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Combination Of Aspirin And Caffeine And Sweating

What is it like to take nicotine, caffeine, and Adderall - all together?

I take adderall fairly regularly (20mg XR, average about 5 times a week, on weekdays) and with nicotine there was no real harm. I’d lose a lot of my productivity but it’s really nice for reducing stress and helping relax without dumbing me down.With caffeine, I already have a very low tolerance and usually get super jittery if I have two cups within an hour, so I couldn’t drink coffee on Adderall pretty much at all. It would help when I needed to get a LOT done, but beyond that it makes me very hyper and my thoughts race even faster than they usually do, making it harder to focus in some ways then if I had just not done either. That being said, I get way more productive but I wouldn’t feel good.Other comments: Adderall enhances dopamine uptake, and nicotine is very well known for increasing dopamine levels in your brain, so nicotine (I would imagine) becomes much more addictive when you are taking adderall vs when you’re otherwise sober; for me the nicotine high I get is way more intense. But, I have ADHD, so my brain chemistry is different from many other people’s, this is just an effect I’ve noticed and it makes the withdrawals from nicotine moderately more severe (nothing crazy or extreme). When I smoke tobacco (or other forms of nicotine drugs), I lose productivity, but mental functioning is still very sound (if not better, I just lose motivation quickly and would rather play videogames).My advise: use moderation. I haven’t taken all three drugs together and I have other friends who have (both prescribed Adderall for ADHD and not) and they have all had pretty serious symptoms, mostly to do with elevated blood pressure, giving them a sense of their chest closing in and mild onsets of a sense of panic. If you feel you need all three, keep in mind it’s pretty dangerous (anecdotal basis, haven’t read any scientific reports on the interactions between these three drugs or done it myself).

Why does consuming caffeine cause me shortness of breath?

I used to have a similar issue, also with coffee (kind-of) and was short of breath regularly. The doctor checked my Blood oxygen levels and all were good. I am also a runner and normally had no issues maintaining a 9 minute mile for 10+ miles. Yet I regularly felt like I needed to to take deep breaths and they were “felt” unsuccessful.About 10 months ago I was reading a book on food allergies related to a need my daughter had and realized that this might be the issue. After numerous months of tracking food and tracking shortness of breath I realized that I had an allergy to cow’s milk. Including the creamer I was using in my coffee.As it turns out I had numerous symptoms and was never connecting them together including: shortness of breath, diarrhea one day and constipation the next, anal itching, eczema, lethargy especially the first few hours after ingestion, and a year round, constant running nose (always had tissues with me). All of these symptoms have now gone!If your like me then the breathing was not severe enough to call an ambulance but very uncomfortable. I can tell you that removing ALL dairy form my diet has literally changed my life.I would suggest you look into any allergies including: food, household chemicals, indoor toxins like molds, clothes detergents, pet allergies, etc…It might take months to find but with the help of an allergy doctor I sure you can find the culprit.

What are the side effects of Vasograin (anti migraine) pills?

Vasograin comprises:ergotamine tartrate 1 mg,caffeine 100 mg,paracetamol 250 mg,prochlorperazine maleate 2.5 mg.The two ingredients with the highest risk in this brand of pill, are Ergotamine and Prochlorperazine.Ergotamine: An ergot derivative that acts as a vasoconstrictor (constricts blood vessels). It also acts peripherally and can damage epithelium (tissue forming the outer layer of the body). It can also reduce blood supply to the heartIf used beyond a certain amount in a day, then it can result in a host of life-threatening complications like thrombosis and gangrene.Prochlorperazine: This drug was originally created as an anti-psychotic and a highly potent one at that. It’s used now only as an anti-emetic (to counter nausea and vomitting) as a well as a few other disorders like vertigo. This is one group of drugs that have a whole host of issues that it can cause, some of which may be horrendous but reversible, with only a small percentage of people experiecing them with low doses of the drug but upto 40% of people with higher doses. These are symptoms like muscle stiffness, twitching, dystonia and a horrible condition called akathisia.It also can cause irreversible, incurable and life-long conditions (eg. Tardive Dyskinesia - Parkinson’s-like symptoms that begin several weeks or months after stopping the use of the drug.) These drugs also carry a tiny risk of causing a fatal condition called NMS or Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome (with symptoms like high fever, stiff muscles, irregular pulse and/or BP, fast heartbeat (tachycardia), sweating, confusion, irregular heart rhythm or arrhythmias).This is why it’s use for migraines is generally limited to no more than 2 days.In a nutshell, both these drugs have many ways of killing you, and not in a pleasant wayPersonally. I think there are a lot better and safer options available to treat migraines.Hope this helps and All the best.

How do I get this freakin' Novocain to wear off?

Hey Rich Z...local anesthetic has everything to do with blood flow. Blood flow is what causes the numbness to go away....that is why most anesthesia has an additional ingredient in it that causes the blood vessels to constrict so that the "Novocaine" stays around the tooth to keep it numb.. By the way....Novocaine has not been used for years. Dentist use Carbocaine, Xylocaine, Lidocaine, etc. Now, for helping the numbness go away faster you can hold a warm wash cloth on your face (causes increase in blood flow which causes the anesthesia to be absorbed by the body) or you can take a walk or hike and this will cause the heart rate to speed up which will in turn make the feeling come back sooner. Personally, I try to take a nap after dental work and when I wake up the numbness is gone!! Any excuse for a nap!

What are the side effects of taking a Saridon tablet for headaches frequently?

Gastric issues, racing heart beat and rebound headaches. These three actually cause headaches again and again after a few hours of Saridon losing its effect so you tend to keep taking itStop taking painkillers with caffeine, start with a prescribed pain reliever without caffeine and try reducing caffeine intake in other beverages.I had a horrible time with rebound headaches, I'm now a lot better without caffeine.

Why is water causing my throat to burn with tonsillitis?

When conventional methods fail, you either have to just hunker down and wait out the storm or seek further action. I am torn in my advice, because I do have a natural disdain for general practitioners (family doctors) but on the other hand, I know how tonsillitis might affect your overall health. If you do not have to desperately have your tonsils removed, just keep drinking water. It doesn't matter if it's filtered or treated or whatnot. If you think you might need them removed as a result, then do so. Otherwise, just drink water (it's the universal solvent) and tough it the F out.

Edit: my advice is to just wait it the F out, and drink water like you normally would. Unless there is a massive chemical difference, your body won't know the difference between mineral water, bottled water, or tap water. Keep yourself hydrated and be smart.