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Common Girl And Boy Names

Boy and Girl "F" Names?

Frita / Frida
Franny / Frannie
Fay / Faye
Fadey / Fadie

Frankland / Franklind

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What are the most common names for boys and girls among the Hindu population in India?

My neighbour's name is Satyanarayan, when he got married he named his wife PoojaAfter a year a girl was born he named her AartiThe next year a boy, he named him Prasad

What are the most common names of girls in India?

The names beginning or ending with Lakshmi are the most common Hindu names in southern India. Ex: Vijaya Lakshmi, Raja Lakshmi, Maha Lakshmi,Sri Lakshmi etc;‘Preeti or Priya’ is common in both northern India and southern India.Swapna, Pinky ,soni,Priyanka,Mala,Deepika are also common in central India.‘Sandhya’ is common in south eastern India. India is a huge country with several languages. Names do sound differently. There are thousands of common names.

Which baby boy and girl name is most common in India?

It depends on which part of India you are living. Perhaps, searching the answer of this question from Google is a better idea.

Boy names that aren't trendy or too common?

I need help thinking of boy's names that are not:

Trendy, top 50 names (ex: Aidan, Landon, Grayson, etc.)
Common (ex: Michael, James, Joshua, etc.)
Feminine or unisex

I would like something classic, but different. Something that isn't too common right now.
My husband likes Ethan and Maddox. But Ethan is like top 10 and Maddox is kind of trendy.

Does this exist? Thanks for your ideas!

What are the most common American baby girl and boy names that have a good meaning, and yet are easy to pronounce by people of all languages?

I believe a name should flow smoothly out of your mouth thru the tip of your tongue and should be easy to pronounce and easy to spell. No name should be an embarrassment for any child like Peakaboo or Moonchild. Changeups' are accepted like the name of Robert Paul Smith for an example, could be changed to Paul Robert Smith, and you could call him Bob, Robert, or even Junior.I did not make up these rules this is my opinion only. To find some good American names go to and ask the same question what are the most common American baby names that have a good meaning and are easy to pronounce? The websites' will appear then click on the website and you will find your answer. You will be surprised as to what Americans are naming THEIR babies. Or go to a book store and ask if they have any books on baby names. I have seen women who are pregnant buy a book of baby names because they don't know what to call their baby You need a name when the child is born . YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR CHILDS BIRTH CERTIFICATE TO SAY UNDER ITS NAME THIS: UNDECIDED., OR THIS, NO NAMED SMITH.

Girl and boy names with two first names?

nothing too common, but something unique. We named our daughter Ashlyn and her middle name is Madison. I think we want to do names with two first names for a girl, and something that can be used with initials for a boy. But any suggestions will help.

I posted this earlier and think it confused some people and I'll get a better response in the pregnancy section, Please help?

How ok is it to give girl names to boys in Japan?

I have never seen 子 in a boy's name and I imagine this would be as strange as giving a boy a name that ended in -ella in English.Traditional Japanese names seem pretty gendered, it's hard to explain, but even as a non-native speaker you pick up on it. Yoshihiro, Masanobu and Takashi are definitely guys, and Akiko, Chizuru and Hana are definitely girls.In this case, the guys tend to have two character names where at least one of the characters is a virtue "ambitious" "righteous", "happy", and the other is something like "high" or "vast". Alternately, a lot of sons just used to be named literally First Son, Second Son, etcThe girls have elegant names like Autumn-child, Thousand-cranes and Flower.Recently, the trend of unique names has hit Japan just as hard as the rest of the world, and many parents are coining new combinations of kanji for their children. For example, spelling the name Sakura phonetically as 沙久良 or something.The more cringe-worthy of these names are known in Japan as kirakira neemu, or "sparklenames".Anyway, as a result of these Sparklenames, you can occasionally see boys with more traditionally feminine characters in their names, or vice versa. However, in this case, the characters usually spell out a name that is clearly the appropriate gender.This trend may be exaggerated in anime if part of the plot involves a character having a clearly eyebrow-raising name for their gender, or the character is meant to be a particularly effeminate man or tomboyish girl. But mostly, even among the Sparklenames boys seem to have names like "soaring dragon" and "shining light" and girls are "beautiful sunrise" and "future hope"

What are the most popular boy and girl names?

One of the most fun things of all about baby girls is the gorgeous girl's names to choose from. There are so many beauties, it’s hard to narrow it to just one. Need some help, or just happen to love seeing the latest and greatest in baby names? At your service, moms!This list is based on accumulated data from the current year and is updated every day from our network of over 1,500 hospitals across the US - so it is always showing the latest trends!Also if you are still not sure what sex your baby is, don't forget to check out our Top Pretty Girl Names of 2018!