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Coffee Scented Air Fresheners

Are there any good coffee scented air fresheners out there?

I love the smell of coffee beans and fresh ground coffee and I was recently in a yankee candle store where they had the beans in little jars and they smelled soo good but they didn't have anything like it for sale. Does anyone know of any good coffee scented air fresheners out there??

Which is a better air freshener for a car, coffee beans or coffee grounds? Which one lasts longer?

Although coffee is great for neutralizing other odors, it can be very fleeting to use it to freshen a space for more than a few days. However, if you insist, here are some thoughts:Whole beans will release gases and oils more slowly, you could hang a mesh bag in front of an air vent in the car to push the aroma around the car or just leave it sitting in a cup holder.I often carry my just-roasted beans and even in sealed canning jars and ziplock bags and the aroma diffuses in the interior. I hesitate to “waste” my fresh beans to freshen my car specifically, but it is a good side-effect of the hobby.Ground coffee aroma is very fleeting, due to the increased exposure to the elements, which diffuse the gases and dry the exposed oils. Freshly ground coffee may be a quick-cover, but don’t expect it to last, think sprint vs. marathon.Personally, I have taken to putting incense sticks in my vents to freshen the car. I find this lasts several days or more and you can mix and match aromas. You could certainly find coffee scented incense and see if that gives you the desired effect.

Where can I buy scent bomb concentrated air freshener?

From where I can buy good air fresheners?

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Which one is better: unground coffee or ground coffee?

Coffee has to be ground before being brewed.If you are asking which is better to buy, then unground or whole bean coffee is the best at the time of purchase. Why? That’s because as soon as coffee is exposed to air, it starts to oxidize and the flavour of the coffee starts to decrease. With whole bean coffee, oxidisation takes a longer time and the flavour is retained. You can store whole bean coffee for a year as well and it will retain almost the original flavour.However, ground coffee or coffee powder, starts losing flavour very quickly. You have to consume the coffee soon (approximately a month or 2 after grinding) or the flavour will deteriorate you will a bland tasting cup of coffee.For grinding try and get a burr grinder which uses rollers to grind instead of blades. Blades create friction and heat and can reduce the taste of the coffee. I’d recommend a Hario hand grinder which is easy to use and portable as well.If you are looking to buy some exceptional Arabica coffee beans, I suggest you check out https://lifeistooshortforbadcoff... . I recently started buying coffee from them and I love their coffee. Its pure Arabica whole bean coffee and so much better than Robusta. It has a really strong and sharp taste and some great natural flavours.

Rabbit is in my room, is it okay to spray on air freshener?

If it's a chemical based spray, I'd probably just put him out of the room for 10-20 minutes while/after you spray. Small animals, especially rodents and rabbits, have a sensitive respiratory tract. Natural odor neutralizers, like coffee grounds, shouldn't bother him. :)

What is the best thing to use in a kitchen trash can to reduce potential odours?

Hey there,No mater how hard we try to keep our home smell fresh and clean, there’s always one area in the house which seems to permeate the air with its foul smell, very rightly pointed out its the trash can. Sure, we know that it cant smell like roses :P but can we try and make it smell ok.Bleach : Kills unwanted germs. To disinfect your trash can with bleach, first make sure you are in a well-ventilated area — if you can work outdoors, we recommend you do so. Second, mix about a quarter cup of bleach with two gallons of warm water and wash it.2. Baking Soda : Have a brand new trash can and want to avoid future smells? Sprinkle a little of this baking staple on the bottom of your trash can to prevent stinky odors from escaping. Baking soda helps absorb both moisture and odor. But, make sure to wash your trash can and replace the baking soda at least once a week to make sure the trash smells don't escape.3. Coffee: I suggest placing the ground coffee in a small, open tupperware container and placing it at the bottom of your trash can. Put your garbage bag in as normal and wait for the coffee smell to permeate the air.4. Air Fresheners : Sometimes all your trash can really needs is a good old-fashioned air freshener. Tape an air freshener to the lid of your trash can or place it at the bottom of the bin.