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Could Anyone Who Has Voted Answer The Questions Its For A Project

Can anyone give me sample of project plan document or its template for developing a software tool?

A typical project plan will have many mandatory categories such as Management, Planning and Control, Technical, Work Schedule and Budget, Support Plans, Interaction with Existing Plans, etc. etc. And each of these major categories will include numerous sub-categories. In Management for example, some of the sub-cats would include Project Lifecycle, Project Organization, Roles and Responsibilities, Resource Loading Chart, Problem Escalation, Reporting, etc.

Here are a few sample project plans that may give you some additional ideas.

I also checked (a hosting site for open source - free - software and found these templates: >another 28,000 possibilities

You could also check out some of these hosting sites for freeware / shareware / free software:


What is a polite way to request an update on a project?

A lot of times I have to touch base with my boss to keep moving my projects forward because they require his feedback and he is very busy with his own responsibilities. If I am asking via email I will put QQ in the subject line to let him know that I am just asking a quick question that should be easy to answer. It looks something likesubject:  QQ:  Project X Data SheetBody:  Hi, Dave. I am working on project X that Chris wanted me to have complete by June 10. Can you tell me if paragraph 3 is on point with the messaging?Thanks!BetsyThis works pretty well because I am boiling it down to a small specific item that Dave can look at quickly and respond without requiring him to review the project in entirety. Sometimes if he tunes in because of that, he decides he wants to make time to review the whole project and reprioritizes his time to help me make my deadline.  Otherwise, if he is confident in my work, he may just give me the exact feedback I asked for and I know the rest of the project is good, he trusts my judgment to complete it and turn it in without requiring further comment. If it's more urgent than that, I make a point to walk over to his desk and if he can't deal with it immediately, we'll set up an appointment on his outlook calendar when he can.

WWI Propaganda Questions?

1. Exaggeration rather than outright lies. The most common of these were to do with atrocities against civilians by German soldiers,and the Kaiser being a bloodthirsty monster who wanted to rule the world.

2. That the senior commanders were narrow minded,short sighted, and incompetent.
The reality of life in the trenches for the ordinary soldier.When Lloyd George took over as Prime Minister of Britain in 1916, one of the first things he did was take a trip to the Western Front to see things for himself. He was shocked, and commented that if the British public knew the truth about conditions, public opinion would force Britain to pull out of the war immediately.

3. They played a major role in maintaining public support for the war effort, particularly the 'Black Propaganda' mentioned in 1.

Could anyone explain the different roles a Project Manager, Design Manager and Marketing Manager has in one company?

The Design Manager is responsible for the product design, all along the product lifecycleThe Marketing Manager is responsible for letting the world know about the company, permanently.The Project manager is responsible for the success of the different projects.Now, developing and launching a new version of the product is a project that involves both Product design and Marketing. It should be managed as a project to increase the probability of success, by the project manager. After that, there may be several marketing campaigns that may or may not be managed as projects (it is unusual to see them as projects, but they are).Hope it helps.

I need a project proposal C++ simple project. Is there anyone who can suggest me a project title?

How simple? I have two proposalsMake a program that prints “Hello World” to the screen.Make a simulation of the Forest Fire model (google it). If possible give some graphical output so the user can see the model in action (you can pipe to gnuplot to do this). Analyse the changing patterns of clusters of live trees and show that the average cluster size is scale invariant with respect to the size of the forest.Just think of something that would be cool to have that you’ve made a program for. The same way you would learn some woodwork skills and then decide to try making a desk or a shed depending on your skill level.

Can any one explain Hadoop real time project?

I guess you are looking for an overview of a real time hadoop project so that you can understand about the best practices and the kind of structure a hadoop project follows. To be honest, getting exposed to such kind of project would be quite difficult as no company will be sharing their project to anyone. So, as an alternative you can look for codes that are available on github.Also, here is one of the video on YouTube that you can go through that covers a real time hadoop project on retail dataset. The overall flow of the project has been explained well and you can notice the subtle practices that has been followed in the code base:

Did you vote in the 2016 election? If no why didn’t you vote?

No. I usually do vote . I consciously did NOT in 2016. I have despised Trump for well over 20 years. I would not break-bread with this man. Trump is the embodiment of a dumb football player, who joined a frat, was graduated for some college, inherited a $100 million bucks, and now wears suits while ogling the babes. He’s mean-spirited, churlish, prone to temper tantrums, and has absolutely zero verbal filters. Trump is the best example of a bad example of a successful man that I’ve seen. … Hillary? No. I ABSOLUTELY would not vote for her. I have seen - and worked with - far too many women who use their position of power as a weapon, rather than a tool. And worse? She defended Bill’s taking time out from a busy day in the Oval office to invite Monica to drop to her knees to take his dictation. I believe completely that Hillary knew what Bill was doing - probably from watching the videos. This WAS an abuse of power. My sister disagrees - Hillary disagrees - 98% of American woman at the time disagreed. They are/were ALL wrong. If a McDonald’s manager can be fired for ‘talking dirty’, then it certainly OUGHT to hold true that THE PRESIDENT should be fired for what HE did. Hillary defended him 20 years ago - Hillary defended him 10/15/18. There is no defense for what he did, and Hillary STILL defending it proves me right. She’s evil.I did not vote in 2016 because I could not in good conscience vote for either of the two major-party -puss-buckets, and the Independent candidate wasn’t credible. America’s political system failed me/us - and it’s poised to do it again in a month.