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College At Age 23 Is It Worth It

Is it fine to go to a college at an age of 23?

It would probably be more interesting than going straight from high school. By now you probably know what the real world is like to a degree, and you can capitalize on that to have a thoroughly enlightening experience. In reality age is just a number, and unless you have an amazing career that you are passionate that you would have to give up to go to college, it makes no difference. Use your relative maturity given to you by age and the real world to get good grades, join organizations you believe in, make lifelong friends, and get a position in a field that you either really care about, or can provide you a decent living that you at least marginally enjoy. I know many people who would rather have gone to college later in life to more capitalize on the opportunities ( what the hell did you really know at 18 anyways?)

Can I go to college at 23?

When I was doing my graduation, there were 2 guys; one was in his early 20s and the other in his late 20s. The guy in his late 20s would mingle with all of us without any hesitation and we always saw him as another friend of equal age. The other guy in his early 20s had his own set of friends in the classroom and was quite jovial. We might guess their age and talk about it in first meeting but not after that. From day 2, everything goes normal like it would be with friends of our age.You are just 23 and you dont have to worry about it. Go ahead and join. Best of luck.

Am I too old I start college at 23?

Absolutely not ! :) When I was a teen, I had the pleasure of meeting a globally respected physician, within his area of course… and he went to medical school at 35, at that time him been 20 years older I thought, wow that was old to start med school, as the path we are expected to follow is graduate high school, go to tech school or college and start a job before we turn 23…Myself personally, have had some starts and stops as have other colleagues of mine, but that did not stop us from constantly reassessing ourselves, where we wanted to go, what we wanted to achieve and contribute and then plan a course of action to get there…the key is taking stock of where you are now and what you want to achieve in life…not where you see yourself at 30 or 35 but maybe in segments, next 5, the following 5–10 and then the rest of your years.Some folks pursue a degree and end up in a career that has nothing to do with that they studied at Uni. At 23 you’ve had some time to reflect, experience life a little, work, observe and probably see what can or cannot work for you, that you may not have had a perspective on at say 17 or 18…Today, people are living well into their 80’s, my great uncle a retired neurosurgeon is in his 80s and still actively engaged in his profession and his community outside of work…and he did not start his career as a neurosurgeon :)Hope this helps :)

Is 23 too old to start college?

In your case, it's probably better to wait a year until you're 24. Why? Because at 24 you can file for financial aid as an independent student, without reporting your parents income. Even better would be if you limit your income to about $8,500 in the year before you attend college. That's because your financial aid eligibility is calculated based on you previous year income. So if you turn 24 next year and limit your income to that amount, then you'll probably have an FAFSA Expected Family Contribution of $0, which will get you the maximum amount of aid and the lowest cost of education, particularly if you attend a public college in your state. So not only is 24 a good age to start college for educational and career purposes, it's the best age for students with parents who earn too much to get much financial aid yet earn to little to pay for your college expenses, like millions of other low-middle income families. Attending college with an EFC of $0 can easily save you $60,000 or more in expenses over four years at a public university, and much more than that for more private colleges and for grad school. So waiting until you're 24 may turn out to be the best thing you've done financially, even though you didn't know it.

You're also probably more motivated to get good grades and to do well in college compared to many 18 year old freshman, because you probably know that the real-world can be very difficult in low paying jobs without a degree to help get you into a career with good long-term prospects for advancement. Attending community college for two years can also enable you to get into many highly respected universities, if you fulfill the transfer requirements with a high GPA. This will allow your highschool GPA and SAT scores to be irrelevant for admissions, since only your college performance will be used for evaluation. Community colleges are also a lot cheaper, particularly if you can limit your expenses by living with your parent(s) or finding an inexpensive roommate situation for housing. Check the prices for on-campus housing to see how expensive it is vs. off-campus options or living at home.

Is 23 an old age to be graduating college?

There is no such thing as an old age to graduate college. Honey, education is a journey of a lifetime.

What really matters is what you make of your life. Enjoy your life! Make the most, be the best of what you can be. Make something of yourself. Then, you won't have to worry about age. You'll see, you won't be even thinking about it.

Is 23 too old to be a junior in college? ?

I'm 23 and a junior in college. I feel weird and out of place bc I'm sure they will be lookin at me so weird. The good thing is I look young and when ppl ask me they seem shocked. I stop telling my age and then they think I'm rude. I would like to pledge but I'm afraid they will look at me funny cause I'm 23 pledging. Has anyone ever felt like this? What's the average age of college students?

What would it be like to go back to college at 23?

I did not even start college until I was 20-after realizing the kind of jobs (and only those) I'd likely get without a college education. Whatever your previous education, you are, even at 23 more mature than the standard college freshman is at 18. One of my profs even said he thought my writing and analysis of material (was an English major-studied mostly lit) was better BECAUSE I was a bit older. That said, having worked in an academic office for now decades see students of all ages, sizes, shapes, abilities and must say that the older ones, esp. those who are both working and going to school, are usually much more motivated than the average just-out-of-high-school student who hasn't a clue as to why he/she is there. IF you have the chance to go back, even at the "ripe old age" of 23 DO it! You will not regret it.

Is it worth doing CA at the age of 23?

There is no age limit for doing any type of course. Infact, I am thinking to do LLB and I am 38 years old. You know why, because I can't represent in court. Unfortunately, it is regular college going course.In nutshell, start when you want to. I had encouraged lot of my subordinates to do CA and fortunately 2 of them now CA. I also know one Indirect tax government official who left job to pursue CA and today he is one of successful consultant.All the best!

Is 23/24 years of age too old for college baseball?

Im 23 years old, out of high school I signed on to play college baseball and was offered a starting position in the spring but I declined due to financial burdens even with a scholarship. I couldn't afford school until now. I've been playing in an adult league along with ex minor league players and current semi pro guys. Right now I have the highest batting average in the league with the most home runs and twice the knowledge I used to have. Im a switch hitting catcher/2nd base. I want to finish college, would a college accept me as a player? Would I be considered too old? Thanks in advance!

Is 23 too old go back to college?

I, like you, asked this same question when I was 23. I had went to college after high school and quit going after my freshman year, receiving all Fs. I went back when I was 23 and focused on getting better grades. I faked it until I made it. I went up to the professor after every class to make sure I was on track. I turned straight Cs to straight As. I received an Associates degree when I was 25 and was able to get federal aid to get an apartment to work on my Bachelors degree. I had fun at my university briefly joining a fraternity and getting involved as much as possible. Psychologically, it is difficult to identify an older student unless they're 30 or older is what I found out from meeting other students my age. I blended in with the 21 year olds. Now, I have a degree, a job that pays $30,000 more a year than I was making, a beautiful girlfriend and a bright future and I owe my life to my college education. Good luck to you on whichever career path that you choose.