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Could I Be Sectioned What Could They Do

Would I be sectioned for telling my GP this?

I decided to write a letter to my GP to describe how I was feeling, make an appointment and just let him read it. I have real trouble expressing how I actually feel and I'm scared of doctors/psychiatrists, so I thought it might be easier.
There's one paragraph that I might not include though, and it's:

"When I feel low, I get suicidal thoughts. At first it was just thinking "what if?", but now it's becoming more common. I've made a detailed plan and have written a note, and next time I feel down (which could be any time) I lose control and rationality and I know I could well do it and have came very close to it twice (I was interrupted and ran away). It's really scary not being in control, because I don't know what I'll do next and when I get like that, I can't and don't want to stop or be reasoned with. I really just want to die now, I can't face living like this."

It's all true, and it was very hard to write. I feel like I can't do this anymore and I need to kill myself now and stop burdening my amazing friends and family; but one small, rational part in me that comes out occasionally when I'm feeling calmer (like now) says that this isn't normal. This rational bit in me is quashed most of the time though, and it scares me.
If I did show my GP that, would he have the grounds to section me? I am NOT going into a hospital. If he did try, I think I might flip out and run for it, but if I did try and run I'm guessing they could stop me. The thought of it is making me all shaky and tense :S I know that you can be put into a hospital if you're an immediate risk to yourself, and I think I am. But it's hard enough writing the letter, let alone going to a doctor and losing my choice. I just know I can't go on like this, and I know deep down that I need help. But if I was faced with a doctor and the prospect of being locked up, I know I would panic and lash out :S
So yeah, could he force me into a hospital?

Can I be sectioned for being underweight?

Hi so I currently weigh about 50kg (the scales vary from 48-52kg though depending on the day) and i'm 169cm and 21, this would put me in the underweight category but I need to book an appointment with the gp because I have noticed a lot of swelling recently in my legs, especially around the calves and knees when I am active a lot. Also I think I may have a underactive thyroid as am constantly cold, i'm getting premature greys, i have very bad constipation, and my hair is getting thinner and my face looks puffy. But I am worried if I go to the gp (the doctors) I could be diagnosed as anorexic or something and be sectioned which I do NOT want happening,if they ask me to weigh myself hat will happen? I am happy being this weight and would not want to gain weight just to please someone else. I'm not trying to lose weight either but I am happy to stay this weight. I used to weigh much more, but if I go to the gp and they ask me about my weight I plan to just say i'm naturally thin or whatever and that i burn a lot of calories because i'm so active (which I am).

What does it take to be sectioned in the UK?

It is notoriously difficult to be hospitalised here in the UK. You cannot get yourself sectioned though so don't try - it's a very bad thing to happen to a 16 year old as it will stay on your record for life and may affect you working in certain kinds of jobs.

A person can only be sectioned if they refuse to be admitted voluntarily - and since you want to be hospitalised, then there's no need for you to be sectioned.

Being sectioned does not mean a person is any more ill than any of the others who are there voluntarily. All it means is that you are detained for assessment (and treatment if they deem it necessary) and you might only be there a matter of hours or a couple of days before you are quite literally kicked out. Once they discharge you, you don't have the option to stay. This can be extremely distressing to be seemingly accepted into hospital where you hope you will be made to feel safe and get treatment but this is very often not the case.

Psych wards aren't all they're cracked up to be.

Your best bet is to have an honest chat with your GP about just how awful you are feeling. If you get to the stage where you think you are going to act on your suicidal impulses and have a plan to do so, either go to A&E immediately or ring 999. That's for emergencies and serious contemplation of suicide IS a medical emergency.

If I like to see porn a lot, would I get sectioned by the mental heath people?

Actually, it means you’re normal.

Should Paul Gasgoine ( aka Gazza ) be Sectioned?

He clearly needs something, be it someone to make him take his meds, or indeed, sectioning to look after his interests. As LB says, to section someone you need a Section 12 approved doctor, An approved social worker (ASW) and I believe a Community mental health nurse. They can only initially section someone for 3 days, so as LB said, its complex.

Can i get sectioned under the mental health act?

Generally people only get sectioned if they initially refuse treatment, and pose a danger to themselves or others. I would highly recommend you speak with your family doctor, from there they will be able to discuss some options with you. Wether that means being hospitalized, some medication, or simply just some talking therapy.

Good luck


Section someone.. how long will it take?

Sectioning is only done if the person is a danger to them self or someone else. For example if they are likely to commit suicide, or stab someone. With eating disorders it would only be done if the person's physical health had reached serious due to lack of nutrition. If the person was ill enough to be sectioned then it would be irrelevant if they were back home for Christmas or not because the treatment would be essential. Sometimes the section is dropped but the patient is asked to remain in hospital and will be resectioned if they do not comply with the treatment. For example a patient who has been on a high section may be dropped to a lower section before Christmas and allowed home for a day, under the condition that they come back to hospital to finish their treatment. Alternatively if the patient gets help on a voluntary basis they will not have to worry about these restrictions.

Should they sell a sectioned turkey at Thanksgiving?

As many have said, you can usually buy a turkey breast.  Frozen turkey breast are available all year. However, if you don't want to be limited by the pre-packaged turkey breasts, take any fresh turkey to the meat counter and let them know you want it the whole breast.   They may cut off legs/wings/back and give you two packages, all for the price of the original whole turkey.  Or they may sell you only the breast (at a higher per/lb price) and resell the trimmed pieces. Of course, you could always bring home a whole turkey and do the sectioning yourself.  Not for the squeamish.