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Cold Hands All The Time

Is it bad that my hands are cold all the time?

like i would have enough clothes to keep my body warm, but even in the house im warm but my hands and usually my feet (with socks on) are always cold. am i lacking in iron or something? im a skinny guy but that cant be the explanation. of course im always sitting on my hands whenever i can or theyre usually always in my pockets. any help/advice appreciated

Why are my hands so cold all the time?

Oh I love answering this question as much as I love the science and physiology behind it. See, it’s a very interesting process.The body is very smart, and it does a lot of things in order to keep it healthy and functioning properly, one of these is mantaining the temperature always constant at 37°CBut if it does that… then why letting your hands and feet freeze?.You may notice that your hands feel very cold… but your chest or belly doesn’t. When you are somewhere cold, the body knows it and starts thinking: “Oh no, it’s cold where we are, we need to keep alive the important organs to survive!”. Now, you may not be in a life or death situation, but the body prepares itself anyway. What it does is it redirects the blood supply that was originally fo your further limbs, to your organs, this means that there is less blood flowing through your hands, feet, ears and nose because they are not necessarily important to survive as much as your liver or your brain. So your hands get cold, because the body is trying to prevent your internal organs from not working properly so it sends more blood to them to ensure their correct functioning.So there you go, and this and many more amazing facts about the body is why I’m studying medicine.

Why do we get cold and sweaty hands?

Why do we have cold sweaty hands? I eat well but my hands(palms) and legs(soles)....ive heard its because of a nervous weakness or excessive fumctioning of liver is it true....if so what can i do to improve it naturallyYou may have a condition known as hyperhidrosis.  Sometimes this condition occurs on its own (primary hyperhidrosis) and sometimes it is the result of another condition (secondary hyperhidrosis).  Secondary hyperhidrosis is associated with diabetes, hormonal conditions, nervous system disorders, among others.  In order to treat it effectively, you have to know what type you have.  For that, you need to consult your doctor.Until you know what is causing your sweating, you can try bathing daily and applying antiperspirant to your palms and soles.

Cold hands when playing piano?

The above answer by Aryn is affirming what jumped into my mind immediately when I first read your question. As a pianist and piano teacher, I wondered about your wrist. Are you using good wrist rotation and thereby obtaining a loose and free wrist. If so, you will have free movement and lots of blood flow into the fingers. Aryn has stated it well for the guitar. I am stating the same thing for the piano. The wrist movement is highly important to well trained pianists, and must be guarded for classical training especially when it comes to quick movements such as trills and ornamentation.

My 10-month-old always has cold hands!?

Is he crawling? Have his hands always been cold, or only since he's been crawling or had a lot of tummy time? The reason I ask is because since my daughter started to roll over on her tummy and pull herself around, I've noticed she gets cold hands. If she's crawling around for a bit her hands are chilly, but if she's sitting up playing she's fine. I think it has something to do with the circulation (or lack there of) of blood when they are putting all that pressure on their hands.

Does cold flow from the ice to your hand?

There is actually no such thing as "cold". What we mean by cold is really the "absence of heat". The heat is what is flowing out of your hand and into the ice, causing the ice to melt. Cold does not flow because cold does not exist.
When I was in college we decided that it would be fun to invent the "electric dark bulb". It would shine darkness out in all directions, leaving well lit shadows behind objects that got in the way of the dark rays. But try as we might, we could never get a bulb that would shine dark rays. Cold is like that. I wish Arnold Schwartzenegger had known this when he decided to attack Gotham City with his freeze ray. It was doomed from the start, whether Batman showed up or not.

Boyfriend's hands always cold?

Well my boyfriend has TERRIBLE circulation in his hands and is always cold. He said that I, on the other hand, am always really warm. So I'm sleeping, and his freezing cold self waddles in, spoons me, and puts his COLD hands all over my tummy.

Is this acceptable or should I throw a pair of gloves at his face?

What could be the cause of constantly cold hands?

There are dozens of reasons. Anyone with this condition should talk it over with their doctor. It could be circulation, nervous system, thyroid, heart . . . . Or, you move improperly which constricts circulation and nervous systems, not enough or you move too fast. Muscles and tendons work best when moved slowly which then improves circulation.When my hands are cold, five minutes of aerobic exercise gets my blood flowing to my extremities. I have a friend from “Areland” and his hands are cold even in 90 degree temps. It could be a genetic or geographic thing.As a pianist, a greater threat to my dexterity is dryness more than cold. Don’t obsess with cold hands and fingers (after you discuss it with your doctor) but instead focus on whole body health. Here I am practicing in a very cold theater. Sure, this recording is fraught with mistakes but despite cold fingers, it is my whole that is playing. Focusing on the cold fingers would only create tension in muscles I don’t use (the fingers don’t have muscles). The hands are an extension of the arms (and core) so start from the core and arms.