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Could Baby Be Hurt While In The Beach Swiming

Why do my nipples hurt after swimming?

Maybe they were irritated from rubbing against your swimsuit or maybe it was a reaction to chlorine or whatever else was in the water. You could use some lotion to stop the irritation and you might need a new swimsuit.

Why do my balls hurt after i go swimming??

Dude, you are young and at your sexual peak. Your balls work good when they are cool, as in the water. Your balls are likely full before you got to the water, they work more, and the cool water makes your scrotum tighten up and put pressure on them, putting them in the squeeze. This happens to me always too!

That causes a mild form of the pain of blue balls, and can be uncomfortable. Once you warm up a bit and your scrotum loosens instead of being like rubber nuts, the discomfort will go way down. Hahaha!

Can you imagine being at SantaMonica beach, surrounded by beautiful Ladies in swim wear for an hour, and then you go into the water for 15 min.? Hahaha!...Oww!!

If you are able to take the time to blow your load about now, you will feel just fine.

Hope that makes for understanding Man?

Me! :- )

Pain in my nipples after swimming at the beach?

when you go to the beach, you tend to get sand and stuff in that area. when the sand rubs against your skin and suit, it sorta chafes the area. plus, sea water is cold and contains salt, which can add to the pain. um, i don't think there is anything to relieve it. it should go away in a while.

Can you go swimming with Herpes?

I thought I had a boil on my bum, turns out its herpes. I've been with one guy (my hubby) and he doesn't have it! What the hell!!!!

Anyways, I have an outbreak and we are suppose to be taking some friends out to a waterpark when my little friend made his appearance on my rear end. My doctor took one look at it and said it was herpes..without a culture or blood test..uggggghhh!

Sorry, I'm still dealing with the shock. Can I still go swimming? Its on my butt cheek, its gross, it hurts and I'm running a gambit of emotions from acceptance to utter denial!

These are plans we made over a month ago and now I have to cancel or what? What about spreading it..its on my butt cheek, can my hubby or niece get it from using the toilet after me? I ran out and bought clorex wipes for the toilet.

God help me and can you please too?

Should you shower after swimming in a salt water ocean?

That depends …The salt that will be left on your body when the water evaporates isn’t harmfull. It might feel dusty or irritate a scratch, especially if you are in areas with high salt concentration (like the dead sea). Sometimes it can irritate your eyes, if salt concentrates on your forehead and the concentrated drops or salt dust gets in your eyes. But it take a hard concentration to be other than irritating.Some skin deceases really like the salt water. I myself have dandruff (yes it is a kind of skin decease), but have hardly any when diving season starts and my scalp gets saltwater and sun.But if there is a lot of muck or algea in the water (salt or fresh water), it would be a good idea to rinse after a swim. And it’s always a good idea to shower after being in clorine water (pools) or in places with a lot of humans traffic (especially hot tubs), as human bacteria are often more harmfull to you that most in nature.

Scrotum swelling after swimming in ocean?

Your scrotal sac naturally tightens to pull the testicles closer to the body when they get cold, giving the impression that it has swollen because the volume decreases in the process. So it looks like you have too separate issues. The swimming in the ocean caused the short-term swelling which is natural and normal. The other pre-existing and ongoing problem is from an earlier injury or infection which appears to be healing now from what you say. Give it a few more days and you should be fine. As always, it is common sense to see your doctor if things don't improve.
However, remember all post-pubertal guys should check out their testicles for abnormal lumps once a month whilst they are taking a shower, so that in the unlikely event that testicular cancer develops, it will be detected early on.