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Could A Woman Help With A Funny Chapter In My Novel When A Timid Geek Locks Herself Out In Her

What do introverts do when they fall in love?

Thanks for a beautiful question.♥ Basically introverts don't care much about interacting with others. They love to live in their own imaginary world.But when they fall in love,That's the most Innocent & Beautiful moment for them.♥ They don't care much about anyone's looks, how hot she is or how cool he is, they just love the person for who they are.♥ When they fall in love they never look or think about another person. They just need your love.♥ They don’t care about your hateful past. They just want your happy future with them.♥ They create thousand of stories with their love in their imaginary world.♥ They love to buy gifts and making diy's for their partner.♥ They don't like dumb talks but from their partner they love everything, whatever it is, even if it's crap.♥ They imagine you in every song and smile like an idiot .♥ They feel jealous when they see you with others.♥ They are not active on social media but they collect all information about you.♥ They not only listen to you, they observe how you feel, what you like, what you hate. How many friends do you have? They just want to know everything about you.♥ They feel sad when you are sad. They are happy when you are happy.♥Your little attention or company makes them crazy; they feel like a bird flying in the sky.♥ They are private people but when they are in love they share everything with you and even ask for your advice.♥ They love to see your face through their eyes and listen to your voice.♥ When you ignore them they start over thinking on it, they cry for you; they just close their room and start over thinking about it and then crying silently all over again.♥ They saved your all photos without you knowing about it and when you are not with them, they just look at your pic and smile like a fool.♥ They note down every event and important dates.♥ They blush a lot when they are talking with you , and remember every word, every details about you.♥ They love to hold your hands and then they say...nothing.We introverts are quite quiet.♥ They take great care of your feelings, and they expect the favor to be returned.♥ They never see you like a girlfriend or boyfriend, they see their life partner in you.♥They are misunderstood by the ones they love… The pain they feel is immense and unimaginable to extroverts.Yes they love to be alone but they hate loneliness.

Why do students go to Starbucks to study instead of studying at home?

Whenever I go to Starbucks, I find many students studying there. I also always find it so much easier to study or concentrate at Starbucks than at the comfort of my home.Some of the reasons why I love Starbucks:Less comfortable than home, but still optimally comfortable: I always feel distracted whenever I see a bed in front of me, primarily because I love sleeping and am mostly sleep deprived. Even during my B.Tech and MBA days, I used to study at the library instead of studying in my room due to the same reason.Nobody asks you to leave: You can sit at Starbucks for hours, and nobody will ask you to leave. Starbucks is built on the philosophy that it is a third place for the people after home and office. As a result, people can sit for hours even after their coffee is over, with nobody disturbing them.Source of coffee: For caffeine lovers like me, having a coffee every few hours is necessary to concentrate well. While the coffee at Starbucks might not be the best, it is still good enough to do the job.Good amenities: Starbucks has comfortable chairs and free Wi-Fi. The amenities are designed to make one feel at home. The awesome smell of coffee and the lively atmosphere also add to the benefits.I believe Starbucks has really revolutionized the way people think of a cafe, taking it from a place where people went solely for coffee to a place where coffee is just an additional benefit.

What are the best study tips ever?

Hey thereYou can have the burning desire on your studies by always thinking about your goal and the end result.There's a reason why we study so hard and burn the midnight oil to ace the results.That reason is our dream. We want our dreams to be true. We want our parents to be proud of us, our success and everything we do.We study to make ourselves a better person and a better human. Studies has a great impact on us. So take it seriouslyI will share with you a quick guide to increase your study hours. Mark my works and by the end of a month you will see changed in your study pattern and your concentration level will become double. Here it goesSpolier--This guide is only if you want to devote all your time towards studies and you are ready to give up your social life and focus on studies.LEAVE SOCIAL MEDIAYES. It might sound heart breaking but I have personally tried it and it worked. I just gave my 12th board exams and I used to study 12–14 hours a day.That might sound crazy but you can do too.Do not waste your time on social media. Uninstall WhatsApp Facebook Snapchat Instagram and all other apps.Wake up at 6 am everyday and study.Take a short nap for an hour and then study againHave breakfast. Take a showerStart studying againHave lunch. Take a power nap for 15minStart studying againNow in the evening sleep, go out and play or watch YouTube or talk to your family or friends or listen to music.After wards studyHave dinner take restAnd studyThat was the routine I followed and believe me even you can study for atleast 10 hours by following my routine.this is the only advice. Also you can watch motivational videos on YouTube to motivate you and study hardI hope this helped!!Upvote if you liked it!! It only motivates me to write more :)