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Catholics Only Is It Dispectful To Always Wear The Rosary Beads

Is it disrespectful to wear rosary beads as a necklace?

Yeah my sister used hers around her mirror in her car and she's not even Catholic, go figure. But I don't figure it to be disrespectful.

Rosary beads: FOR CATHOLICS... Am I the only one?

Thank you for finally someone answering this problem. It is not merely offensive, it is scandalous It is the irreverent use of a religious artifact and a leading cause of scandal. Scandal is a sin and is given by the wearer to those who see him or her wearing the items.

The same is true of the display of such an item from a mirror in a car. That is no place for a holy blessed object, for it obviously cannot be used for the purpose it is intended and is seen as disrespectful to those who observe it. Such uses show indifference and absence of prayer rather than an attempt at religious "bragging."

Members of an Religious Orders wear their rosary on a belt; some nuns wear a Sacred Heart medal, or a crucifix as part of their Habit, but never around their neck as jewelry. They have taken vows to wear the full Habit, including the rope, medal, and rosary.

Monks wear certain St. Benedict blessed medals and a corded rope part of their Habit. But it would again be scandalous for a layman to do the same for it would appear to be mocking.

Shallow uses of holy objects lose respect and scandal is the result, the owner of the rosary being convicted of a confessible sin, his own and those who see him. All become less holy, not more holy. Rosaries are often "blessed" with holy water, as as such are beyond the use of jewelry. There can be no indulgence of grace possible while the person is committing sin by scandal at the same time.

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I don't know any Catholic who wears Rosary beads. Nuns and monks sometimes wear them but that is because they say the Rosary.

There is no teaching that says a Rosary protects you from evil spirits. If a Catholic told you that, they are incorrect.


Because demons do hate blessed objects. In Acts 19:11-12 we read: "So extraordinary were the mighty deeds God accomplished at the hands of Paul that when face cloths or aprons that touched his skin were applied to the sick, their diseases left them and the evil spirits came out of them."

So the Bible supports the use of holy objects to heal the sick and rebuke demons.


We don't.


Because she is his mother, and another Christian, who can pray for us. You can ask your own mother to ask Jesus to bless you too.


We do. Just because we ask Mary to pray for us, doesn't mean we don't ask Jesus to bless us.


Because God allows it. Mary would tell you herself, that she is the handmaid of the Lord.


We don't worship her. Do you doubt God's ability to allow those in heaven to hear our prayers?


Why do you limit God to your understanding of him. You say only God can hear prayers. Does God know about these limitations? Don't you think that if he chooses to allow the Christians in heaven ot hear our prayers and pray for us, that he can do that?

Read your Bible more and open yourself to enlightenment. The biggest problem with sola scriptura (Bible alone) is that you box God in to your understanding of scripture, never allowing him to show you the truth of his great mercy and love for us.

Catholic's, Is it disrespectful to wear the rosary as a necklace?

Not really, just not what most Catholics do.

A Rosary is a tool that can be used by anyone in prayer.

A Rosary is not a piece of jewelry.

A Rosary is rarely worn. Some religious sisters in habits wear them.

If you choose to wear a Rosary then remember to behave accordingly. Just like wearing a Cross or Crucifix, you are telling the world that you believe in and are trying to live the Gospel message.

For more information, see:

With love in Christ.

Is it disrespectful to get Rosary Beads tattooed on your ankle/foot?

I know there is a passage in the bible about "your body is a temple" which I take to mean a temple to God and you need to respect what you do to it, whether that be tattoos, piercings, smoking, drinking, etc. I have a piercing but no tattoos, but my friends, sister and brother all do.

To them the tattoos are personal and have meaning behind each. If your friend is just putting tattoos on because she wants a tattoo, well, who's to stop her? I mean, how many people actually know that those chinese letters they tattoo all over them selves mean Peace or does it actually say Fish? A lot of people get those tattooed on themselves because they are feeling "spiritual" but in reality the last religious experience they had was praying for the pregnancy test to come up negative (some comedian said that, I thought it was funny! - and oh so true)

But I would think that unless you know the significance of what you are tattooing on your body, you shouldn't put it there. Rosaries aren't "cute" and anyone can tattoo a cross. Then again if my mother had a favorite rosary that had been handed down for generations and it was destroyed before it could be handed down to me, than tattooing it on myself might have meaning. But it may offend some other people.

It depends.™Rosaries typically are made of beads in groups of ten, called a decade. The decades are separated by larger beads, or by beads of a different shape or feel. The idea is that you can feel the tactile difference while advancing along the chain without breaking your concentration or having to look at it.The smallest and simplest rosaries are thumb rosaries, consisting of a ring with ten bumps and a small cross, like this:This is worn on a finger or thumb and spun around it while praying.While rosaries are traditionally made with beads, some are made with knots instead, somewhat similar to Orthodox prayer ropes called chotki or komboskini.[1] (An Orthodox prayer rope has a different number of knots and is used for a different contemplative prayer tradition, the Jesus Prayer or Prayer of the Heart.)[2] A rosary rope looks like this:There are various forms of rosary, always based on multiples of ten, plus the additional separator beads and/ invitatory beads or knots and/or a cross or crucifix. Rosaries typically are based on five decades plus separator beads, for a total of 59; however, you may find some with as many as ten or even fifteen decades. The basic layout, however, is the same — groups of ten with separator beads and cross.Alongside the Roman Catholic rosary and Orthodox prayer rope, there is also the Anglican rosary.[3] It is similar to the Roman Catholic rosary, but has 33 beads (representing the life of Jesus) grouped in “weeks” of seven with additional invitatory beads and a cross. Unlike the Roman Catholic rosary and Orthodox prayer rope, the Anglican rosary has no set tradition attached to it, and it is a relatively modern invention, first created in the 20th century. The Jesus Prayer can be said with it (which is what I do), or various other prayer practices.Footnotes[1] Prayer rope - Wikipedia[2] Jesus Prayer - Wikipedia[3] Anglican prayer beads - Wikipedia

I am going to quote Legionary of Christ Father Edward McNamara, professor of liturgy at the Regina Apostolorum university.:...while not unknown, it is not common Catholic practice.Second, in relatively recent times, certain controversial public figures have popularized the fashion of wearing the rosary as a necklace, and not precisely in order to "do all to the glory of God." It would also appear that in some parts of the United States and elsewhere, wearing rosary beads around the neck has become a gang-related badge of identification.Hence, while a Catholic may wear a rosary around the neck for a good purpose, he or she should consider if the practice will be positively understood in the cultural context in which the person moves. If any misunderstanding is likely, then it would be better to avoid the practice.At the same time, as Catholics we should presume the good intentions of the person wearing a rosary unless other external elements clearly indicate otherwise.Similar reasoning is observed in dealing with rosary bracelets and rings, although in this case there is far less danger of confusion as to meaning. They are never mere jewelry but are worn as a sign of faith.According to some sources, small single-decade rosaries or chaplets were developed in times of persecution, as they were easily hidden and could be used without attracting undesired attention.They also became popular among Catholic soldiers on the frontline especially during World War I.Far more important than the visible wearing of a rosary is actually using the rosary, including publicly, for prayer. Then it is truly done "to the glory of God." I did a little research, and in some places in Central and South America, it is a common practice among poor Catholics in those places. but like Father McNamara stated "certain controversial public figures have popularized the fashion of wearing the rosary as a necklace, and not precisely in order to "do all to the glory of God.""I attend a parish that is run by the Dominican Order (tradition says that Saint Dominic received the rosary from the hands of Our Lady herself, and thus they have been entrusted with overseeing the development of the Rosary as prayer tool), so they take a dim view of Rosary being used as jewelry.

Is it inappropriate for non-catholics to wear rosary beads?

i discover it unhappy, all of the stereotypes in the direction of Catholics. There are some issues incorrect with what you have stated. a million) Catholics shouldn't positioned on rosary beads, however there are a number of that do. regardless of the undeniable fact that it fairly is a form of disrespect. Rosaries are no longer rings, they meant as a manner to maintain music of prayers. you assert a undeniable prayer on each bead of the rosary. 2) A rosary isn't for protecting you from the devil. protecting a rosary together as attempting to conquer a temptation to devote a sin is wonderful, because of the fact it reminds you of God's and Mary's Holy presence. it fairly is a reminder of your faith. 3) I even have in no way witnessed an exorcism, nor considered a action picture approximately exorcisms, so i'm no longer able to respond to that question. 4) it fairly is a worry-unfastened false impression that Catholics worship Mary and the Saints. yet we don't. We pay honor to Mary for being the mummy of Christ. We pray to her so as that she would be able to take our prayers to the Lord. Mary (and the saints too) can hear our prayers. thousands have experienced miracles via their intercession. 5) there is greater to faith that merely the Bible.

Is it disrespectful to wear the rosary as a necklace?

My grandmother passed away a few years back, and I was going thru her stuff and I found a beautiful rosary. I asked my dad about it and it used to be my grandmas. We were rlly close and I love her very much. I want to wear the rosary as a necklace. Os that disrespectful? I'm 13 in 8th grade, attending a catholic school.

Is it disrespectful to wear a Rosary as a necklace?