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Career On Reselling Things

I like buying and selling things and trying to make a profit on it. Trading items for higher valued items is also fun for me. What are some fields/options where I could utilize this and how does one get started?

Your question reads simple. To start simple read "The Richest Man in Babylon." It lays out some basics. "...buying and selling things ... to make a profit" is the foundational universal pastime of commerce, everywhere, for all time. So, you could become many things, from a chewing gum walla to an international arms dealer. They both buy and sell, although very differently. So, obviously, there are other considerations for how you'd like to spend your life and make your money. Nobody can provide the right answers for you.  Its gotta come from inside you. A good question to ask yourself is, "How do I want to help people?"  A good answer will provide a good starting point.   Don't fret the first step for long. Take it. Likely, if you are going to to be hugely successful, you will make missteps, tripping, falling down, crying, picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, taking a deep breath and charging down the path again.Read a couple biographies of successful business men to better understand the meandering paths that brought them to fame and fortune. Few followed a straight line from start to finish. It's nearly certain that wherever you might begin, like in the chewing gum biz, you will shift direction as opportunities present themselves, ultimately parlaying your capital, contacts, skills and charm ever upward, ultimately to tycoon.A key starting condition is your capital. If you have some money then buy something and sell it for a profit. Otherwise, if you have no money, go sell something for delivery in the future, taking a sufficient deposit from the customer. Then go buy what you sold and deliver it for the balance due. Find another customer. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Find a bigger customer. Go back and sell your first customer again...

How does one become a millionaire by reselling things?

By reselling things as in products? Or by reselling services?I know a number of businesses (having worked for them) that re-brand (White labelling) software/services in order to offer more to their clients and thus increase customer retention and upsell where possible.Let's put this into a website design setting for example. You can rebrand a whole CMS - front and back end with all of your companies branding and sell it to existing directory customers without having to worry about hosting/software updates/security etc as this is all handled by the host company rather than yourself. Some businesses also sell their services allowing you to offer their services and without you having to retrain/hire more staff and to just focus on marketing. The possibilities are endless.In terms of products, reselling products can be difficult to source with little competition. Amazon itself (not as a selling platform, as a merchant) are a huge reseller and many Amazon branded products are just products that they have bought exclusive selling rights for. Think Kindle etc.Hope that's got your thinking cap on and keep asking!

What are the best or most profitable things to buy and resell?

Long term, the best and most profitable things to buy and resell depends upon your source of the products, the satisfaction the customers will receive from your product, products that will help you develop your own private label brands so that you develop an asset that you actually own… Rather than simply an account on someone else’s platform and of course your profit margin.We have seen sellers do extremely well selling products that they used and. loved in their personal lives. One such product is a naturopathic method of keeping flies out of the person’s yard. Other sellers who are extremely knowledgeable in electronics do extremely well by. sourcing their own products in Asia that meet their specifications. And many other sellers do extremely well by having a keen eye for the various markets without being married to any particular product or any particular category.There is one wholesaler that I am extremely impressed by, Eddie Levine, of wholesale breakthrough who teaches other sellers his methods which include having relatively few products but going very very deep on each product he becomes involved in. I highly recommend you review his website.Generally, a successful seller is not married to a particular product keeps his or. her eye on the long-term profitability of their business which often includes an Amazon seller’s account.I suspect that the above is not the answer you were looking for but that you were seeking advice on particular products. All of the knowledge I have about successful products come from our clients and each and every client of ours enjoys the attorney-client privilege and I cannot reveal any of their products.If you would like to speak with me and have a free consultation about products you are thinking about getting involved in, please feel free to call and schedule a time for us to talk.I am a huge believer in paying it forward and I was helped along the way by many over my career and I am happy to help others as well.

Is it legal to resell knockoff jerseys from china?

As long as you let your buyers know that they are knock-offs from China, it’s not illegal. But if you try to pass them off as anything else, you’re going to get busted.


Is it illegal to resell magazines?

Another Iowan on Answers?! You should be fine as long as you are not doing this as a career! And you price them not above the original asking price which would be illegal. But be on the lookout because cops are arresting little children with lemonade stands because they don't have a license to sell! -Geo in Cedar Rapids, IA

How do I start a drawing career?

1. Decide what you want to do. Do you want to do tattoos? Comics? Paintings?

2. Make a portfolio of your work. This can be physical, but you want a digital one, too.

3. If you want to work for someone else, submit your portfolio to them (never send your only copy, and don't expect to get it back). Remember to check the portfolio requirements. It is not necessary to get a degree to get an art job, you just have to show you know what you're doing.

You can also take your portfolio to conventions and show it around (they also often have dealers rooms where you can sell your art if you like, if you buy a table). You're not likely to get hired doing that, but it does happen (one of my friends was at a con in line to show his portfolio to some company when he was approached by someone who looked at his work and offered him a job on the spot-turned out to be one of the hiring people for Lucasfilm. He now does art for the starwars books and cards, among other things).

If you want to work for yourself, you'll have to figure out how to start selling. You can go to galleries in your area and ask if they will take your work, either buy and resell it or take it on commission. Many art sites ( for instance) include a print program when you become a free or paid member, its never a bad idea to do that (and hey, its free, paid membership is only something like $30 a year if you want to do that). You may be able to enter contests for city planning, depending on where you live, and be able to paint murals as part of an urban decoration project, again that depends on where you live but it happens around here all the time.

You can also rent a booth at any local or nearby art events (many cities have summer and fall festivals) farmers markets, or retail art shows. You can submit your work to jurried and wholesale art shows and try to get in to those, which is good for business.

You can also take your designs to tattoo parlors . Tattooing can be a decent way to make money if you can do it, you may be able to get a place to teach/fund you, if not then you can get safety certified, it's around $500 here for a course to teach you how to tattoo safely.

Is it legal to buy from an eBay member and then resell for a profit?

With a few exceptions like high end fashion items, certain computer software, and drugs, etc. (anything that only the OEM can legally sell) you are generally able to resell anything you purchase from anyone. In fact, there have been eBay sellers who specialized in buying items (often collectibles) on eBay that were poorly photographed and/or described at a lower price, re-listed them with better descriptions and photos and made a profit.