. He searched every file about his past, even calling his schools and the police in his town. He was clean. So we went, and I met him. I stepped out of the car, we had our first, very awkward hug. That night, our first awkward kiss. Then 2 days later dad and I left. It was before Christmas. The 3 of us thought, "We should have taken him home with us." The reasoning behind this is because he lived in deplorable conditions with his mother. He was so sick from malnutrition, and too far away to be near food. His car had just broken down, so to hold him over we bought him a new battery for it. It only worked for a few hours, before something else went wrong with it... anyways, we wanted him with us for Christmas. Christmas passed though. And then we made the decision, to help him in his life journey whether we stay in a relationship or not. He was my best friend for life, and somehow all three of us knew it in our hearts. So he came to live with us. He took a long time to recover from the mental and physical illnesses he had. But he grew, and he toughed through it. That's one of the reasons I love him. I enrolled in college right after high school. He still took a year to recover. He gained all his weight back, even some muscle. Then he enrolled in college, too. He got a job, so did I. We went to school together, up until this point. In 2 weeks we're moving into our first apartment together. And that is our story. So far, so good, eh? :)

What advice would you give to someone traveling from California to Alaska by car with pets?

The first two answers are good but I think the first one is a bit too much. I made the trip twice although I was headed for the east coast and went through Edmonton, Calgary and into Montana. I agree, fill your gas tank up at every opportunity and take it easy. It is a wonderful trip so don’t rush it and enjoy it. Stop at Laird Hot Springs an other places along the way. Get a copy of the Milepost (( … it costs about $35 and is worth every penny …it describes every mile of the road). Check out the road sign forest in Watson Creek, check out the beautiful town of Whitehorse (the capital of Yukon Territory). I recommend traveling in the late spring or summer when you will find that the day length gets longer and longer and when you get as far north as Fairbanks their really isn’t any darkness at all … you can play golf at 2 AM! The opposite is true if you choose to make the trip in the fall or winter. If there was a need I would make the trip again in a heart beat ! You will find that folks on the highway are very friendly and helpful … especially truck drivers. Have fun!

Can somebody give advice for a trip to Pondicherry?

Pondicherry is a great place to experience the mix of French and Indian architecture and culture.We reached one day before in night and stayed at D'Inn hotel. The hotel was okay at that price. This is what one can cover in 2 days. I have also listed the places that we missed.DAY 1We had breakfast in the hotel and started around 9am.Went to rent the bikes since it was walking distance from Hotel.Chunnambar Boat House to see paradise beachParadise beach - Well maintained, clean and beautifulCafe Heart Church - another beautiful churchFrench colony - roamed around to see the buildingsLunch at Café Xtasi - nice pizza and other optionsAuroville & Matrimandir - go to Visitor's Center to get the necessary details. To gain access to the Matrimandir, you need an access token from the Visitors CenterSerene beach - spend some time and clicked few pictures. It is adjacent to rock beach.Spend evening at Rock beach - just sit and enjoy the waves hitting rocksDon’t miss the ice cream at GMTDinner at Les Chefs - tasty food and lot of veritiesDay 2Baker’s street - to try nice bakery items in breakfastMannakula Vinaynagar Ganpati temple - Vibrant Hindu temple known for its elephant blessings, ornately carved stone walls & golden chariotSri Aurobindo Ashram - did some shopping scented soap etcVedapureeswarar Temple - Beautiful temple dedicated to lord ShivaChurch of Our Lady of Angels - Very beautiful churchFrench Colony - A stroll through the old French quartersRock beach - following places at walkable distancethe French War Memorialthe majestic 19th Century Light houseMahatma Gandhi statueDr. Ambedkar’s Memorialthe French ConsulateIf you have time you should not miss following places:Pondicherry MuseumBharathi ParkBotanical GardenAuroville beachThe Jawahar Toy MuseumAnanda Ranga Pillai HouseImmaculate Conception CathedralScuba & SnorkelingKargil War MemorialLe cafe ( amazing view with good cold / hot coffee and Lasagne)The list goes on i would suggest to check Tripadvisor more details.Few clips that we took.Rock BeachManakula Vinayak​ TemplePARADISE BEACH from Chunnambar Boat HouseThe Church of Our Lady of AngelsSerene BeachPlaces to visit in Pondicherry

What is the best advice about money you'd give someone who is moving out for the first time?

As much as I agree with the answers so far, my advice differs. This is the way I handled moving out for the first time and I was renting in the UK, if you're buying not only are you better prepared than I was but you're in a better position too but I won't bore you with the details of my past!Firstly; calculate every single possible expense you may have. You're going to need money for your rent every single month without fail. You're going to have council tax, electric bills, gas/oil bills, food bills, tv license (optional), Internet and phone line (optional) all of which are on top of the bills that you already have. For example; phone bills, fuel for your car, insurance, tax and the money you spend day to day.How do you work that out? Well...Secondly; talk to people! Ask your parents, ask your friends and ask your colleagues what their bills come to. Electricity, gas and food are all difficult to judge as it ranges from person to person but you can get an idea. Third; Add another 10%. You might have received the wrong information and it's better to have too much than too little. Fourth; scale this against what you currently earn. You don't want to be at your limit when renting, it's nice to have a little bit of money left over at the end of the month to put away.Fifth; save, save, save. You don't necessarily need savings before hand apart from paying the initial deposit for your rent but no one wants to be stuck renting forever. The best piece of advice that I could possibly give is to get yourself on the property ladder. Generally, you don't lose money on the property ladder and although it may be an almighty leap to your first step, it gets easier from there. Last but not least; enjoy it. The sense of freedom that you get from moving out is second to none. I found that things generally improved in my life when I moved out, including the relationship that I have with my parents.Good Luck!

Advice about my aquarius ex who blows hot and cold on me?

I started seeing an aquarius man who was separated from his wife for 9 months, she had cheated on him, threw him out and is pregnant by her lover-baby due soon. We got on great, were good friends as well as lovers but the wife found out about me and asked him to get back with her. He broke it off with me saying because they have a young son he needs to try or he will never know. Since the split we were awkward at first but have now become mates again. we go park together with our kids-but he doesn't tell the wife and we chat at the school gates. But if I try to text he is very aloof and sometimes ignores me when our paths cross other times i try to ignore him and he makes a point of waving at me and smiling. He lives opposite my house so I can't avoid him, I don't know whether to keep trying to be his friend or try and stay out of his life. I still have strong feelings for him. I am scorpio but have acted cool and happy since the split. His wife has told people she doesnt really want him back and they are just meeting a few times a week as she is alone and pregnant and wants his car and money. She is also still in touch with the father of the baby, I knowhe will be hurt again. i should probably leave them all to it but I can't. What should I do and why does he blow hot and cold on me?

How would you react as a dog lover, if your single adult daughter got a dog against your advice, that she couldn’t afford nor had the time to car for? Would you step in as she requests, to take care of the dog, or let her return it to the shelter?

She has to make her own decisions as foolish as they are…unfortunately in this case it's at the cost of the dog…unless you or someone steps in to help and she should not be putting that responsibility on other people because it's a big one. Alot of dog owners do this and don't realize they are being irresponsible they just want a dog and they don't realize how much time…attention.. and money are required and unfortunately the dog suffers. How would I react? I would not be happy with my adult child …. but for the dogs sake I would step in and step up as best I could. I would not want to return it to the shelter unless I absolutely had to. I know it's not your responsibility but that would be very admirable of you and you will establish a strong bond with the dog who will probably end up becoming closer to you than her. To me that is a much better option than the bordem, sadness, and hopelessness of a shelter if it's not adopted. Or even worse eventually being put down.