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Car Sometimes Cranks Longer Than Normal During Start Up

Sometimes when I start my car, it doesn't crank enough to keep going?

Normally when I start my car, it cranks up to between 1000 and 2000 rpms (its a 2000 Toyota Camry LE V6) and works fine. Even on cold mornings, starts fine. But lately, if I turn it off after that and then try to restart it within a few minutes, it'll get less than 1000 rpms and then die. For instance, when I drove to pick up the pizza today, it started fine the first time, but when I tried to start it after getting the pizza (at most, 2 minutes between turning it off and starting it again), it took over 4 tries before it would work. Each time before that, it would crank to just under 1000, then quickly die. Its got a brand new starter and battery (both purchased in january), and this was an issue sometime at the end of 2007, but then went away at the beginning of 2008, then came back in January of this year. Any ideas?

Car cranks but wont start sometimes?

either not getting air or fuel correctly, try inspecting air filter and housing/hoses and maf sensor for dirt/ debris and cracks/holes if you fix this and still not fixed you may try replacing your fuel filter, but on newer subarus i think they are built in to fuel pump housing, so shouldnt need to be replaced, if you fix this or find its built into pump housing, you may have a fuel pump going bad or a fuel pressure regulator going bad either way these are not cheap fixes on subarus, you may also want to have your battery, alternator and starter tested(in that order before taking it in for fuel services) if none of this works your exhaust or emissions control would be my next bet

1990 Honda Accord - Car cranks and cranks but does not start some of the times!!.?

Sometimes car will crank longer than normal, but finally start - throwing a check engine light. Once the check engine light comes on, I can immediately turn the car off and it will start back up 100% of the time no problem. Issue with long cranking mostly occurs in the mornings, or after car sits for more than 8 hours. Twice now, the morning after filling my tank with gas (full) the car cranks and cranks and will not start. It does however start the following morning. What could possibly be wrong?

Why does my car not start SOMETIMES?

You need to say whether the engine "cranks" over normally when the car won't "start" and run. Mechanics distinquish between a "no crank" and "cranks ok, but won't start" complaint. To diagnose the problem, I'd connect a DVOM (Digital Volt Ohmmeter) across the battery terminals before I attempted to start the engine. Record the DC battery voltage. Next, have someone attempt to start the engine while you read the voltmeter voltage while the engine is cranking. If the engine is cranking over, but won't start and run, the voltage must read 9.6 Volts DC or higher to power the computer, fuel pump, sensors, ignition etc needed to make the engine run. If the cranking voltage is less than 9.6 Volts, have a load test done on the battery to determine if it's good using professional quality test equipment. Once you know the cranking voltage is ok (above 9.6V), you then commence diagnosing the "cranks ok, but won't start problem" further checking such things as all the sensor signals needed by the computer to start the car.

Why wont my car start normal?

i have a honda accord ex 2000 and to start it....1- when i switch the key once and all the dash lights go on i have to wait for the maintenance light required light to turn off 2- then i turn the key to the last turn to turn on the car after all tht just wont start just like tht like a normal car...sometimes it just wont start not even when i do tht so then i have to take out the battery terminals and wait 30 seconds to restart the computer and try the whole maintenance light off bullshit to start up my car...for tht i wont pass inspection and i need help figuring out what might it be!!!!! thnks

Why does my car crank but takes long to start?

Looking at your story after you said that the spark plugs you removed have black dirt...! To me look like dirty fuel injectors and intake system on that vehicle.The first thing you must do is to add a bottle of fuel injector cleaner into a full tank of gas. Sometimes you must fill few more tanks and repeat fuel injector cleaner as needed until the fuel injector system is fully clean. This must improve your mileage gas as well. If this does not do for you, try replacing the ignition spark module on the event that your vehicle have one. Good luck...!

Why does it take so long for my car to start?

maximum "no start up" situations could be attributed to the ignition %. up sending unit. whilst i'm uncertain what form your motor vehicle makes use of it definately has one. additionally undesirable conections could be reason this somewhat to the coil + and-. attempt to unscrew a spark plug placed the boot lower back on and carry it .5 in from a stable floor(THE block is ultimate) and function somebody turn the vehicle over being particular to hold it by potential of the boot. if the spark jumps the hollow you in all probability have finished voltage. if not touch it to the block and turn all of it over lower back in case you get some form of spark yet not plenty its something with the coil or coil wireing. in case you get no spark in any respect you're able to desire to look to the ignition pickup sensor or modual provided all the different factors are in working order.