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Costume Ideas For 14 Year Old Girl Turning 15 In 6 Months

Is it okay for a 15 year old girl to wear a corset?

I think you are too young in just one sense: your bones and your figure are still growing and corsetry could cause you to develop strangely. My own experience was like this:I was born in 1980. From puberty, about 12 years of age, I was fascinated by girdles and corsets from an earlier period. I convinced my mother to get me some gentle soft pantie girdles from big stores. I could feel the control and the smoothness and was happy with that for the time being.When I was a university student at age 19, I was very active in athletics and swimming; but my waist was almost the same measurement as my bra. Say over 34 inches. I decided to contact a corset maker on the Net and got some really good advice.The next year, I received delivery of two lace-up boned corsets. One was made to waist 28 inches and the other at 24 inches. Both under-bust.Gradually, I tightened the first one over a period of 3 months until it was closed and no longer exerted pressure on my waist. Then I started with the smaller corset and within another 3 months had a waist of 24 inches over the corset. And comfortable with my new figure. I was still doing the swimming and building my core muscles.At the age of about 22 years, I decided to start waist training seriously. I ordered corsets with waists 22 inches and 20 inches. I have worn the smallest of these since I was 24 years old and had replacement corsets every year or so as they become worn and loosen in the seams.And so today, and every day, I live with my 20 inch waist inside my corsets. I dress loosely, not to show the world what I am wearing underneath. My husband is delighted and gets excited to watch and hold me. Sometimes, for special events or for our extra excitement, I have two other smaller corsets; at 18 inches waist and at 17 inches, although I have not yet got the 17 closed. The 18-inch will close if I diet carefully and lace it down gradually during the day - every hour or so, just a small amount. Until it is closed for the evening and we both like that very much.So, my advice is to wait before getting true corsets. I am sure you could wear pantie girdles from department stores, just to get the feel of the gentle compression and be happy with your smooth figure.

How can I earn Rs 1 crore from Rs 25000 in 6 months?

As the they saying "Nothing is impossible". Definitely it can be done. Month 1Day 1-7 Open a F&O(future and option) trading account not the demat account.Amount spent Rs 200. Choose broker with unlimited option account. So fixed brokerage of 999 or 2000 per month charged. No brokerage on quantity just the turnover tax  of your trade required.Amount left = 25000-200-2000 =22800.  7 days required for activation of account.In these 7 days, study online in forums like traderji or inditrader or google what is option trading and about trading in index option(Nifty) - Its very simple either you will buy Nifty CALL or PUT and sell them to book profit/loss.Day 8 start trading in Nifty options.Make a goal to earn just 10 points in Nifty option(call or put) per day. Thats it. With Rs 22800K you can buy around 10 lots = 250 qty(1 lot = 25 qty) of Nifty option. Always trade in option which are prices between 75-100. So lets assume you bought nifty option (Call or Put) at price of Rs 90.Total investment 90 x 250 = 22500.Index moves quite a bit per day similar to sinusoidal wave. Sometime up 100 points, someday +20, -70 etc. In short, between 9.15 a.m - 3.30 p.m, you will get good fluctuation over 40 50 points minimum in option.  The movement can be like 15 points up then 7 points down, whole day market will to and fro or may move in a particular direction(very high return day). All you need to use your ability to make it 10 points per day.Considering 15 trading days as 5 days lost for initial account set up. 15 days x 10 points x 10 lot(1 lot = 25 qty ) = Rs. 2500 x 15 = Rs. 37500Total = 22800 + 37500 = 60300Month 2  20 trading session. With 60K quantity increased to 600 10 points per day x 20 trading session x 600 qty   =60000 x 3 times   = 180000Month 320 trading sessionWith 180K quantity increased to 1800 180000 x 3 = 540000Month 420 trading sessionWith 540K quantity increased to 5400 540000 x 3 = 1620000 Month 520 trading sessionWith 162K quantity increased to 16200 1620000 x 3 = 4860000Month 620 trading session4860000 x 3 = 14580000Theoretically, above calculation shows how is it possible.Practically, month 6 can be difficult because of the huge quantity involved. Thank You.

Do I take my 16 month old trick or treating?

I took my daughter out last year she was about 17-18 months and she did great other than quitting early for sleep reasons and I felt weird walking her around and her not being able to say thank you and what not at that point but nobody looked at me weird. This year my son is going and he will be the same age as your daughter. Just becareful of the bigger kids being pushy and the scarier houses. we avoided those last year for obvious reasons.

Indoor birthday party ideas for an 11 year old boy?

My son will be turning 11 in a few weeks, and I desperately need ideas for a birthday party. It will be winter in New England, so outdoor activities are not an option. I live in an older rented house, and my landlords live above I don't want a dozen kids running around in here causing mayhem, but every activity that he or I can think of involves running around and making lots of noise. We don't want to repeat what we've done in past years, as he's crossing over into an age where he's not quite a teen, but too old for babyish stuff. Some of the things we've done in past birthday parties that i think are kinda 'spent':

- Sleepovers involving just a few of his closest friends, doing indoor camping activities and roasting marshmallows over a sterno can.
- Bowling parties.
- We've even delayed his birthday party til the summer so we could do outdoor activities that included water balloons/water gun battles and a Darth Vader pinata that they hit with a light saber.

Of course, money is tight, as I just got laid off from work, so Chuck E Cheese and other such options are way too expensive...and neither he nor I were impressed when we went to the last Chuck E Cheese party. It was overcrowded and hot, the food was horrible, and the prizes were sucky.

I'm willing to host here at home in theory, but doing what???? He loves Legos and Star Wars, and laser tag and guns or cops & robbers type of activities. HELP!!!!

How do you turn a boy into a girl for halloween?

Usually the way you walk gives you away, but there's not much we can say that would help you. Swing your hips when you walk, but not too much or it looks stupid. And hide your legs! Wear black tights if you want to show your's a dead giveaway otherwise.

Girls are a lot like guys in the way we act, just less immature usually (than guys in our agegroup, that is). I don't think you'll have to change that too much. For talking...well, how well can you imitate a girl's voice? That's going to be a bit of a problem, because the pitch is difficult - can't be really high, like most guys use to imitate girls, and can't be too low, or you'll get looked at funny. So that'll be difficult. For what you say, it's not very hard at all...just don't talk like "oh, like, yeah, totally!" that guys seem to want to say when imitating girls because most girls don't talk like that.

Wear a dress, or wear a skirt, or even wear girl's jeans and boots and a girly shirt! Although I may suggest a dress - one with a big skirt on it - to hide the fact that you don't have any curves. For boobs, just stuff a bra. A smaller bra, that is. You go up to D sizes and people will know they're not real. Opt for B or C instead.

Now for makeup. Girls use coverup to cover most major blemishes - pimples won't be seen on their face, neither will cuts or freckles or dark circles under their eyes. So it's time to use coverup everywhere you need it (this step is a lot less complicated if your face is clear). Now, makeup. Go light with the makeup. Use a tiny amount of blush, put light blue, green, or black makeup on your eyes - skip the eyeliner if you've never used it before because it's really difficult to put on right - and use lightly colored lip gloss instead of lipstick.

For hair - if your hair is long already, take a curling iron to it and style it like a girl would. You need the curling iron if your hair is straight and the straightening iron if your hair is curly, you just want it opposite. If your hair is short, you're going to need to buy a wig - preferably in your own hair color. That way it will look more natural. And trim those eyebrows! Guys usually have a forming unibrow or just really bushy eyebrows. Girls don't because they wax, trim, or pluck them - so you'll need to do the same.

Even with all this, you might still look kind of like a guy - even when professionals do this they don't look 100% female. So best of luck! :)

How tall were you at 16 years old, and how tall are you now?

The average male in india is 5′5″ (165cm), now my dad is 5′5″(165cm) , and my mom is 5′ (152cm). I was 5′6″ (167cm) when I was 16. I didn't think I was gonna get any taller because Of my family genetics and I wasn't really doing anything for it.Then I started swimming. All 4 months of summer I swam every morning for 3 years. Played basketball/squash in the evening. Used a vaccum stand and used to hang over it for 20 minutes everyday.BAM!3 years later. I'm 19, and I’m 6′1″ (183cm). Tallest person in my entire extended family.So yeah, work while you have the time, that is when you're 13–18 years of age, It could be really helpful.