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Computer Fans Speeds Up By Themself When Gaming Bf3

What are the best ways to speed up your computer for gaming?

System Speed depends upon the following factors:Hardware configuration ( Processor Type, Build, RAM, Hard Disk, Cache and Architecture)Kind of Operating System InstalledType of work you are doing on your systemThere are some ways and tweaks that you can apply in your system to make it run fast:use speed up software ( tuneup utilities etc.)change your os (use basic version of win 7 , use older version xp or use linux)Tweak your system manuallyNow , if you use speed up software there is a thing you need to purchase them and they also slows down the booting process because they are programmed to run at boot time to get super user access to make admin changes in your system.You can change OS basic version of windows 7 will have less features and visual treatments so this version will consume less RAM, and if you use win xp then there is a risk of security breach because Microsoft have stopped support on XP so its vulnerable and using it makes you a easy target for hackers.Linux is a good choice but, you need to be expert to use linux because linux is not like windows its much more than that.According to me Tweak your system is the best for you. I am telling you that is you are using windows and windows have a lot of services and features that you being a normal user dont need. so you can turn off all the extra features and services to free up RAM and your system will run fast.There is one issue with is approach you need to have intense knowledge of windows to tweak your system manually .But don’t worry watch this video and do step by step as shown in video.This video gives you step by step instructions to speed up your system.

Why is my CPU fan speed at 5000ish RPM when playing games?

Processing requires power use. Power use generates heat. Heat in computers damage components. Components damaged will eventually lead to computer damage.The fan is installed to regulate heat, to avoid the most probable otherwise, computer damage.Games require an enormous amount of processing, this in turn requires an enormous amount of power, this generates an enormous amount of heat, and so on.The fan rotates faster, to generate more air to cool the system, to avoid damage.I hope this helps.

Why do people hate Call of duty so much?

I agree with Shadowmaykr, every year Call of Duty is the same game just with slightly different gameplay and a different story. The multiplayer is almost exactly the same. Activision and Infinity Ward need to get a new game out every year or their games get stale and boring and they lose their fans. Look at MW3, it has the same game engine and the same gameplay and is based around the same basic story as MW2. The developers want money and are unwilling to sacrifice any for a better game so they figure they can keep the game the exact same every year and make more money each release. That is exactly why I prefer Battlefield because they actually care about entertaining their fans and providing them with an enjoyable gaming experience. The developers of Battlefield have reworked their graphics engine and game engine to make Battlefield better than before and much more better than Call of Duty. But the real reason everyone hates the series is because everyone finds ways to glitch and everyone noobstubes, knifes and does stupid *** no scopes and stupid 360 spinning around sniper shots. And after being killed by some kid (a large percentage of Call of Duty players are under eighteen) They get annoyed with it and hate the game and want to quit and play something else. In short the game is repetative and extremely annoying at times.

@INSANE That is exactly my point; if the devolpers actually cared they would come up with a new unique storyline instead of reusing the same one when they could have ended story in one game.

Is World of Tanks better than Warthunder?

It depends on how you measure goodness.World of Tanks is played by more people and makes more money.Warthunder has better visuals, allows players to do more than just drive tanks. It’s a better simulation of fighting with ww2 weapons systems than World of Tanks.The very gamey constraints that limit its ability to compete at the simulation level World of Tanks is a deeper, more complex skill game and cultivates higher levels of competitive play.Even tho Warthunder has its arcade mode as a nod to mimicking World of Tanks, they are very different games.Warthunder comes from a legacy of action sim games.World of Tanks is really just an extension of Counter Strike with tanks and lots of “characters.”If you find one game better than the other I would guess it says more about you as a player than it does about either of the two games.

Will battlefield 5 be the beginning of the end of EA?

Battlefield V does look to have an uphill battle come October being sandwiched between the releases of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2, both of which have much higher pre-order sales.If sales work out the way analysts are predicting, EA may be in trouble but they are aware of this. Battlefield V Pre-Orders Short of EA’s Own Goals, Contingency Plan in Place if Game Flops. There are gripes however warranted or unwarranted about historical accuracy and tweaks to the gameplay which have hurt public perception of the game. EA states they are preparing A LOT of post-launch DLC that will be free including their battle royale mode which “may be distributed in a “creative” way, perhaps taking a page from Fortnite and its free-to-play approach.” Additionally, there is a “big surprise” planned which could include remastering some of their other WW2 game’s map, the ever popular Battlefield 1942. This would be similar to how CoD remastered one of their biggest hits, CoD4: Modern Warefare which came out with Infinite Warfare’s release. This would be big news to a lot of people.I’m skeptical as to how much free DLC will really help the sales of the game though the battle royale mode will certainly be an X-factor, in addition to the “big surprise”. If done well, a good battle royale mode has pretty spectacular potential to grow a game’s fan base.My hope is that the negative to mixed reaction the game has got pre-release will be a wake up call to EA. I may just be speaking for myself but I’m going to speak for everyone anyways; The people want modern warfare! There is a reason Battlefield 4 is still played even after BF Hardline and BF1 have come out. Along with BF 1942, Battlefield 2 was their biggest game. BF3 was also modern warfare. Just go back to modern warfare!!! Their bread and butter is tanks, helicopters, jets, and other vehicles in large scale battles on varied maps. Call of Duty just did WW2 last year so I thought they would have done well to move back to modern day for this year’s release.If this game bombs, whether EA plans to yet or not, they should go back to regular old modern day warfare because I don’t think they will have any problems selling that game.