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Columbia Sportswear Women

Sports store that holds XS fleece Columbias?

I don't know about sports stores but I did see some fleece Columbia's at JC Penney when I went school shopping Saturday.

Ladies!! Do you like the Columbia sportswear and North Face look on your men?

i absoultely love it! when they are clean cut with short hair (and glasses are a bonus), it can make a man look very sporty yet inteligent. i think wayyy too many young women/teenage girls wear northface jackets with hideous UGGS, but guys look smashing in NF and Columbia jackets!

What stores carry Columbia Sportswear fleece jackets?

This Site Might Help You.

What stores carry Columbia Sportswear fleece jackets?
I've been looking online but I can't figure out what stores sell the Columbia Sportswear fleece Jackets?

Like this one,default,sc.html?sz=1&start=15

If oyu know any stores like Big 5, TArget, Kmart, Walmart,...

What stores carry Columbia jackets?


Where can I find a women's black, XS fleece columbia?

Belks Has them, I have actually gotten an XS small fleece columbia there before.
Macy's might.
Sorry, I'm not much help.

People seem to be very confused about this, mentioning things like Columbia is the female personification of America, or Columbia refers to the Americas as a whole and not the specific country in South America.The question, however, is orthographic. Columbia (the country) is named after the person Christopher Columbus (which means dove in Latin). In Spanish his name is Cristobal Colon, hence the o in the Colombia of Spanish. The n changes to m in Spanish, again for orthographic reasons (it’s easier to say).English has always preferred the spelling of words from either French or Latin, NOT SPANISH. Thus, until some weird campaign from Columbians telling other people how to speak and spell in THEIR language, people Speaking English had been saying Columbia in reference to the South American country.Note that no other countries do this. The Germans do not tell us that their country is called Deutschland and not Germany. The Dutch don’t tell us that their country is called Nederland and not the Netherlands. Why? Because they recognise that we are speaking a DIFFERENT language.Thus, in English we say Columbia for ANYTHING named after the person Christopher Columbus.

Neither North Face nor Columbia make the best stuff.  I suggest Arc'teryx, Cloudveil, Patagonia, Marmot or Mountain Hardwear.  Probably in that order.  Get a shell, and layer under it (i.e. not an insulated parka).  Softshell is great for mild days, but I suggest a more traditional hardshell fabric if you're gonna use it on snowy days as well.  Any of these will do the trick: an economical choice: If you're dead-set on something with insulation, then something like this: served a stint on ski patrol at Mammoth:  on the hill at 5 am in 70 mph winds for avi control, and never wore more than a quality hardshell with good layers underneath (capilene base, fleece middle, maybe one extra layer for really cold days, then the shell)

I agree with the other two posts.Especially what Stephanie said about trying them on if possible.Also, here is the women’s versionThis parka is insulated, has heat lining, is waterproof, and is designed specifically with the Arctic climate in mind : ) All you need to bring with you is your hot chocolate!If you end up shopping online, you can use these Columbia Sportswear coupons for further reductions. Stay warm!