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Concealer Or Foundation Help

Concealer or foundation?

concealer is to put on spots to hide them
i wear both i wear concealer with foundation on top hope this help

How can I use a concealer and a foundation?

If you have pimples, discoloration, dark spot or dark circle only than you would require a concealer. The people who have plain skin with no blemish and marks can skip the concealer and apply the foundation directly.So here is how you should start with it.You need to buy a concealer which is one or two shades lighten than your skin tone. They are available in many variations but there are two basic types –Liquid State – If you have blemishes that cover a major part of your face or are scared all around your face the liquid concealer is the best. This is because it spreads easily and do not accumulate.Solid (Usually a stick or compact) – Some of the women after suffering acne develop little depression in the skin. These narrow area needs something that is firm and the compact cream concealer are perfect for them.I first apply the concealer to cover the darker areas. Once all the spots and blemishes are covered I blend it with my fingers. After a few minutes I pour the foundation in my hand and use the fingers to add little drop all over the skin. The last step is to use either a sponge or fingers to evenly spread the foundation all over the skin.Women who have bewilderment regarding how to choose a foundation, here is an resourceful guide.

Which is better, a concealer or a foundation?

A concealer and foundation have different purposes.Foundation is supposed to even out your skin color covering any discoloration like acne, sun damage, etc. It has to match your skin color perfectly making no difference between your face, neck and chest.Concealer is supposed to cover under eye area to make it look brighter (healthier) and usually it is 1–2 shades lighter than your skin tone.Technically you can use foundation as a concealer under the eye area as well as their formula is very often the same, though this way you will not make your under eye area any brighter which will make your face look “flat”. If you are ok with it and the foundation doesn’t dry out your under the eye area then you can go only with foundation without using any concealer!For better knowledge in makeup and how to apply it you may want to sign up for the online course to help you out with it. I would recommend Essential course by Online Makeup Academy:Online Makeup Classes | Professional Makeup Artist AcademyThey will teach you all the basics in makeup which can really help you and make you a makeup maven. Also they will send you a FREE makeup kit that consists mainly of High-end makeup products that will help you with practicing makeup:Makeup Kit - Online Makeup AcademyHope this helps!

Is it okay to use concealer as foundation?

I'm not into all that heavy make-up stuff
I just want something light, but would it be okay to use concealer as foundation?
I dont really get a lot of pimples, but I have a few pimple scars on my forehead, nothing majorly visible though
So back to the question, is it okay to use concealer as a substitute for foundation? Or would I need foundation?

Foundation + concealer the same thing? 10 POINTS! help w/ this situation :S?

I know that non-comedogenic means that it won't clog your pores and cause acne (of course if you leave it on for days you'll get acne).

A spot concealer means you can put it on a red pimple on your face and it will cover that up, or you can use it as foundation which means you would cover your entire face in the product to give you a flawless look.

Is concealer and foundation bad for your skin?

Well that depends really. Anything you put on your face (that is not an oil free lotion) can lead to acne depending on how prone you are to breaking out. If you really want to cover up blemishes though, you need to look into mineral make up. It's natural and does not clog up your skin. Your dermatologist might even be able to recommend some that will also help clear up acne while covering it up.

Some stores, mainly your grocery store or local pharmacy can offer you a lower quality mineral make up. Those you buy from the grocery store or pharmacy are only a tad bit better than plain concealer/foundation.

If you are very concerned, then you need to spend the extra buck at a department store or make up store such as a Sephora. "Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals" is one example of a brand of mineral make up. It lasts much longer than plain make up though it does cost more. So in the end you are paying about the same (ie, bare mineral make up is the cost of two things of plain make up but mineral make up lasts twice as long)

So it's all up to you and how much you are willing to spend. The least you can do for yourself though is move to the grocery store brand minerals.

Good luck =)

Which should I buy, a first foundation or a concealer?

First of all it’s very important to understand the difference between a foundation and concealer.A foundation is basically a cosmetic which will help you form an uniform colour (for your complexion) and maybe to an extent even cover most of your pimples or spots, but not completely. However, a concealer will help you cover up most of your blemishes (such as pimples/age spots and etc). You could say a concealer is an extended and stronger version of a foundation. Not to mention a concealer is slightly thicker than a foundation liquid in terms of its composition.Secondly, decide according to your skin type and spots which one would you need more often.In fact, quite often the two have been used in a combination along with other make up products.Check out beauty blogs on youtube like Kaushal Beauty, Vivian V and etc. to get a better idea.

Is it okay to put concealer with no foundation?

You can but be very careful. The color needs to be just right for this to work. If its too light, it will look very obvious that you just put make up there plus it can look like you just wiped white flour under your eyes. Its not cute:p if its too dark you maybe appear to have bags under your eyes and again it will look very fake. Concealer is meant to be blended into your face and used with other makeup to create the perfect smoothness. This is why i dont suggest using it by itself and because your not experienced with makeup it will be tricky for a while . If you must you can apply the concealer to these areas: under eyes, top of chin bone, thin line on top of nose, brow bones, and middle forehead. It will highlight your whole face and look even, it will not appear as if you just slabbed on make up under your eyes. I would suggest to just buy powder foundation, apply two thin layers of it under your eye in a sweep motion toward your hairline. Then apply 4 layers of the same powder f