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Come On/upon Somebody/something

Wishing bad upon someone?

Well, yes, you can stop wishing bad on people. Pretend they are you.

Wishing bad on someone always comes back to bite you by making it more difficult to be kind.

What's it called when you give someone something in exchange for borrowing something from them?

If the "something" given in exchange for borrowing is a signed slip of paper, that would be an "IOU" (I OWE YOU), sometimes called in gambling circles a "marker". If it is something more substantial, used as collateral for the item borrowed, that would be a "pledge", "security" or "pawn", as in "pawnbroker".

Wishing death upon someone....bad Karma?

i was talking to my sister and I told her how much I hate my dad, and how much I wish he dies a slow and painful death. I want him to die NOW. She told me that "karma is a *****, when you wish something bad towards someone, it would come right back to you". She doesn't understand that my dad is a very bad person (we don't have the same dad) He used to beat the **** out of me when I was young, I couldn't even go outside and play with my cousins or friends. I remember having the worst childhood ever, to the point of praying to God, why was I living this life? He constantly beat on my mom, he CONTROLS her, he makes threats to her, he manipulates her, insults her and even talk down to her in front of his family. He has this very negative energy that surrounds him, when ever he walks in the room you can just feel this negative energy and tension. When my mom's mom (My grandma) died, my mom was crying allot, the night before she flew across country to her moms funeral, he made my mom cook dinner, she served him and he didn't like how the food taste so he swung the plate to the floor, and beat my mom, the next day she flew to her moms funeral with a black eye and busted lips. ......Now is this true, I do truly wish he dies a slow and painful death, I wish that he just dies NOW......but is this going to happen to me? Can someone explain to me the rules of Karma?

Is wishing death upon someone a BAD KARMA?

Karma doesn't work like that. It's not an eye for an eye or even 3 eyes for one eye. There's no such thing as a natural law which dispenses justice or oversees fairness or makes sure that everyone gets what's owed. There's no cosmic pay-back. Karma is what determines the attributes of your next reincarnation. If you learn the proper lessons, if you spiritually evolve, then your next reincarnation will be a grade or two higher than this one. If you don't and you used up a lot of good karma for this reincarnation then your next reincarnation could be several grades lower.

Setting karma aside, however, it's a really bad idea for your own health and emotional well-being to be too wrapped up in hate or in wanting mega-payback for the wrongs done to you. Hatred not only holds you back it drags you down and wastes tons of mental, emotional, and physical energy which could be better used to raise you up. It also keeps the wrongs fresh and new, extending their hurt and pain weeks, months, and years past the day they actually occurred; locking you into an eternal victim mode.

Hate is very addictive. If you continually practice hate it will eat up everything else about you. You don't have to forgive. You certainly don't have to forget. What you do have to do is get over it. Rise above it. Move on. Be stronger than your addiction. Become the winner instead of the loser. Look the one who wronged you in the eye and laugh. Take your power back from them and walk proudly away shaking the dust from the soles of your feet to make sure you take nothing of them with you.

What do hit upon a scheme mean?

someone who not purposley has come across something that has found a way to try and get people to give money to a company or person that is not real or a real company.It's a scam or a lie of some sort.

What is the meaning of "impress upon"?

Impress meaning to try to form a good impression, impress upon means “to try and form a good impression on something.” impress upon/impress on/impress withExamples:1. The teacher was impressed upon the pupil's quality of grasping everything that was being explained.2. “What are you trying to impress me upon?”