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Coping With Severe Depression

How can I cope with severe depression? I’ve been depressed for about six years, but it’s gotten worse, and I don’t know what to do.

Please get help. I know it’s hard. I have suffered from chronic depression for 16 years. I spent a lot of time thinking I could handle it myself, thinking it wasn’t that bad, thinking all sorts of silly things. Sometimes it was bad, really bad, and a lot more of the time I was just numb, floating through my life not really experiencing any of it.The first thing you need to do is find someone to talk to. Talk to your doctor. They can suggest a therapist for you. They may try to prescribe you something but I would really suggest seeing a specialist and working with them to find the proper medication.Accepting help or taking medication doesn’t mean you are weak or that you have failed.CBT has proven to be very effective in helping people with depression. CBT stands for cognitive behavioral therapy. It’s all about recognizing destructive thought processes and self-correcting. However, it can be hard to get there so medication can help you get on the right track.For me, I always knew the things I was doing wrong or should be doing and I could see it but I just couldn’t do anything about it. It was extremely frustrating. Medication helped me get over the initial hump and correct the things I was doing wrong. It gave me a break from myself and let me put better coping strategies into place.I’m not saying you necessarily have to take medication, everyone is different after all. However in severe cases it can be really helpful in getting through the worst of it.

What are some coping mechanisms to deal with severe depression? This is referring to the kind of depression that is constant and unrelenting, sucking the joy completely out of life.

There’s a saying in recovery circles, “Move a muscle, change a thought.” The strategy can help. Don’t just sit there. Get up and move somewhere else, even if it’s just inside to outside. Do something - which can be difficult when everything seems hard, but even something very simple will help. They say exercise helps and this may be true, but it’s hard to make yourself do something that physical when everything sucks. Start smaller if you need to.Have an activity on hand that calms you or that you enjoy. Keep a book handy. Or some craft project if it pleases you. Some simple activity that can calm your mind through repetition, with only a minimal expenditure of energy, since energy right now is at a premium.When I am down I find what I really want is comfort. This, for me, was found in repetitive and/or engrossing activities (such as reading). Some find value in meditation (I never took to it). Please avoid mind altering substances. They may help in the short term but in the long term will make things worse.

Severe depression - I'm sick of suffering!?

You poor thing!Yes, I know. See a therapist, and consider meds.continue therapy until you feel good again.If you dont have a strong support system, then join group therapy. I have suffered from depression most of my life, I am 30 and wish I had never stopped going to a therapist. You can find happiness again, but its work. i know you dont want to hear that now-with time, you will develop your own set of coping mechanisms to pull yourself out of sadness. and you will know the signs on the road and learn to stop and take care of yourself. coping: find hobbies, passions, and stick with it,like a discipline. this will help self esteem. exercise, be as active as possible, be around people. this will distract you, help with the loneliness and feeling helpless. do volunteer work. exercise makes you high.depression is anger turned inward, try and find out whats pissing you off. keep a journal, start examining thought and behaviour patterns with an eye to change.
most importantly, dont judge yourself on this journey. learn to be a friend to yourself instead of an enemy.
Aside from these things, I found that meditation, bio- feedback,diet change ( flaxseed,etc) helped most.
take it a day at a time, and believe it will get better, because it will.
Stay strong, you can do this! I am a mom too, yes its hard but not impossible. email me if you like
all the best

How to cope with depression?

I surrounded myself only with people I know they love me for real, basically my family and stayed away from anyone else cuz people most of the time intentionally or unintentionally send negative vibes which will worsen your condition.

Keep yourself busy. I know what depression is and how it sucks up all your energy. I know that you feel lazy and bored all the time, you don't want to do anything, you find joy in staying for hours doing nothing and talking to nobody but all that will also worsen your condition. When I'm saying keep yourself busy, I don't mean go out everyday or go clubbing. I mean find something positive that attracts your attention and do it or think of it.

Examples of what I do is watch YouTube videos to educate myself or just watch any videos that inspire me, such as cooking or makeover videos, those are full of colors and will make you feel somehow comfortable. Try to learn a new language, this will keep you busy as well, I'm trying to learn Deutsch, pretty interesting. Get a pet, pets are so loving and will give you all the love you want. My cats mean the world to me, they will also keep you busy as they need constant care. Sign up to community forums and make online friends, it's always more comfortable to open up to people who you don't know than those who you know. I once found a website that provides a "non-professional" advice, you just pick an anonymous person, tell them a bit about your issues and they will try to comfort you. You can look that up, it worked but needless to say that you shouldn't disclose your personal information such as your phone number, address or credit card details. Or simply come over here, ask questions or answer questions, just keep yourself busy.

I am severely depressed too. I suffer from severe eating and sleeping disorders, I am bulimic and I have OCD but I have to cope and all the above really worked for me. Just feel good, you will be OK.

Do therapists ever get severe depression? How do they cope with it?

Sure, rates of depression among therapists are actually very high:Depressed PsychologistsConfessions of a depressed psychologist: I'm in a darker place than my patientsPsychiatric patients have a reputation of being a fairly difficult bunch to treat. In terms of coping, there’s a body of literature on therapeutic methods for psychopathology. Psychologists don’t have to take the hippocratic oath but psychiatrists do. There is a part that says, “Physician, heal thyself.” It’s very true in psychology as well.

How does one cope with a severe, debilitating chronic depression (>2 months)?

Short answer:I used Ketamine for eight months, three times a week. Works like an analgesic. Gave me the space necessary to get rid of the main psychiatric drugs. Still take 1 mg. of Clonacepam at night.I use Ritalin when I am tired. I discovered it in an article on Scientific American about 20 years ago. I have been using it ever since successfully and moderately in spite of the opposition of my psychiatrists.I have a good meditation teacher.I have a great sense of humor.I got rid of anti psicotics and anti depressants.I gave up on psychiatrists. Mine misdiagnosed me as bipolar for eleven years. He opposed my using Ketamine. He prescribed Quetiapine which is was worse than the illness. It's a very toxic drug.I am now working with an immunologist trained in France. Check curcumin at National Institutes of Health. American trained psychiatrists are too risk averse. If it's not approved by the FDA they continue following their damn protocols even if you are close to committing suicide. They continue to use worthless techniques like ECT simply because it's legal.I bitch a lot on internet about my ex psychiatrists to anyone that listens.I rest a lot and try to be gentle and kind with myself .Exercise is a very stupid recommendation by psychiatrists for the severely depressed . It's as stupid as an oncologist recommending aerobics while on radiotherapy or chemotherapy.Americas fixation with work can be counterproductive. What is required is effort, stuburness, and skepticism of contemporary medicine.Break the rules! Find your own, special, and unique set of solutions!Best wishes from Lima, Peru.

Using Marijuana to cope with my depression?

I've been smoking non-prescribed marijuana for about a year not, not regularly (except the past month, I've been doing it nearly every day)
And it makes me silly, happy, and I kind of forget about my problems.
Please don't tell me how bad you think weed is UNLESS you actually know facts.
I have severe depression and it tends to really help. But is there any reason I shouldn't?