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Commercial Rockwood Ladder Pull Handles Dark Bronze 5 Ft

How much torque or force is required to open a door-handle type of door?

It will depend greatly on the door. The equation for torque is r(displacement vector from axis) X F(force). The torque required to open the door will be the same as the torque required to overcome the static friction in the door hinges. Apply enough torque, the static friction will be overcome, and the door will start to move. Apply even more torque, and the door will open faster.

The friction in the hinges will be very different for different doors and different hinges. Heavier doors will probably, on average, be harder to open because gravity will likely be causing a torque on the hinges, increasing normal forces within the hinge. Old or rusty hinges will obviously also require more torque than new or well designed hinges.

If you are feeling ambitious, you could devise an experiment to find the torque required to open your door. Tie a rope to the knob, set up a pulley on a tripod or stand, and run the rope over the pulley. Attach weights, starting small and adding more, until the door opens / moves. Then, the torque required to open your door is T=Rwg, where r is the distance in meters from hinge to knob, w is the mass in kilograms of the weights, and g is 9.8.

Or you could make a rough estimate. Most doors, i would imagine, are fairly easy to open and would be under 50N.

Help with tub faucet handle?

It looks like everyone missed a significant point in your post. Do you realize that removing the handles will not expose anything that needs fixing. It is just one step in getting to that point. The handles just pull off once the screw is removed. It is very common for them to be corroded and stuck on. Soak it in Liquid Wrench or similar for a half hour. Tap it a couple of times during the soaking to help it go inside the junction. If that doesn't lossen it up enough, you will need a handle puller. They are cheap. Once the handle is off, take off any decorative trim. That may involve a set screw or a nut screwing the trim on. Eventually, you will see a nut that the shaft of the valve comes through. That shaft is what the handle was screwed on to. The nut keeps the insides of the faucet from coming out so you need to remove it. Again, Liquid Wrench. A flare nut wrench might be of value here. Once that nut is out, you will be able to unscrew the shaft counterclockwise. It will now keep going so you can remove the guts of the faucet.

Kitchen design problem - any help?

First relax, both brown and black are considered neutral colors, they really do go with a lot of colors.

Let's start with your back splash. Go looking at tile, look at different sizes and types. Play with a mixture of tiles (much more interesting). Mix neutral tiles with a color that you like; play around with it. But a few of each tile to take home with you and try in the kitchen. Even if you change your mind, you can still use them for coasters, trivets or craft projects.

Once you settle on tiles; then you'll be better able to select wall colors. There are so many colors and textures available in tile now. Use the tile as your jumping off point. As long as there is some neutral colors in it, maybe a bit of black, you will be just fine.

I wouldn't go too pastel, with the dark neutrals, you're going to need some strong color (medium tones at least) to keep it from looking washed out. I can't tell you how many times I've brought tiles home to play with to make up my mind! A few dollars spent now and being able to see how they look in your home can save you making a BIG and EXPENSIVE mistake.

Let us know what tiles you choose, post a photo or two and we'll help you from there if you need it!

Improve the distance of a catapult?

It looks like it might be launching at too low of an angle. The stop looks like it's very far forward.

You could use a crank or winch to pull the arm back. Something like this: ...Or almost anything on this page:

You could also add a rod under the bucket to use as handles for pulling the arm back. Or hang a temporary weight under the bucket to help pull it back.

What are you launching with the catapult? How much does it weigh?

Do you have any idea of the amount of tension on the band when fully extended? How long is the arm currently?


I'm assuming this is a normal sized water balloon, maybe 3" in diameter. If so, the arm probably weighs significantly more than the balloon. In this case, you wasting a lot of your energy getting that arm going, and a smaller portion into balloon. It may help quite a bit to get a lighter arm, maybe aluminum and then make it longer. Make sure it leaves the bucket at approximately a 45 degree angle.

Carefully, with a saw. I’ve done it on several occasions.The power lines are usually insulated, though the neutral/ground may not be. It’s about as dangerous as vacuuming near a lamp cord. The wires are only carrying about 120V; the voltage is insufficient to jump a gap of any size and if insulated the wires should be safe to touch if you slip. Don’t cut the insulation with the saw - be especially careful if using a chainsaw. Make sure the branches don’t fall on the wires - not so much that there’s a problem touching them, but if you drop a 100lb branch on them they may pull out of the house fittings. Ideally you should use a fibreglass ladder not a metal one, and wear safety glasses, just in case. If, somehow, you were able to cut the wires and short them together, the consequences of arcing are just as much a hazard as getting a shock.If the wire is hung from a big stack of insulators, it’s probably high voltage distribution lines, but those do not usually come onto private property without a wide right-of-way either side. Those are not safe to work on without training.As others said, there’s a good chance the utility will do it for free and save you the trouble. They won’t turn the power off either, or take any extraordinary precautions.

How did the myths contribute to Greek society, culture, and history?

In a bad way... really..

But not in the beginning...

Ulysses and other have contributed to rise the will to discover and conquest other lands...

Later on...

Greeks thought they were invincible!... so strong they was...

And finally...

Where is the so big Empire of Greece?

Lays down under the time run out....

This is the way humanity uses to be...

Guess I gave a help with a point to follow in your essay.....