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Contest Come Up With A Plot For This Title

Any good murder story titles and plots?

fun! How about a middle aged millionaire goes missing while hiking in the mountains and the cops suspect the young, beautiful nurse who lived with him. They say her motive is that the millionaire had fallen in love with her, and recently wrote her into his will.

but to help prove her innocence, she hires a professional tracker to find the missing millionaire along the trail he was following, and show that his death was an accident.

the cops figure she's still up to no good, so the detective assigned to the investigation is in a race to find the husband's body before this wilderness guy does so that he can't tamper with and/or destroy any evidence of foul play.

so you have the city cop out of his element in the woods, versus the tracker guy with all the outdoor/survival know-how. and they're like constantly trying to head each other off, picking up clues along the way, trying to find the missing millionaire.

maybe the ending could be like they find the body and they see the millionaire had heart medication with him, and they test it and see that it was poison, replaced by the nurse, so the millionaire would die.

BUT THEN the coroner tells them the time of death, and says there was no trace of poison in his system. and it turns out he really did die naturally (stroke or whatever).

So the nurse is taken to jail for attempted murder, and the death is ruled an accident.

BUT THEN at the end you find out the tracker guy is actually the nurse's husband (obviously the couple would not let anyone know this earlier because it would seem suspicious if she hired her husband to help prove her innocence - he would of course lie for her)

and HE actually planted the poison pills on the millionaire's body to FRAME his wife! this way, the millionaire died fair and square, she inherits the money, but gets taken to jail, and the millions of dollars are now in HIS control!

What's a nice title/name for a baking contest?




Do you give your art titles?

Hi, guys, I did the thing where I asked a question because I wanted to talk about myself, but a few weeks after asking this question I have a new answer.Turns out, my new art teacher requires you to name all of your pieces, especially for AP Art.My last art teacher—the one I had for the first three years of high school—could not care less. If you were submitting to a contest that required a title, either you could come up with one or he would, and it would take less than ten minutes.New teacher? Nope, guys—everything you turn in should have a title. It can be super simple if you don’t want to try too much, but also don’t turn in a portrait titled “Portrait,” please.Get some real (ish) titles in here.So originally I was going to write about my fun transition from “titles are most important” as a child to “ugh, why” to “I guess I want to start naming these pieces,” but now I guess it doesn’t matter because it’s required!But, yeah, I have started titling my art stuff recently, mostly out of necessity. Writing on my Corner of Unreality art blog tends to necessitate a title, especially for pieces that somehow end up being recurring mentions. I can either name a piece, or go “you know that one?” every week. And as I’m working on an online store for prints and stickers and stuff, I try to give things titles on there, too.So now school just lines up with that.

What are some good titles for speech contests?

Overcoming the fear of public speaking is a topic in which most, if not all, of your audience will appreciate. Any ideas you can offer to them will be well received. You might begin by telling them that voice and clarity are important. One way to achieve clarity is to emphasize the last sound of each word. It may sound odd at first but not to the audience. It will sound very polished.This cannot be stressed enough….pause! No more than six (6) words…at a time…without a pause. Even less….than six….will be effective. All great speakers….pause. Use a full voice. Think of great speakers….Paul Harvey, Kennedy, Reagan, Clinton, Obama….all utilized a full voice….and paused.I would not write a presentation. You might try writing on index cards some keys words pertaining to each aspect if your presentation. TALK about each word. The main thing professional speakers are doing now is telling stories. If you can tell a story about each word/topic on your cards, your speech will have a better flow.Too, after you written all the words on index cards, try to think of an acronym/word and use that to keep your presentation in order. For example, you may have written on an index card: risk, objectivity, pessimistic, neutral, encouragement and self. Think of the first letter in each word and arrange them to PERSON….or any other word of your choosing.Use PERSON to keep you on track:P - pessimisticE - encouragementR - riskS - selfO - objectivityN - neutralPractice what you will say about each word. NOTE: you are using this to keep you on track, but the audience has no clue. They will just think you are THAT good! You will leave them wanting more!To read about I overcame the fear of speaking in public, CLICK on the link below. You should find the content very helpful.Rise Above: Conquering Adversities - Kindle edition by Greg Little, Kathy McClure, Risa Bruner, Isidor Muniz, Tony Johnson. Self-Help Kindle eBooks @ my best to you….

What is the best movie title you can make by changing the word order of a previous one?

Ferris Bueller’s Off Day- the perpetually luck teen gets actually sick, his parents don’t believe him and force him to go to school, where his classmates also believe he’s faking for attention, and Sloane breaks up with him because he’s “too emotionally needy,” and ends up with Cameron.Wolves with Dances - Not a full movie, just a scene cut out of Disney’s Fantasia where a group of bloodthirsty wolves pirouette around some sleeping lambs before falling on them in a blood-soaked frenzy.The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo - a rebellious young dragon defies his parents by having a mythical human girl tattooed on his back, only to later learn that humans really do exist, and they aren’t very nice to dragons.The Jackal of the Day- A Lion King spinoff where the less-popular savanna characters - the hyenas, jackals, buzzards, etc. - hold a beauty contest to decide who will rule them for a day, before being eaten by the others at sunset. Oddly cute jackal cub Rascal, after winning the contest, is spared being devoured because of his adorable crooked smile.

What comes first when a writer starts writing his story? Is it the title or the name around which he has to write his story? Or does the content come first and then title?

It depends and differs for every writer. For some it might be a personal experience or just another snippet of information/from a reading which is enough for the mind to churn out a basic plot. About the title of the story or body (content of the story) which decides the course of writing, it is possible that one word might create havoc in your mind :)I would like to share my personal experience here: I had to submit this 500 word short story for a contest with a theme of "Last man on the Earth". I struggled for two weeks to find a suitable theme to write and the deadline was near. On the day prior to submission, I came across an article while browsing the internet in office (favorite timepass) about Cannibalism in Jamestown : Jamestown Colonists Resorted to CannibalismI do not know what happen at that instant, but I wrote the plot in a note on my phone and wrote about 1000+ words that evening. Had to cut down a lot of dramatics to get it down to 500-520 (acceptable). This was one of the processes to write a story, the other do differ for instance the first short story I wrote (a crappy one I admit) was borne out of a strong urge to forget someone ;) The link to the story (if people are interested to read it): I'm not a pro)

If you enrolled in a contest to win $100,000 for coming up with the most imaginative way to fly, what would you invent?

I would go back in History to Ancient times and study some of the flying machines from the Ancient Aliens. If something really peaks my interest, i would go from there. Do you ever watch Ancient Aliens on Friday night? It's on the History Channel at 8. And it goes on til after midnight. The shiws change titles but the subject stays close to same storyline. You can also check out some of the famius artists and their painting from Impressionism and the Baroque Style. They have flying machines in the sky! Really. Google it. Did you know that Leonardo disappeared for 2 years and no one knew where he went, no one? Well, when he returned, he had a new, higher intelligences than 2 years prior. The man was already know as a genius. So how much more intelligent could he become and how did he get this higher brain development and where did he go?He was abducted by the Ancient Aliens! Really, that's what these scientists say. It's trippy.That is the angle i would work! I think it make a very interesting and colorful read. Not to mention, it is not out if the realm if possibilities. If it was, why are there machines in the skies in ancient cave paintings, on walls in ancient Egypt and tumbs, in Classical Art paintings etc. Someone saw something.And how were these great stones moved to build monuments that our engineers can not figure out today? Who taught the people around the world to build ston figurations to the sky that align with Orion? Around the world? It was too difficult for someone to go around the world and build these structures. Especially in different times. Like hundreds, even thousands of years apart. And they all lead you to Orion! Like the Pyramids.Go for it!Jb

What's a good title for a poetry collection?

im entering a collection of poems in a writing contest, and i cant come up with a title!

there are poems on every possible topic, including optimism book summaries suicide puppies mice and just about everything else....

Horror/mystery novel title ideas? HELP!?

- Seven
- Bad Habits
- The Prize

Or, just a suggestion, you could break each of the seven people's experiences into seven books and call the series as a whole 'The Sinners' and the books individually 'Pride', 'Lust', 'Greed', etc.

Also (if the above suggestion doesn't work for you) is there anything in particular that's done or said in the book that's especially creepy? 'Cause think about 'The Silence of the Lambs' (Clarice's story about the lambs screaming in her head if she didn't save everybody) or 'Saw' (The saw Jigsaw wanted Larry and Adam to use to cut off their own feet)

If you've seen neither of those movies, you probably have no clue what I'm talking about, so my advice is to watch a few classic horror movies and read some of Stephen King's work to find out why they entitled it whatever the did.
Best of luck, and I hope this helped!